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Judgepedia presents the State of Arkansas

The structure of the Arkansas judicial system is laid out in Article 7 of the state Constitution. The state court system is made up of the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Arkansas Court of Appeals, the Arkansas Circuit Courts, the Arkansas District Courts and the Arkansas City Courts.

The federal court system is made up of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas, United States bankruptcy court, Eastern District of Arkansas and United States bankruptcy court, Western District of Arkansas. The district courts are part of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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Crawford County, ArkansasFranklin County, ArkansasJohnson County, ArkansasLogan County, ArkansasSebastian County, ArkansasScott County, ArkansasYell County, ArkansasPope County, ArkansasPerry County, ArkansasConway County, ArkansasVan Buren County, ArkansasSearcy County, ArkansasNewton County, ArkansasMadison County, ArkansasWashington County, ArkansasFaulkner County, ArkansasCleburne County, ArkansasStone County, ArkansasWhite County, ArkansasSaline County, ArkansasGarland County, ArkansasLonoke County, ArkansasGrant County, ArkansasHot Spring County, ArkansasMontgomery County, ArkansasPolk County, ArkansasPike County, ArkansasHoward County, ArkansasSevier County, ArkansasDallas County, ArkansasPrairie County, ArkansasWoodruff County, ArkansasMonroe County, ArkansasHempstead County, ArkansasNevada County, ArkansasClark County, ArkansasOuachita County, ArkansasCleveland County, ArkansasLittle River County, ArkansasBradley County, ArkansasCalhoun County, ArkansasPulaski County, ArkansasJefferson County, ArkansasArkansas County, ArkansasLincoln County, ArkansasDrew County, ArkansasAshley County, ArkansasUnion County, ArkansasColumbia County, ArkansasLafayette County, ArkansasMiller County, ArkansasChicot County, ArkansasDesha County, ArkansasPhillips County, ArkansasLee County, ArkansasSt. Francis County, ArkansasIndependence County, ArkansasJackson County, ArkansasCross County, ArkansasCrittenden County, ArkansasPoinsett County, ArkansasMississippi County, ArkansasCraighead County, ArkansasIzard County, ArkansasLawrence County, ArkansasGreene County, ArkansasClay County, ArkansasRandolph County, ArkansasSharp County, ArkansasFulton County, ArkansasBaxter County, ArkansasMarion County, ArkansasBoone County, ArkansasCarroll County, ArkansasBenton County, ArkansasArkansas Image Map.jpg


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Arkansas counties

There are 75 counties in Arkansas.


  To see a list of counties in Arkansas, please see - Arkansas counties


Portal:Judicial elections

Recent election results: Arkansas judicial elections, 2014
Past election results: Arkansas judicial elections, 2012

Arkansas judicial elections

Judicial selection in Arkansas consists of non-partisan elections.

Judicial elections include a primary and a general election. If there are two or fewer candidates, the race is decided in the primary. If there are more than two candidates in a race, the two candidates with the most votes in the primary advance to the general election. If no candidate receives a majority of the primary vote, a runoff election is held. Vacancies on the courts are filled by gubernatorial appointment, but if a judge is appointed in this way, they may not run for the same position in the next election.


Judicial selection in Arkansas

Arkansas Supreme Court Arkansas Court of Appeals Arkansas Circuit Courts Arkansas District Courts

Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 8 years


Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 6 years


Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 6 years


Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 4 years

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