Florida Sixteenth Circuit Court

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The Florida Sixteenth Circuit Court is one of twenty circuit courts in Florida. It is a trial court of general jurisdiction presiding over Monroe County.[1]



Group 1
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BarrettDonald C. Barrett No36.07% 
JonesMark JonesApprovedAYes63.93%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Luis Garcia (Not on ballot - Group 3)
Group 4
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SlatonTegan Slaton Yes23.04% 
BridgesJack Bridges No30.68%ApprovedA   
HelmsBonnie J. Helms No46.28%ApprovedA   


CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
AudlinDavid Audlin   ApprovedAYesGroup 2   ApprovedA