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The structure of the Georgia judicial system is laid out in Article VI of the state Constitution. The state court system is made up of the Georgia Supreme Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Superior Courts and various courts of limited jurisdiction.

The federal court system is made up of the Middle District of Georgia, the Northern District of Georgia and the Southern District of Georgia. Decisions of these courts may be appealed to the Eleventh Circuit.

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Grady County, GeorgiaDecatur County, GeorgiaSeminole County, GeorgiaMiller County, GeorgiaBaker County, GeorgiaEarly County, GeorgiaCalhoun County, GeorgiaDougherty County, GeorgiaMitchell County, GeorgiaThomas County, GeorgiaBrooks County, GeorgiaLowndes County, GeorgiaColquitt County, GeorgiaCook County, GeorgiaEchols County, GeorgiaLanier County, GeorgiaWare County, GeorgiaClinch County, GeorgiaCharlton County, GeorgiaCamden County, GeorgiaBrantley County, GeorgiaPierce County, GeorgiaWare County, GeorgiaAtkinson County, GeorgiaBerrien County, GeorgiaTift County, GeorgiaBacon County, GeorgiaCoffee County, GeorgiaIrwin County, GeorgiaTurner County, GeorgiaBen Hill County, GeorgiaWorth County, GeorgiaLee County, GeorgiaTerrell County, GeorgiaClay County, GeorgiaRandolph County, GeorgiaSumter County, GeorgiaJeff Davis County, GeorgiaTelfair County, GeorgiaWilcox County, GeorgiaCrisp County, GeorgiaDooley County, GeorgiaPulaski County, GeorgiaWheeler County, GeorgiaDodge County, GeorgiaGlynn County, GeorgiaWayne County, GeorgiaAppling County, GeorgiaMcIntosh County, GeorgiaLong County, GeorgiaToombs County, GeorgiaMontgomery County, GeorgiaTreutlen County, GeorgiaTattnall County, GeorgiaEvans County, GeorgiaLiberty County, GeorgiaBryan County, GeorgiaChatham County, GeorgiaCandler County, GeorgiaBulloch County, GeorgiaEffingham County, GeorgiaScrevin County, GeorgiaJenkins County, GeorgiaEmanuel County, GeorgiaJohnson County, GeorgiaLaurens County, GeorgiaBleckley County, GeorgiaQUitman County, GeorgiaWebster County, GeorgiaStewart County, GeorgiaSchley County, GeorgiaHouston County, GeorgiaMacon County, GeorgiaBurke County, GeorgiaWilkinson County, GeorgiaTwiggs County, GeorgiaPeach County, GeorgiaCrawford County, GeorgiaBibb County, GeorgiaTaylor County, GeorgiaMarion County, GeorgiaChattahoochie County, GeorgiaMuscogee County, GeorgiaTalbot County, GeorgiaUpson County, GeorgiaMeriwether County, GeorgiaPike County, GeorgiaLamar County, GeorgiaMonroe County, GeorgiaJones County, GeorgiaJefferson County, GeorgiaGlasscock County, GeorgiaWashington County, GeorgiaBaldwin County, GeorgiaHancock County, GeorgiaSpalding County, GeorgiaCoweta County, GeorgiaFayette County, GeorgiaButts County, GeorgiaPutnam County, GeorgiaJasper County, GeorgiaHenry County, GeorgiaClayton County, GeorgiaNewton County, GeorgiaGreene County, GeorgiaMorgan County, GeorgiaRockdale County, GeorgiaWalton County, GeorgiaOconee County, GeorgiaDeKalb County, GeorgiaFulton County, GeorgiaWarren County, GeorgiaColumbia County, GeorgiaRichmond County, GeorgiaMcDuffie County, GeorgiaTaliaferro County, GeorgiaLincoln County, GeorgiaWilkes County, GeorgiaOglethorpe County, GeorgiaMadison County, GeorgiaClarke County, GeorgiaBarrow County, GeorgiaGwinnett County, GeorgiaFulton County, GeorgiaForsyth County, GeorgiaJackson County, GeorgiaElbert County, GeorgiaHart County, GeorgiaFranklin County, GeorgiaBanks County, GeorgiaHall County, GeorgiaStephens County, GeorgiaLumpkin County, GeorgiaWhite County, GeorgiaHabersham County, GeorgiaRabun County, GeorgiaTowns County, GeorgiaUnion County, GeorgiaDawson County, GeorgiaPickens County, GeorgiaGilmer County, GeorgiaFannin County, GeorgiaCherokee County, GeorgiaCobb County, GeorgiaDouglas County, GeorgiaPaulding County, GeorgiaBartow County, GeorgiaMurray County, GeorgiaGordon County, GeorgiaWhitfield County, GeorgiaCatoosa County, GeorgiaWalker County, GeorgiaDade County, GeorgiaChattooga County, GeorgiaFloyd County, GeorgiaPolk County, GeorgiaHaralson County, GeorgiaCarroll County, GeorgiaHeard County, GeorgiaTroup County, GeorgiaHarris County, GeorgiaGeorgia Image Map.jpg


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Georgia counties

There are 159 counties in Georgia. Each county belongs to one of ten Judicial Districts, which is served by a Superior Court.


  To see a list of counties in Georgia, please see - Georgia counties


Portal:Judicial elections

Recent election results: Georgia judicial elections, 2014
Past election results: Georgia judicial elections, 2012

Georgia judicial elections

Judicial selection in Georgia is done primarily through non-partisan elections. The exception are Probate and Magistrate court judges, who are chosen in partisan elections.

If a vacancy occurs in the Supreme, Appellate, or Superior courts, it is filled using the commission-selection, political appointment method. Candidates are chosen by a nominating commission and, from those candidates the Governor makes the appointment. The interim judge must run in the next general election held at least six months after the appointment, after which, they may finish out the term.


Judicial selection in Georgia

Georgia Supreme Court Georgia Court of Appeals Georgia Superior Courts Georgia Probate Courts Georgia State Courts

Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 6 years


Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 6 years


Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 4 years


Partisan election of judges

Term - 4 years


Non-partisan election of judges

Term - 4 years

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