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The appellate districts in Illinois
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The Illinois Appellate Court is the intermediate appellate court in Illinois. It hears appeals from verdicts reached at the trial level (the circuit courts in the state) and its decisions, in turn, can be appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court. In 2007, nearly 8,000 cases were filed in the court.

There are 42 judges on the court. They are elected to the court to renewable ten-year terms in partisan elections, each representing a particular geographical district.

The appellate court reviews transcripts of the trial and briefs filed by interested parties and considers oral arguments from lawyers to determine if the law was correctly applied by the trial court. In addition to resolving the specific case before it, rulings by the appellate court set precedent for the circuit courts in their geographic region on the proper way to apply Illinois law.[1]

Five districts

The court is divided into five judicial districts.

The court's judges

Cook County, the 1st District, has 24 appellate judges. The remaining 101 counties are divided into four districts that elect six judges each. Additional judges are assigned by the Supreme Court to the Appellate Court, temporarily, on a showing of need. Elgin is the seat of the 2nd District; Ottawa, the 3rd; Springfield, the 4th, and Mount Vernon, the 5th.[2]


Year Civil cases filed Civil cases disposed Criminal cases filed Criminal cases disposed Total filed Total disposed
2007 4,000 4,119 3,631 3,734 7,631 7,853
2006 4,186 4,271 3,652 3,980 7,838 8,251

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