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Madison County, Illinois

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Madison County is an Illinois municipality considered a part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. As of 2006, the population was 265,303. The county seat is Edwardsville, Illinois.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois has jurisdiction in Madison County. Appeals from the Southern District go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.



Illinois Third Judicial Circuit Court

Callis vacancy
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BarberisJohn B. Barberis, Jr.ApprovedANoRepublican100%ApprovedA54.3%   ApprovedA
Harrison IIClarence W. Harrison II NoDemocratic100%ApprovedA45.7%   DefeatedD
JudgeElection Vote
TognarelliRichard L. Tognarelli 67.0% ApprovedA
RuthDennis R. Ruth 65.9% ApprovedA
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Third Circuit Court

CandidateIncumbencyPartyPredecessorPrimary VoteElection Vote
CallisAnn Callis   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
CrowderBarbara Crowder   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
HyllaDavid A. Hylla   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
KnightJohn Knight   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
NappKyle Napp   ApprovedANoDemocraticVacancy of Charles Romani100%ApprovedA56.6%   ApprovedA
BurkartThomas W. Burkart    NoRepublicanVacancy of Charles Romani54%ApprovedA43.4%   DefeatedD


Madison County was formed in 1812 out of Randolph and St. Clair Counties. At the time of its formation, Madison County included all of the modern State of Illinois north of St. Louis, about three-fourths of the Territory. The county was named for President James Madison, at the outbreak of the War of 1812.[2]

"Judicial hellhole" Designation

Madison County was ranked the #1 "judicial hellhole" by the American Tort Reform Association in 2002, 2003 and 2004. The county improved, falling down the list to #4 in 2005 and #6 in 2006. The ATRA argued that local judges, bankrolled and elected by local plaintiffs' attorneys, encouraged forum shopping by misapplying the laws to make the court system unfairly balanced on behalf of plaintiffs.[3] One-third of United States asbestos cases were brought in Madison County, and the number of class actions increased from three a year to nearly a hundred a year.[4]

Recent Improvement

Due partially to the reform efforts of Chief Judge Ann Callis and Judge Daniel Stack, as well as the enactment of the Class Action Fairness Act, class action filings have decreased from 106 in 2003 to 87 in 2004, 56 in 2005 and only three in 2006.[5]


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