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Judges in Mississippi participate in non-partisan elections, except for the justice court judges, which are selected in partisan elections.[1] All judicial elections take place in even-numbered years except for municipal elections, which are staggered to occur in odd years.[2]

Primary election

Mississippi does not hold primary elections for judicial candidates.[3]

General election

Qualified judicial candidates, including unopposed ones, appear on the general election ballot. There is no indication of party affiliation—and when two or more candidates are competing for a seat, they are listed in alphabetical order.[3]

The winner of the general election is determined by majority vote. If no candidate receives a majority (over 50 percent) of the votes, the top two candidates advance to a runoff election that takes place three weeks later.[3]

The judges are elected to the following terms, respectively, after which they must seek re-election if they wish to retain the seat:

Supreme Court Court of Appeals Circuit Court Chancery Court County Court Justice Court
Non-partisan election Non-partisan election Non-partisan election Non-partisan election Non-partisan election Partisan election
8 year term 8 year term 4 year term 4 year term 4 year term 4 year term


Lists of registered candidates are posted on the Mississippi Secretary of State website.


Statewide results are eventually posted on the Secretary of State website, though newspapers and county elections websites may post results sooner.



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