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Nevada judicial elections

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Judges in Nevada participate in non-partisan elections in even-numbered years.

Primary election

In the non-partisan primary, the two candidates who receive the greatest number of votes advance to the general election. Though Nevada has a closed primary system, where voters may only vote for members of their own political party, this does not impact the judicial elections, which are non-partisan. Voters registered with either major party, or those who are not registered with any political party, may still vote for all judicial candidates in the primaries.[1][2]

If there are only two candidates who file to run for any one seat, they skip the primary and compete only in the general election.[3]

Unopposed candidates

If only one candidate files for election to any one seat, he or she must still appear on the primary ballot. They then only need at least one vote in the primary to be elected to office without appearing on the general election ballot.

This does not apply to supreme court candidates. Unopposed supreme court candidates skip the primary and appear on the general election ballot.[4]

Supreme Court District Court Justice of the Peace Courts
Non-partisan election - 6 year terms Non-partisan election - 6 year terms Non-partisan election - 6 year terms


Lists of candidates for statewide offices are posted on the Nevada Secretary of State website after the filing deadline. Candidates can also be found on county websites and in local newspapers.


Only candidates in contested elections may accept campaign contributions; unopposed judicial candidates may not.[5]


Statewide results are posted on the Secretary of State website, while county results can be found on the county election websites and in newspapers.



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