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The structure of the Pennsylvania judicial system is laid out in Article V of the Constitution. The state court system is made up of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and various Courts of limited jurisdiction.

The federal court system is made up of six federal courts, whose appeals are heard by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Northampton County, PennsylvaniaBucks County, PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia County, PennsylvaniaDelaware County, PennsylvaniaMontgomery County, PennsylvaniaCarbon County, PennsylvaniaLehigh County, PennsylvaniaBerks County, PennsylvaniaSchuykill County, PennsylvaniaLebanon County, PennsylvaniaChester County, PennsylvaniaLancaster County, PennsylvaniaDauphin County, PennsylvaniaYork County, PennsylvaniaAdams County, PennsylvaniaCumberland County, PennsylvaniaPerry County, PennsylvaniaJuniata County, PennsylvaniaMifflin County, PennsylvaniaSnyder County, PennsylvaniaFranklin County, PennsylvaniaHuntington County, PennsylvaniaUnion County, PennsylvaniaNorthumberland County, PennsylvaniaMonroe County, PennsylvaniaColumbia County, PennsylvaniaMontour County, PennsylvaniaLuzerne County, PennsylvaniaSullivan County, PennsylvaniaLycoming County, PennsylvaniaClinton County, PennsylvaniaCentre County, PennsylvaniaBlair County, PennsylvaniaCambria County, PennsylvaniaClearfield County, PennsylvaniaCameron County, PennsylvaniaPike County, PennsylvaniaLackawanna County, PennsylvaniaWyoming County, PennsylvaniaWayne County, PennsylvaniaSusquehanna County, PennsylvaniaBradford County, PennsylvaniaTioga County, PennsylvaniaPotter County, PennsylvaniaElk County, PennsylvaniaJefferson County, PennsylvaniaIndiana County, PennsylvaniaFulton County, PennsylvaniaBedford County, PennsylvaniaSomerset County, PennsylvaniaWestmoreland County, PennsylvaniaClarion County, PennsylvaniaArmstrong County, PennsylvaniaButler County, PennsylvaniaAllegheny County, PennsylvaniaFayette County, PennsylvaniaGreene County, PennsylvaniaWashington County, PennsylvaniaBeaver County, PennsylvaniaLawrence County, PennsylvaniaForest County, PennsylvaniaVenango County, PennsylvaniaMercer County, PennsylvaniaMcKean County, PennsylvaniaWarren County, PennsylvaniaCrawford County, PennsylvaniaErie County, PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Image Map.jpg


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Pennsylvania counties

There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania.


  To see a list of counties in Pennsylvania, please see - Pennsylvania counties


Portal:Judicial elections

Upcoming elections: Pennsylvania judicial elections, 2015
Past election results: Pennsylvania judicial elections, 2013

Pennsylvania judicial elections

Judges in Pennsylvania are elected in partisan elections. In the primary, most candidates cross-file with multiple political parties. If a candidate wins both the Republican and Democratic primary, he or she runs unopposed in the general election. Judges face retention elections at the end of their terms. Pennsylvania is the only state which holds all judicial elections in odd-numbered years.

Midterm vacancies are filled by gubernatorial appointment with the consent of 2/3rds of the Pennsylvania Senate. However, judges appointed in this fashion traditionally do not run for election to a full term, but serve only on an interim basis.


Judicial selection in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Pennsylvania Superior Court Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Pennsylvania Magisterial Districts

Partisan election of judges

Term - 10 years


Partisan election of judges

Term - 10 years


Partisan election of judges

Term - 10 years


Partisan election of judges

Term - 10 years


Partisan election of judges

Term - 6 years

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