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History of the federal courts


The only court created by Article III of the United States Constitution was the Supreme Court of the United States. "Inferior courts," per Article III, were created by the United States Congress, starting with the Judiciary Act of 1789. For an overview of how the structure and jurisdiction of the federal courts have changed since inception, see United States court reorganization legislation. For more, see notable federal judicial legislation.

The first court of the United States has its own project on Judgepedia. You can learn about the history of the Supreme Court, Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, or historic Supreme Court cases. For more about current justices, check out current Justices of the United States Supreme Court. To learn about historical justices, see former Justices of the Supreme Court.

Federal Circuit Courts by District

Ninth CircuitTenth CircuitNinth CircuitEighth CircuitSeventh CircuitSixth CircuitFifth CircuitEleventh CircuitFourth CircuitThird CircuitSecond CircuitFirst CircuitFirst CircuitUnited States District Court for the U.S. Virgin IslandsUS Court of Appeals and District Court map 2.png
For more details about the courts, click on the relevant district in the map.

Judges nominated by President Obama

President Barack Obama has nominated 372 judges during his term.
Appointed by President-badge.png

For more detailed information about President Obama's nominations, see this page.

For a comparison of vacancies and nominations by year, see:

For a comparison of vacancies and nominations by Congress, see:

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