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Judgepedia has information about courts and judges in each of the 50 states. Court systems and procedures are established by the state constitutions. Though each state's court system is structured differently, they are generally composed of three levels:

  • Trial courts are where cases originate. These courts may have citywide, countywide or districtwide jurisdiction. Most cases have multiple types of trial courts. The main trial courts are called courts of general jurisdiction and may hear all types of cases. Others have limited jurisdiction, which means they deal with a specific type or range of cases.
  • In most states, cases may be appealed from the trial courts to an intermediate appellate court.
  • Further appeals may go to the court of last resort, often called the Supreme Court.
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Judicial selection in the states varies. Selection methods include:

Many states use a combination of these selection methods.



Judicial elections are held in most states. For election information, visit: Judgepedia's Election Central or select a state portal above.

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