Superior Court of Santa Clara County, California

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Courthouse of Santa Clara County

The Superior Court of Santa Clara County is one of 58 Superior Courts in California.



Judicial selection

The method of judicial selection for the California Superior Courts is officially non-partisan election of judges, though many judges join the court via gubernatorial appointment. Once judges are appointed, they compete in the next general election following appointment.

If an incumbent Superior Court judge files for re-election and draws no opponent, that race does not appear on the ballot. If the race is contested, the candidate who wins more than 50% of the vote is elected. If no candidate receives more than 50%, the top two compete in a runoff in the general election in November.[2]

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Office 4
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ScottStuart Scott No   
Office 21
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
LempertDennis Lempert No   
SylvaJulianne Sylva No   
Office 24
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
HarrisMatthew S. Harris No   
AngelAnnrae Angel No   
RitchieDiane Ritchie Yes   


Races on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
CerulAlexis Cerul    NoOffice 516.05% 
CobeyChris Cobey    NoOffice 527.63% 
SevelyCynthia A. Sevely   ApprovedANoOffice 774.01%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
ColinPaul Colin   ApprovedANoOffice 556.32%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
PogueSteven R. Pogue    NoOffice 725.99% 

Races not on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
FlintAndrea E. Flint   ApprovedAYesOffice 11   ApprovedA
BryanAndrea Y. Bryan   ApprovedAYesOffice 6   ApprovedA
NishigayaDaniel T. Nishigaya   ApprovedAYesOffice 19   ApprovedA
RyanDeborah A. Ryan   ApprovedAYesOffice 22   ApprovedA
WoodhouseDerek Woodhouse   ApprovedAYesOffice 27   ApprovedA
TakaichiDrew C. Takaichi   ApprovedAYesOffice 24   ApprovedA
BondonnoFranklin E. Bondonno   ApprovedAYesOffice 4   ApprovedA
StoelkerJames L. Stoelker   ApprovedAYesOffice 23   ApprovedA
AlcalaJavier Alcala   ApprovedAYesOffice 1   ApprovedA
ValenciaJesus Valencia   ApprovedAYesOffice 26   ApprovedA
EmedeJulia A. Emede   ApprovedAYesOffice 10   ApprovedA
JohnsonMargaret Johnson   ApprovedAYesOffice 13   ApprovedA
PierceMark H. Pierce   ApprovedAYesOffice 21   ApprovedA
FolanMaureen A. Folan   ApprovedAYesOffice 12   ApprovedA
McCoyMichele McKay McCoy   ApprovedAYesOffice 16   ApprovedA
BernalPaul R. Bernal   ApprovedAYesOffice 2   ApprovedA
PennypackerPhilip H. Pennypacker   ApprovedAYesOffice 20   ApprovedA
NavarroRene Navarro   ApprovedAYesOffice 18   ApprovedA
ToffRonald I. Toff   ApprovedAYesOffice 25   ApprovedA
ManoukianSocrates Peter Manoukian   ApprovedAYesOffice 15   ApprovedA
BernardiniSusan Bernardini   ApprovedAYesOffice 3   ApprovedA
ZaynerTheodore C. Zayner   ApprovedAYesOffice 28   ApprovedA
KuhnleThomas E. Kuhnle   ApprovedAYesOffice 14   ApprovedA
ChiarelloVincent J. Chiarello   ApprovedAYesOffice 8   ApprovedA
MonahanWilliam J. Monahan   ApprovedAYesOffice 17   ApprovedA