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The structure of the Tennessee judicial system is laid out in Article VI of the state Constitution. The state court system is made up of the Tennessee Supreme Court, the Tennessee Court of Appeals, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, the Tennessee Chancery Courts, the Tennessee Circuit Court, the Tennessee Criminal Court and various Courts of limited jurisdiction.

The federal court system consists of six federal courts and appeals from these courts are heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

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Lake County, TennesseeObion County, TennesseeGibson County, TennesseeDyer County, TennesseeLauderdale County, TennesseeCrockett County, TennesseeWeakley County, TennesseeHenry County, TennesseeCarroll County, TennesseeBenton County, TennesseeHenderson County, TennesseeStewart County, TennesseeHouston County, TennesseeHumphreys County, TennesseePerry County, TennesseeDecatur County, TennesseeHickman County, TennesseeChester County, TennesseeMadison County, TennesseeHaywood County, TennesseeTipton County, TennesseeLewis County, TennesseeWayne County, TennesseeLawrence County, TennesseeHardin County, TennesseeMcNairy County, TennesseeHardeman County, TennesseeFayette County, TennesseeShelby County, TennesseeMaury County, TennesseeGiles County, TennesseeWilliamson County, TennesseeDickson County, TennesseeCheatham County, TennesseeMontgomery County, TennesseeDavidson County, TennesseeRobertson County, TennesseeSumner County, TennesseeRutherford County, TennesseeMarshall County, TennesseeLincoln County, TennesseeBedford County, TennesseeMoore County, TennesseeTrousdale County, TennesseeWilson County, TennesseeCannon County, TennesseeCoffee County, TennesseeFranklin County, TennesseeDekalb County, TennesseeSmith County, TennesseeMacon County, TennesseeJackson County, TennesseeWarren County, TennesseeGrundy County, TennesseeMarion County, TennesseeWhite County, TennesseeSequatchie County, TennesseeVan Buren County, TennesseePutnam County, TennesseeOverton County, TennesseeClay County, TennesseePickett County, TennesseeFentress County, TennesseeBledsoe County, TennesseeCumberland County, TennesseeRhea County, TennesseeHamilton County, TennesseeBradley County, TennesseeMeigs County, TennesseeMcMinn County, TennesseePolk County, TennesseeMonroe County, TennesseeLoudon County, TennesseeRoane County, TennesseeMorgan County, TennesseeScott County, TennesseeBlount County, TennesseeKnox County, TennesseeAnderson County, TennesseeCampbell County, TennesseeUnion County, TennesseeSevier County, TennesseeJefferson County, TennesseeCocke County, TennesseeHamblen County, TennesseeGrainger County, TennesseeClaiborne County, TennesseeHancock County, TennesseeGreene County, TennesseeHawkins County, TennesseeWashington County, TennesseeUnicoi County, TennesseeCarter County, TennesseeSullivan County, TennesseeJohnson County, TennesseeTennessee Image Map.jpg


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Tennessee counties

The state of Tennessee has 95 counties within its borders.[1] Each county has a General Sessions Court which hears certain civil and criminal cases.


  To see a list of counties in Tennessee, please see - Tennessee counties


Portal:Judicial elections

Recent election results: Tennessee judicial elections, 2014
Past election results: Tennessee judicial elections, 2012

Tennessee judicial elections

Judicial selection in Tennessee varies depending on the level of court. Candidates for the Supreme and Appellate courts are chosen by a nominating commission and, from those candidates, the Governor makes the appointment. These justices and judges must then face retention elections to remain in office.

Judges of the trial courts are elected in partisan elections, though each county may determine whether to allow for non-partisan elections.


Judicial selection in Tennessee

Tennessee Supreme Court Tennessee Court of Appeals Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals Tennessee Chancery Courts Tennessee Criminal Court Tennessee Circuit Court

Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 8 years


Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 8 years


Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 8 years


Partisan elections

Term - 8 years


Partisan elections

Term - 8 years


Partisan elections

Term - 8 years

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