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There are 338 state Supreme Court justices in the United States. The paths taken by each justice to a seat on a state Supreme Court vary significantly from state-to-state.

See State Supreme Court elections for a map of the United States and each state's Supreme Court election method.

Transitions in 2010

  • Twenty state Supreme Court seats were decided in contested elections.
  • Twelve justices ran in uncontested elections.
  • Five state Supreme Court seats were decided in primary elections.
  • Thirty-two justices stook for retention in 2010.

Contested seats

Court Incumbent Challenger Outcome
Alabama Supreme Court Patricia Smith is leaving office. Kelli Wise and Rhonda Chambers Kelli Wise[1]
Alabama Supreme Court Michael Bolin Tom Edwards Michael Bolin[2]
Alabama Supreme Court Tom Parker Mac Parsons Tom Parker[3]
Arkansas Supreme Court Annabelle Clinton Imber left office Karen Baker and Tim Fox Karen Baker[4]
Georgia Supreme Court David Nahmias Matt Wilson and Tammy Lynn Adkins David Nahmias won with 67% of the vote.[5]
Idaho Supreme Court Roger Burdick John Bradbury Burdick was re-elected with 58.4% of the vote on May 25, 2010.[6]
Michigan Supreme Court Robert P. Young, Jr. Denise Langford-Morris Robert P. Young, Jr. won with 56.62% of the vote.[7]
Michigan Supreme Court Alton Davis Mary Beth Kelly Mary Beth Kelly won with 61.8% of the vote.[7]
Minnesota Supreme Court Helen Meyer Greg Wersal Helen Meyer won with 58% of the vote.[8]
Minnesota Supreme Court Alan Page Tim Tingelstad Alan Page won with 63.3% of the vote.[8]
Montana Supreme Court William Leaphart is leaving office. Beth Baker and Nels Swandal Beth Baker won with 52% of the vote.[9]
North Carolina Supreme Court Edward Thomas Brady Robert C. Hunter and Barbara Jackson Barbara Jackson won with 51.88% of the vote.[10]
Ohio Supreme Court Eric Brown Maureen O'Connor Maureen O'Connor won with 67.8% of the vote.[11]
Ohio Supreme Court Judith Ann Lanzinger Mary Jane Trapp Judith Ann Lanzinger won with 56.9% of the vote.[11]
Oregon Supreme Court Jack Landau Allan J. Arlow Landau was re-elected with 72% of the vote on May 18, 2010.[12]
Texas Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann Jim Sharp and William Bryan Strange Debra Lehrmann won with 59.9% of the vote.[13]
Texas Supreme Court Paul Green William Moody and Tom Oxford Paul Green won with 60% of the vote.[13]
Texas Supreme Court Eva Guzman Blake Bailey and Jack Armstrong Eva Guzman won with 60% of the vote.[13]
Washington Supreme Court Richard Sanders Charlie Wiggins Charlie Wiggins won with 50.34% of the vote.[14]
West Virginia Supreme Court Thomas E. McHugh John Yoder Thomas E. McHugh won with 50.70% of the vote.

Uncontested seats

Court Justice Outcome
Idaho Supreme Court Jim Jones Jones was re-elected on May 25, 2010.
Kentucky Supreme Court Daniel Venters Daniel Venters
Minnesota Supreme Court Christopher Dietzen Christopher Dietzen
Mississippi Supreme Court Jess Dickinson Jess Dickinson
Missouri Supreme Court Zel Fischer Fischer was retained on November 2, 2010 receiving 66.4% of the vote.
Montana Supreme Court Michael E. Wheat Michael E. Wheat
Nevada Supreme Court James Hardesty James Hardesty
Nevada Supreme Court Ron Parraguirre Ron Parraguirre
Ohio Supreme Court Paul Pfeifer Paul Pfeifer[11]
Oregon Supreme Court Rives Kistler Kistler was re-elected with 98.8% of the vote on May 18, 2010.[12]
Washington Supreme Court James Johnson James Johnson
Washington Supreme Court Barbara Madsen Barbara Madsen

State justices standing for retention

Court Justice Results
Alaska Supreme Court Dana Fabe 54.36% in favor of retention[15]
Arizona Supreme Court Rebecca White Berch Retained[16]
California Supreme Court Tani Cantil-Sakauye Retained with 66.8% of the vote.[17]
California Supreme Court Ming Chin Retained with 65.2% of the vote.[17]
California Supreme Court Carlos Moreno Retained with 67.5% of the vote.[17]
Colorado Supreme Court Michael Bender Retained with 60.2% of the vote[18]
Colorado Supreme Court Alex Martinez Retained with 59.2% of the vote.[18]
Colorado Supreme Court Nancy Rice Retained with 61.7% of the vote.[18]
Florida Supreme Court Charles Canady Retained with 67.53% of the vote.[19]
Florida Supreme Court Jorge Labarga Retained with 58.95% of the vote.[19]
Florida Supreme Court James Perry Retained with 61.69% of the vote[19]
Florida Supreme Court Ricky Polston Retained with 66.1% of the vote.[19]
Illinois Supreme Court Charles Freeman Retained with 78% of the vote.[20]
Illinois Supreme Court Robert Thomas Retained with 81% of the vote.[20]
Illinois Supreme Court Thomas Kilbride Retained with 66% of the vote. [20]
Iowa Supreme Court David Baker 54.19% against retention, all precincts reported.[21]
Iowa Supreme Court Marsha Ternus 55.04% against retention, all precincts reported.[21]
Iowa Supreme Court Michael Streit 54.43% against retention, all precincts reported.[21]
Kansas Supreme Court Daniel Biles Retained[22]
Kansas Supreme Court Marla Luckert Retained[22]
Kansas Supreme Court Lawton Nuss Retained[22]
Kansas Supreme Court Carol Beier Retained[22]
Nebraska Supreme Court William Connolly Retained[23]
Nebraska Supreme Court John Gerrard Retained[23]
Nebraska Supreme Court John Wright Retained[23]
New Mexico Supreme Court Charles Daniels Retained[24]
New Mexico Supreme Court Petra Jimenez Maes Retained[24]
North Dakota Supreme Court Carol Ronning Kapsner Retained[25]
Oklahoma Supreme Court Steven Taylor Retained with 64.88% of the vote.
Tennessee Supreme Court Sharon Lee 68.3% in favor of retention[26]
Wyoming Supreme Court Barton Voigt 76.45% in favor of retention, unknown number of precincts reporting
Wyoming Supreme Court Marilyn Kite 75.35% in favor of retention, unknown number of precincts reporting

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