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3rd Circuit Court, Michigan

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3rd Circuit Court, Michigan

The 3rd Circuit Court is the Michigan Circuit Court that covers Wayne County.[1]


The court's chief judge is Robert Colombo.

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Unopposed  Judge Edward Joseph
Unopposed  Judge Daphne Curtis
Unopposed  Judge Daniel Arthur Hathaway
Unopposed  Judge Craig Strong
Unopposed  Judge Connie Marie Kelley
Unopposed  Judge Christopher Dingell
Unopposed  Judge Charlene Elder
Unopposed  Judge Charles S. Hegarty
Unopposed  Judge Catherine Heise
Unopposed  Judge Alexis Glendening
Unopposed  Judge David Allen (Michigan)
Unopposed  Judge Qiana Lillard
Unopposed  Judge Margaret Van Houten
Unopposed  Judge Martha Snow
Unopposed  Judge Thomas Cameron
Unopposed  Judge Vonda Evans
Unopposed  Judge Lynne A. Pierce
Unopposed  Judge Richard Skutt
Unopposed   Shannon N. Walker
Unopposed  Judge Lawrence Talon
Unopposed  Judge John Gillis
Unopposed  Judge Megan Brennan
Unopposed  Judge Ulysses Boykin


17 candidates are competed for 16 seats.

CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
HathawayAmy Hathaway   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.85%   ApprovedA
BerryAnnette Berry   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.61%   ApprovedA
RyanDaniel Ryan   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.2%   ApprovedA
AdamsDeborah Adams   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.24%   ApprovedA
ThomasDeborah Thomas   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.8%   ApprovedA
EwellEdward Ewell   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.51%   ApprovedA
BillGregory Bill   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.92%   ApprovedA
CavanaghJerome Cavanagh   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.14%   ApprovedA
BrennanJoseph V. Brennan    NoExpression error: Unexpected > operator.3.73%   DefeatedD
McCarthyKathleen McCarthy   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.92%   ApprovedA
SmithLeslie Smith   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.79%   ApprovedA
ParkerLinda V. Parker   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.29%   ApprovedA
OxholmMaria Oxholm   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.6.2%   ApprovedA
HalloranRichard Halloran   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.14%   ApprovedA
ColomboRobert Colombo   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.15%   ApprovedA
SmithVirgil Smith (Michigan judge)   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.5.28%   ApprovedA
BaxterWendy Baxter   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.7.14%   ApprovedA

10 candidates are competed for 3 seats.

CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
HarbAdel Harb    No5.14% 
MorrowBrian L. Morrow    No10.04%15.79%   DefeatedD
HathawayDana Margaret Hathaway   ApprovedANo18.22%21.82%   ApprovedA
WhitakerDavid D. Whitaker    No6.87% 
GillisJane Ellen Gillis    No7.44% 
SullivanJohn J. Sullivan    No8.69%10.66%   DefeatedD
BraxtonKaren Braxton   ApprovedANo12.72%18.7%   ApprovedA
RamseyKelly Ann Ramsey    No9.13%15.52%   DefeatedD
CoxKevin Cox   ApprovedANo12.54%17.47%   ApprovedA
SomersMark Somers    No6.04% 
SmithNicole Lee-Ann Smith    NoExpression error: Unrecognized word "withdrawn".Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   DefeatedD
MitchellRohn H. Mitchell    No2.75% 

3 candidates competed for 2 seats.

CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BraxtonDavid Braxton    NoExpression error: Unexpected > operator.28.14%   DefeatedD
TalonLawrence Talon   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.34.91%   ApprovedA
Van HoutenMargaret Van Houten   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.36.94%   ApprovedA

2010 election

Circuit Incumbents Challengers Details Results
3rd Circuit - 19 positions Margie Braxton, James Callahan, Eric Cholack, James Chylinski, Gershwin Drain, Patricia Fresard, David A. Groner, Cynthia Hathaway, Michael Hathaway, Muriel Hughes, Timothy Kenny, Kathleen Macdonald, Sheila Gibson Manning, Bruce Morrow, John Murphy, Lita Masini Popke, Mark Slavens, Jeanne Stempien and Brian Sullivan Wanda Evans All incumbents were re-elected: Braxton, Callahan, Cholack, Chylinski, Drain, Fresard, Groner, C. Hathaway, M. Hathaway, Hughes, Kenny, Macdonald, Manning, Morrow, Murphy, Popke, Slavens, Stempien, Sullivan[1]
3rd Circuit - 1 position Susan L. Hubbard, Gary Jones and John J. Sullivan Susan L. Hubbard and John J. Sullivan competed in the general election.[2] Susan L. Hubbard won with 53.23% of the vote.[3]
3rd Circuit - Term ending 1/1/2013 Linda V. Parker Ran unopposed for re-election Parker won without opposition.[4]

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