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Dane County Circuit Court, Wisconsin

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See also: Wisconsin judicial elections, 2015

 Unopposed   Judge Josann Reynolds
 Unopposed   Judge Shelley Gaylord
 Unopposed   Judge Juan B. Colas
 Unopposed   Judge Julie Genovese


Unopposed  Judge John Markson (Branch 1)
Unopposed  Judge William Hanrahan (Branch 7)


See also: Wisconsin judicial elections, 2013
CandidateIncumbencyPositionPrimary VoteElection Vote
Rapp St. JohnRebecca Rapp St. John YesBranch 1647.56%   DefeatedD
LanfordRhonda L. LanfordApprovedANoBranch 1652.31%   ApprovedA


See also: Wisconsin judicial elections, 2012
CandidateIncumbencyPositionPrimary VoteElection Vote
FlanaganDavid Flanagan   ApprovedAYesBranch 12n/a100%   ApprovedA
BerzEllen K. Berz   ApprovedANoBranch 1144%%ApprovedA55%   ApprovedA
SullivanFrancis X. Sullivan    NoBranch 1124% 
RemingtonFrank D. Remington   ApprovedAYesBranch 8n/a100%   ApprovedA
AlbertJohn Albert   ApprovedAYesBranch 3n/a100%   ApprovedA
AllenRoger A. Allen    YesBranch 1131%ApprovedA44%   DefeatedD


See also: Wisconsin judicial elections, 2011
The following is a list of candidates for the Dane County Circuit Court 2011 election:
CandidateIncumbencyPositionPrimary VoteElection Vote
SumiMaryann Sumi   ApprovedAYesBranch 2Expression error: Unexpected > operator.100%   ApprovedA
NeissRichard Niess   ApprovedAYesBranch 9Expression error: Unexpected > operator.59.08%   ApprovedA
PagelBriane Pagel    NoBranch 9Expression error: Unexpected > operator.39.7%   DefeatedD

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