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Federal judges nominated by Bill Clinton

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Presidential nominations
William J. Clinton, President from 1993-2001
372 judges nominated by Bill Clinton were subsequently confirmed and served on the federal bench.[1]
JudgeFinal post:Term:Previous Post:Term:Bachelors:Law:
Stephen BreyerSupreme Court8/3/1994-PresentFirst Circuit1980-1994Stanford University, 1959
Oxford University, 1961
Harvard Law School, 1964
Ruth Bader GinsburgSupreme Court8/5/1993-PresentDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals1980-1993Cornell University, B.A., 1954Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1959
James DennisFifth Circuit10/02/1985-Present  Louisiana Tech University, 1959Louisiana State University Law School, 1962
Carlos Moreno  
Victor MarreroSouthern District of New York10/05/1999 - 12/30/2010  New York U., B.A., 1964Yale Law, LL.B., 1968
Ronald LeightonWestern District of Washington11/26/2002 - Present  Whitworth College, 1973UC Hastings College of Law, 1976
Alexander WilliamsDistrict of Maryland08/18/1994 - 5/8/2013  Howard U., B.A., 1970Howard U. Law, J.D., 1973
Dean PregersonCentral District of California8/1/1996 - Present  University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., 1972University of California, Davis, King Hall School of Law, J.D., 1976
Janis JackSouthern District of Texas03/11/1994 - 05/31/2011  University of Baltimore, B.A., 1974South Texas College Law, J.D., 1981
George SingalDistrict of Maine7/11/2000 - 7/31/2013  University of Maine, B.A., 1967Harvard Law School, J.D., 1970
Charles ClevertEastern District of Wisconsin7/29/1996-10/31/2012U.S. Bankruptcy Judge1977-1995Davis and Elkins College, 1969Georgetown University Law Center, 1972
Lynn AdelmanEastern District of Wisconsin12/23/1997 - PresentState senator, Wisconsin1977 - 1997Princeton U., 1961Columbia Law School, 1965
Elaine BuckloNorthern District of Illinois10/11/1994 - 10/31/2009Magistrate Judge1985 - 1994Saint Louis U., A.B., 1966Northwestern U. School of Law, J.D., 1972
Ruben CastilloNorthern District of Illinois05/9/1994 - PresentAttorney, Kirkland & Ellis1991-1994Loyola University Chicago, 1976Northwestern University School of Law, 1979
David CoarNorthern District of Illinois10/7/1994 - 8/12/2009Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge1986-1994Syracuse University, B.A., 1964Loyola University Chicago School of Law, J.D., 1969
John DarrahNorthern District of Illinois7/14/2000 - Present  Loyola U., B.S., 1965Loyola U. School of Law, J.D., 1969
Robert GettlemanNorthern District of Illinois10/11/1994 - 5/5/2009  Boston U., B.S./B.A., 1965Northwestern U. School of Law, J.D., 1968
Joan GottschallNorthern District of Illinois8/1/1996 - 4/23/2012Magistrate Judge1984 - 1996Smith College, B.A., 1969Stanford Law School, J.D., 1973
Ronald GuzmanNorthern District of Illinois11/15/1999-11/16/2014Magistrate Judge1990-1999Lehigh University, 1970New York University Law School, 1973
William Hibbler4/22/1999 - 3/20/2012  University of Illinois at Chicago, B.S., 1969DePaul U., J.D., 1973
Matthew KennellyNorthern District of Illinois4/22/1999 - Present  University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1978Harvard Law School, J.D., 1981
Joan LefkowNorthern District of Illinois7/11/2000-9/1/2012Bankruptcy Judge1997-2000Wheaton College, 1965Northwestern University Law School, 1971
Blanche ManningNorthern District of Illinois8/10/1994 - 2/1/2010  Chicago Teachers College, B.Ed., 1961John Marshall Law School, J.D., 1967 ; U. of Virginia School of Law, LL.M., 1992
Rebecca PallmeyerNorthern District of Illinois10/22/1998 - PresentMagistrate Judge1991 - 1998University of Valparaiso, B.A., 1976University of Chicago Law School, J.D., 1979
Michael McCuskeyIllinois Tenth Judicial Circuit Court7/3/2014-2016Central District of Illinois4/3/1998-5/31/2014Illinois State U., 1970Saint Louis U. School of Law, 1975
David R. HerndonSouthern District of Illinois10/22/1998 - Present  Southern Illinois U. at Edwardsville, B.A., 1974Southern Illinois U. School of Law, J.D., 1977
Patrick G. MurphySouthern District of Illinois4/3/1998-12/1/2013  Southern Illinois U., B.S., 1974Southern Illinois U. School of Law, J.D., 1978
Michael Joseph ReaganSouthern District of Illinois10/13/2000 - Present  Bradley U., B.S., 1976St. Louis U., J.D., 1980
Victoria RobertsEastern District of Michigan6/29/1998 - Present  University of Michigan, B.A., 1973Northeastern U. School of Law, J.D., 1977
Marianne BattaniEastern District of Michigan6/2/2000 - 6/9/2012  University of Detroit, B.A., 1966Detroit College of Law, J.D., 1972
Paul BormanEastern District of Michigan8/10/1994 - Present  University of Michigan, B.A., 1959University of Michigan Law School, J.D., 1962
Denise HoodEastern District of Michigan6/16/1994 - Present  Yale U., B.A., 1974Columbia Law School, J.D., 1977
David M. LawsonEastern District of Michigan6/2/2000 - Present  University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1973Wayne State U., J.D., 1976
John O'MearaEastern District of Michigan9/15/1994 - 1/1/2007  University of Notre Dame, A.B., 1955Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1962
George SteehEastern District of Michigan5/22/1998 - 1/29/2013  University of Michigan, B.A., 1969University of Michigan Law School, J.D., 1973
James G. CarrNorthern District of Ohio5/9/1994 - 6/1/2010Magistrate Judge1979 - 1994Kenyon College, B.A., 1966Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1969
David KatzNorthern District of Ohio10/11/1994 - 1/1/2005  Ohio State U., B.S., 1955Ohio State U. College of Law, J.D., 1957
Lesley WellsNorthern District of Ohio2/11/1994 - 2/14/2006  Chatham College, B.A., 1959Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, J.D., 1974
Peter EconomusNorthern District of Ohio6/30/1995 - 7/3/2009  Youngstown State U., B.A., 1967University of Akron School of Law, J.D., 1970
James GwinNorthern District of Ohio11/7/1997 - Present  Kenyon College, A.B., 1976University of Akron School of Law, J.D., 1979
Donald NugentNorthern District of Ohio6/30/1995 - Present  Xavier U., Ohio, B.A., 1970Cleveland State U., Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, J.D., 1974
Solomon OliverNorthern District of Ohio5/9/1994 - Present  College of Wooster, B.A., 1969New York U. School of Law, J.D., 1972
Kathleen M. O'MalleyCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit12/27/2010 - PresentFederal Judge, Northern District of Ohio1994-2010Kenyon College, A.B., 1979Case Western Reserve University School of Law, J.D., 1982
Dan PolsterNorthern District of Ohio8/3/1998 - Present  Harvard College, A.B., 1972Harvard Law School, J.D., 1976
Susan DlottSouthern District of Ohio12/26/1995-Present  University of Pennsylvania, 1970Boston University School of Law, 1973
Thomas PorteousEastern District of Texas10/11/1994 - 12/8/2010  Louisiana State University, 1968Louisiana State University, 1971
Edmund SargusSouthern District of Ohio8/1/1996-Present  Brown University, 1975Case Western Reserve University School of Law, 1978
Algenon MarbleySouthern District of Ohio11/7/1997 - Present  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, B.A., 1976Northwestern U. School of Law, J.D., 1979
Curtis CollierEastern District of Tennessee5/10/1995-10/31/2014  Tennessee State University, 1971Duke University School of Law, 1974
Todd CampbellMiddle District of Tennessee12/26/1995 - Present  Vanderbilt U., B.A., 1978University of Tennessee College of Law, J.D., 1982
Aleta TraugerMiddle District of Tennessee10/22/1998 - Present  Cornell College, B.A., 1968Vanderbilt U., M.A.T., 1972
William HaynesMiddle District of Tennessee11/15/1999-12/1/2014Magistrate Judge1984-1999College of St. Thomas, 1970Vanderbilt University School of Law, 1973
Bernice DonaldSixth Circuit10/20/2011-PresentWestern District of Tennessee12/1995-9/2011Memphis State University, 1974Memphis State University, 1979
Jennifer CoffmanEastern District of Kentucky10/1/1993 - 1/8/2013Western District of Kentucky10/1/1993 - 1/8/2013University of Kentucky, BA, 1969University of Kentucky College of Law, JD, 1978
Thomas RussellWestern District of Kentucky10/11/1994-11/15/2011  Western Kentucky University, 1967University of Kentucky College of Law, 1970
Joseph McKinleyWestern District of Kentucky8/14/1995 - Present  University of Kentucky, B.S., 1976University of Louisville School of Law, J.D., 1979
John TunheimDistrict of Minnesota12/26/1995 - Present  Concordia College, B.A., 1975University of Minnesota Law School, J.D., 1980
Ann MontgomeryDistrict of Minnesota8/6/1996 - PresentMagistrate Judge1994 - 1996University of Kansas, B.S., 1971University of Minnesota Law School, J.D., 1974
Donovan FrankDistrict of Minnesota10/22/1998 - Present  Luther College, B.A., 1973Hamline U. School of Law, J.D., 1977
Karen SchreierDistrict of South Dakota7/7/1999 - Present  St. Louis U., A.B., 1978Saint Louis U. School of Law, J.D., 1981
Charles KornmannDistrict of South Dakota3/24/1995 - 7/31/2008  College of St. Thomas, B.A., 1959Georgetown U. Law Center, LL.B., 1962
Lawrence PiersolDistrict of South Dakota11/22/1993 - 7/31/2009  University of South Dakota, B.A., 1962University of South Dakota School of Law, J.D., 1965
Joseph BataillonDistrict of Nebraska9/18/1997-10/3/2014  Creighton University, 1971Creighton University School of Law, 1974
Mark Bennett (Iowa)Northern District of IowaAugust 26, 1994 - PresentFederal magistrate judge1991 - 1994Gustavus Adolphus College, B.A., 1972Drake U. Law School, J.D., 1975
Robert PrattSouthern District of IowaMay 27, 1997 - 7/1/2012  Loras College, B.A., 1969Creighton U. School of Law, J.D., 1972
William WilsonEastern District of Arkansas10/1/1993 - 10/1/2008  Hendrix College, B.A., 1962Vanderbilt U. Law School, J.D., 1965
James M. MoodyEastern District of Arkansas8/14/1995 - 10/1/2008  University of Arkansas, B.S.I.M., 1962University of Arkansas School of Law, J.D., 1964
Robert DawsonWestern District of Arkansas4/7/1998 - 8/14/2009  University of Arkansas, B.A., 1960University of Arkansas School of Law, LL.B., 1965
Harry BarnesWestern District of Arkansas11/22/1993 - 11/1/2008  United States Naval Academy, 1956University of Arkansas School of Law, 1964
Charles Shaw (Missouri)Eastern District of Missouri11/22/1993 - 12/31/2009  Harris Stowe State College, B.A., 1966University of Missouri-Columbia, M.B.A., 1971
Catherine PerryEastern District of Missouri10/07/1994 - PresentMagistrate judge, Eastern District of Missouri1990 - 1994University of Oklahoma, 1977Washington University School of Law, 1980
E. Richard WebberEastern District of Missouri12/26/1995 - 6/30/2009  University of Missouri-Columbia, B.S., 1964University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, J.D., 1967
Rodney SippelEastern District of Missouri11/12/1997 - PresentAttorney in private practice1995 - 1997University of Tulsa, B.S., 1978Washington University School of Law, J.D., 1981
Nanette LaughreyEastern District of Missouri08/01/1996 - 08/27/2011Western District of Missouri08/01/1996 - PresentUniversity of California, Los Angeles, 1967University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, 1975
Ortrie SmithWestern District of Missouri8/14/1995 - 4/30/2011  University of Missouri-Columbia, B.A., 1968University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, J.D., 1971
Richard StearnsDistrict of Massachusetts11/24/1993 - PresentSuperior Court of Massachusetts1990-1993Stanford U., B.A., 1968Harvard Law, J.D., 1976
Reginald LindsayDistrict of Massachusetts11/24/1993 - 3/12/2009  Morehouse College, B.A., 1967Harvard Law, J.D., 1970
Patti SarisDistrict of Massachusetts11/24/1993 - PresentDistrict of Massachusetts Magistrate1986-1989Radcliffe College, B.A., 1973Harvard Law, J.D., 1976
Nancy GertnerDistrict of Massachusetts2/14/1994 - 5/22/2011  Barnard College, B.A., 1967Yale Law, J.D., 1971
George O'TooleDistrict of Massachusetts5/26/1995 (3/1/2001) - Present  Boston College, A.B., 1969Harvard U. Law, J.D., 1972
Michael PonsorDistrict of Massachusetts4/14/1994 - 8/15/2011U.S. Magistrate, District of Massachusetts1984 - 1994Harvard U., B.A., 1969Yale Law, J.D., 1975
Salvador CasellasDistrict of Puerto Rico9/29/1994-6/10/2005  Georgetown University, 1957Puerto Rico University Law,1960
Daniel DominguezDistrict of Puerto Rico9/29/1994-7/31/2011  Boston University 1967Puerto Rico University Law, 1970
Jay Garcia-GregoryDistrict of Puerto Rico7/11/2000 - Present  Assumption College, A.B., 1966Puerto Rico U. Law, LL.B., 1972
Mary LisiDistrict of Rhode Island5/9/1994-10/1/2015  Rhode Island U., 1972Temple U. Law, 1977
Walker MillerDistrict of Colorado7/25/1996 - 4/1/2008  University of Colorado Law, 1963University of Chicago Law, 1965
Robert ChatignyDistrict of Connecticut9/28/1994 - Present  Brown U., B.A., 1973Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1978
Janet ArtertonDistrict of Connecticut3/24/1995-7/1/2014  Mount Holyoke College, 1966Northeastern U. Law, 1977
Christopher DroneySecond Circuit11/28/2011-PresentDistrict of Connecticut1997-2011College of the Holy Cross, 1976University of Connecticut Law, 1979
Janet HallDistrict of Connecticut9/18/1997 - Present  Mount Holyoke College, B.A., 1970New York U. Law, J.D., 1973
Dominic SquatritoDistrict of Connecticut10/7/1994 - 11/1/2004  Wesleyan University, 1961Yale Law, 1965
Alvin ThompsonDistrict of Connecticut9/14/1994 - Present  Princeton, B.A., 1975Yale Law, J.D., 1978
Stefan UnderhillDistrict of Connecticut7/7/1999 - Present  Virginia U., B.A., 1978, Rhodes Scholar, 1981Yale Law, J.D., 1984
David TragerEastern District of New York11/24/1993 - 02/28/2006  Columbia, B.A., 1959Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1962
Nicholas GaraufisEastern District of New York5/25/2000-9/30/2014  Columbia College, 1969Columbia Law School, 1974
Nina GershonEastern District of New York08/01/1996 - 10/15/2008Southern District of New York, Magistrate judge1976 - 1996Cornell, B.A., 1962Yale Law, LL.B., 1965
John GleesonEastern District of New York09/29/1994 - PresentAssistant U.S. attorney, Eastern District of New York1985 - 1994Georgetown U., 1975University of Virginia School of Law, 1980
Allyne RossEastern District of New York9/29/1994 - 4/4/2011Eastern District of New York, Magistrate judge1986 - 1994Wellesley College, B.A., 1967Harvard Law, J.D., 1970
Joanna SeybertEastern District of New York11/24/1993-1/13/2014Nassau County Court, New York, Judge1992-1993University of Cincinnati, 1967St. John`s University School of Law, 1971
Norman MordueNorthern District of New York10/22/1998-6/30/2013New York Supreme Court 5th Judicial District, Justice1985-1998Syracuse University, 1966Syracuse University College of Law, 1971
Lawrence KahnNorthern District of New York08/01/1996 - 07/31/2007Supreme Court of the State of New York, Justice1980 - 1996Union College, A.B., 1959Harvard Law School, J.D., 1962
David HurdNorthern District of New York09/22/1999 - PresentNorthern District of New York, Magistrate Judge1991 - 1999Cornell, B.S., 1959Syracuse U. College of Law, J.D., 1963
Wiley DanielDistrict of Colorado6/30/1995-1/1/2013  Howard University, 1968Howard University Law, 1971
Harold BaerSouthern District of New York08/10/1994 - 09/07/2004New York County Supreme Court, Justice1982 - 1992Hobart College, B.A., 1954Yale Law, LL.B., 1957
Deborah BattsSouthern District of New York05/09/1994 - 4/13/2012  Harvard-Radcliffe, A.B., 1969Harvard Law, J.D., 1972
Richard BermanSouthern District of New York10/22/1998-9/11/2011  Cornell,1964New York University Law, 1967
Naomi BuchwaldSouthern District of New York9/22/1999-3/21/2012Southern District of New York, Magistrate Judge1980-1999Brandeis University, 1965Columbia Law, 1968
Denny ChinSecond Circuit4/23/2010-PresentSouthern District of New York1994-2010Princeton University, 1975Fordham University Law School, 1978
Denise CoteSouthern District of New York08/10/1994 - 12/15/2011Special Assistant to the Assistant U.S. Attorney General1994St. Mary's College, 1968Columbia Law, 1975
George DanielsSouthern District of New York03/09/2000 - PresentNew York Supreme Court, Justice1995 - 2000Yale, B.A., 1975University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall Law, J.D., 1978
Alvin HellersteinSouthern District of New York10/22/1998 - 01/29/2011  Columbia, B.A., 1954Columbia Law, J.D., 1956
Barbara JonesSouthern District of New York12/26/1995 - 12/31/2012  Mount St. Mary's College, B.A., 1968Temple U. Law, J.D., 1973
Lewis KaplanSouthern District of New York08/10/1994 - 01/31/2011  University of Rochester, A.B., 1966Harvard Law, J.D., 1969
John KoeltlSouthern District of New York08/10/1994 - Present  Georgetown U., A.B., 1967Harvard Law, J.D., 1971
Gerard LynchSecond Circuit9/17/2009-PresentSouthern District of New York2000-2009Columbia University, 1972Columbia Law School, 1975
Colleen McMahonSouthern District of New York10/22/1998 - PresentNew York Court of Claims, New York Supreme Court, Judge1995 - 1998Ohio State U., B.A., 1973Harvard Law, J.D., 1976
William PauleySouthern District of New York10/22/1998 - Present  Duke U., A.B., 1974Duke U. Law, J.D., 1977
Jed RakoffSouthern District of New York01/04/1996-12/30/2010  Swarthmore College, 1964Harvard Law, 1969
Shira ScheindlinSouthern District of New York09/29/2004-8/16/2011Eastern District of New York, Magistrate Judge1982 - 1986University of Michigan, B.A., 1967Cornell Law, J.D., 1975
Sidney SteinSouthern District of New York03/17/1995 - 08/31/2010  Princeton, A.B., 1967Yale Law, J.D., 1972
Laura SwainSouthern District of New York7/11/2000-PresentBankruptcy Judge, Eastern District of New York1996-2000Harvard-Radcliffe, 1979Harvard Law, 1982
Charles SiragusaWestern District of New York11/05/1997 - 12/15/2012New York Supreme Court 7th Judicial District, Justice1993 - 1997LeMoyne College, B.A., 1969Albany Law, J.D., 1976
William K. SessionsDistrict of Vermont08/11/1995-6/15/2014  Middlebury College, 1969George Washington U. Law, 1972
John Murtha (Vermont)District of Vermont05/25/1995 - 05/29/2009  Yale, B.A., 1963University of Connecticut Law, LL.B., 1968
Greg SleetDistrict of Delaware4/30/1998 - Present  Hampton U., B.A., 1973Rutgers U. Law, J.D., 1976
Joel PisanoDistrict of New Jersey2/16/2000-2/16/2015District of New Jersey, Magistrate Judge1991-2000Lafayette College, 1971Seton Hall University Law, 1974
Dennis CavanaughDistrict of New Jersey09/20/2000-1/31/2014District of New Jersey, Magistrate Judge1993-2000Morehead State University, 1969Seton Hall University Law, 1972
Joseph GreenawayThird Circuit2/9/2010-PresentDistrict of New Jersey1996-2010Columbia University, 1978Harvard Law School, 1981
Katharine HaydenDistrict of New Jersey09/29/1997 - 05/29/2010New Jersey Superior Courts, Judge1991 - 1997Marymount Manhattan College, B.A., 1963Seton Hall U. Law, J.D., 1975
Faith HochbergDistrict of New Jersey11/15/1999 - Present  Tufts U., B.A., 1972Harvard Law, J.D., 1975
William WallsDistrict of New Jersey10/11/1994 - 01/30/2005New Jersey Superior Courts, Judge1979 - 1994Dartmouth College, A.B., 1954Yale Law, LL.B., 1957
Bruce KauffmanEastern District of Pennsylvania11/12/1997 - 2/10/2008  University of Pennsylvania (1956)Yale Law School (1959)
Mary McLaughlinEastern District of Pennsylvania5/30/2000-11/18/2013  Gwynedd-Mercy College, 1968University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1976
Petrese TuckerEastern District of Pennsylvania06/01/2000 - PresentPennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Judge1987 - 2000Temple U., B.A., 1973Temple U. Law, J.D., 1976
Berle SchillerEastern District of Pennsylvania06/02/2000 - 6/18/2012Pennsylvania Superior Court, Appellate Judge1996 - 2000Bowdoin College, B.A., 1965New York U. Law, J.D., 1968
Richard SurrickEastern District of Pennsylvania06/05/2000 - 01/31/2011Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, Pennsylvania, Judge1978 - 2000Dickinson College, B.A., 1960Dickinson College, J.D., 1965
Eric ClaySixth Circuit8/1/1997-Present  University of North Carolina, 1969Yale Law, 1972
Martha DaughtreySixth Circuit11/22/1993-1/1/2009Justice, Tennessee Supreme Court1990-1993Vanderbilt University, 1964Vanderbilt University Law, 1968
Yvette KaneMiddle District of Pennsylvania10/22/1998 - Present  Nicholls State U., B.A., 1973Tulane Law, J.D., 1976
Thomas VanaskieThird Circuit4/21/2010-PresentMiddle District of Pennsylvania1994-2010Lycoming College, 1975Dickinson School of Law, 1978
Richard CaputoMiddle District of Pennsylvania11/12/1997 - 03/30/2009  Brown, A.B., 1960University of Pennsylvania Law School, LL.B., 1963
James MunleyMiddle District of Pennsylvania10/22/1998 - 01/29/2009Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1978 - 1998University of Scranton, B.S., 1958Temple U. Law, LL.B., 1963
Diane WoodSeventh Circuit6/30/1995-Present  University of Texas, Austin, 1971University of Texas Law, 1975
Kim McLane WardlawNinth Circuit8/3/1998-PresentCentral District of California1995-1998UCLA, 1976UCLA, 1979
Ann WilliamsSeventh Circuit11/15/1999-PresentNorthern District of Illinois1985-1999Wayne State University, 1970Notre Dame Law School, 1975
John MartenDistrict of Kansas1/4/1996-Present  Washburn U., B.A., 1973Washburn U. Law, J.D., 1976
Carlos MurguiaDistrict of Kansas9/22/1999 - PresentWyandotte County District Court1990-1999University of Kansas, B.S., 1979University of Kansas Law, J.D., 1982
Martha VazquezDistrict of New Mexico10/1/1993 - Present  University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1975University of Notre Dame, J.D., 1978
Bruce BlackDistrict of New Mexico12/26/1995 - 10/1/2012New Mexico Court of Appeals1991-1995Albion College of Michigan, B.A., 1969Michigan Law, J.D., 1971
Tena CampbellDistrict of Utah6/30/1995 - 1/1/2011  University of Idaho, B.A., 1967Arizona State University College of Law, J.D., 1977
Dale KimballDistrict of Utah  Brigham Young University, 1964University of Utah College of Law, 1967
Brian Stewart (Utah)District of Utah11/11/1999-9/1/2014  Utah State University, 1972University of Utah Law, 1975
William DownesDistrict of Wyoming6/16/1994 - 7/24/2011  University of North Texas, B.A., 1968University of Houston Law, J.D., 1974
Terence KernNorthern District of Oklahoma6/9/1994 - 1/4/2010  Oklahoma State University, 1966University of Oklahoma Law School, 1969
Vicki Miles-LaGrangeWestern District of Oklahoma11/28/1994 - Present  Vassar College, B.A., 1974Howard U. Law, J.D., 1977
Charles Smith (Alabama)Northern District of Alabama1995 - 08/201323rd Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama1981-1995University of Alabama, 1966University of Alabama Law, 1971
Inge JohnsonNorthern District of Alabama10/9/1998-10/24/2012Judge, Alabama Circuit 311979-1999University of Alabama Law, 1973
Kermit LipezFirst Circuit4/7/1998-12/31/2011Maine Supreme Court1994-1998Haverford College, 1963Yale Law, 1967
Sandra Lea LynchFirst Circuit3/17/1995-Present  Wellesley College, 1968Boston University Law School, 1971
Susan BucklewMiddle District of Florida11/24/1993 - 8/1/2008  Florida State University, B.A., 1964Stetson University College of Law, J.D., 1977
Henry AdamsMiddle District of Florida11/24/1993 - 4/8/2010  Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, B.A., 1966Howard University School of Law, J.D., 1969
Richard LazzaraMiddle District of Florida9/27/1997 - 12/17/2011Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Florida1993-1997Loyola U.-New Orleans, B.A., 1967University of Florida Law, J.D., 1970
James WhittemoreMiddle District of Florida5/25/2000-PresentFlorida Thirteenth Circuit Court1990-2000University of Florida, 1974Stetson University Law, 1977
John AntoonMiddle District of Florida5/31/2000-6/3/2013Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal1995-2000Florida Southern College, 1968Florida State U. Law, 1971
John SteeleMiddle District of Florida7/26/2000-PresentFederal Magistrate Judge, United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida1991-1999University of Detroit, 1971University of Detroit Law, 1973
James S. MoodyMiddle District of Florida7/28/2000-3/31/2014Florida Thirteenth Circuit Court1995-2000University of Florida, 1969University of Florida Law, 1972
Gregory PresnellMiddle District of Florida7/31/2000 - 4/1/2012  College of William and Mary, 1964University of Florida Law, 1966
Robert HinkleNorthern District of Florida8/1/1996 - Present  Florida State U., B.A., 1972Harvard School of Law, J.D., 1976
Stephan MickleNorthern District of Florida5/22/1998 - 6/22/2011Florida First District Court of Appeal1993-1998University of Florida, B.A., 1965University of Florida, J.D., 1970
Terence EvansSeventh Circuit8/11/1995 - 1/7/2010Eastern District of Wisconsin11/2/1979 - 8/11/1995Marquette Uuniversity, 1962Marquette University Law School, 1967
Alan GoldSouthern District of Florida7/1/1997-1/10/2011Attorney in private practice1975-1992University of Florida, 1966Duke University School of Law, 1969
Daniel HurleySouthern District of Florida3/11/1994 - 2/24/2009  St. Anselm`s College, B.A., 1964George Washington University Law School, J.D., 1968
Paul HuckSouthern District of Florida7/11/2000 - 8/31/2010  University of Florida, B.A., 1962University of Florida School of Law, J.D., 1965
Adalberto JordanEleventh Circuit2/15/2012-PresentSouthern District of Florida9/9/1999-2/15/2012University of Miami, 1984University of Miami, 1987
Patricia SeitzSouthern District of Florida10/1/1998-11/16/2012  Kansas State U., 1968Georgetown U. Law, 1973
Joan LenardSouthern District of Florida12/26/1995 - Present  Roger Williams University, B.A., 1973Antioch Law (U. of the District of Columbia), J.D., 1976
Donald MiddlebrooksSouthern District of Florida5/27/1997 - Present  University of Florida, B.A., 1968University of Florida Law, J.D., 1972
William DimitrouleasSouthern District of Florida5/22/1998 - Present  Furman University, B.A., 1973University of Florida College of Law, J.D., 1975
David Hamilton (Seventh Circuit)Seventh Circuit11/23/2009-PresentSouthern District of Indiana10/11/1994-11/24/2009Haverford College, 1979Yale Law School, 1983
Richard Young (Federal judge)Southern District of Indiana3/6/1998 - Present  Drake U., B.A., 1975George Mason U. School of Law, J.D., 1980
Stanley MarcusEleventh Circuit11/12/1997-PresentSouthern District of Florida1985-1997Queens College CUNY, 1967Harvard Law, 1971
Beverly MartinEleventh Circuit1/20/2010 - PresentNorthern District of Georgia2000-2009Stetson University, 1976University of Georgia Law, 1981
Clarence CooperNorthern District of Georgia5/9/1997-2/9/2009  Clark College, 1964Emory University School of Law, 1967
Richard StoryNorthern District of Georgia2/4/1998 - PresentSuperior Court of Georgia1986-1997LaGrange College, B.A., 1975University of Georgia Law, J.D., 1978
Willis HuntNorthern District of Georgia3/24/1995 - 6/30/2005  Emory University, LL.B., 1954University of Virginia School of Law, LL.M.,1990
Thomas ThrashNorthern District of Georgia8/1/1997 - Present  University of Virginia, B.A., 1973Harvard Law, J.D., 1976
Charles PannellNorthern District of Georgia8/3/2000 - 1/31/2013Judge, Conasauga Judicial Circuit of Georgia1979-1999University of Georgia, B.A., 1967University of Georgia Law, J.D., 1970
Hugh LawsonMiddle District of Georgia12/26/1995 - 12/31/2008  Emory University, B.A., 1963Emory University School of Law, J.D., 1964
Willie SandsMiddle District of Georgia5/9/1994-4/12/2014Macon Judicial District Superior Court1991-1993Mercer University, 1971Mercer University Law, 1974
William Moore (Georgia)Southern District of Georgia10/11/1994 - Present  University of Georgia Law, 1964
Ronald GilmanSixth Circuit11/7/1997-11/21/2010  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964Harvard Law, 1967
Karen MooreSixth Circuit3/24/1995-Present  Radcliffe College, 1970Harvard Law, 1973
Guy ColeSixth Circuit12/26/1995 - PresentSouthern District of Ohio bankruptcy court1987-1993Tufts University, 1972Yale Law School, 1975
Diana MurphyEighth Circuit10/11/1994 - PresentDistrict of Minnesota2/20/1980 - 10/13/1994University of Minnesota, B.A., 1954University of Minnesota Law School, J.D., 1974
Kermit ByeEighth Circuit3/9/2000-4/22/2015  University of North Dakota '59University of North Dakota '62
Michael R. Murphy (Tenth Circuit)Tenth Circuit8/14/1995-12/31/2012Third District Court of Utah1986-1995Creighton University, 1969University of Wyoming, 1972
Carlos LuceroTenth Circuit6/30/1995 - Present  Adams State College '61George Washington U. Law '64
Mary BriscoeTenth Circuit5/26/1995 - PresentKansas Court of Appeals1984-1995University of Kansas '69University of Kansas Law '73
Robert HenryTenth Circuit5/9/1994 - 7/1/2010  University of Oklahoma '74University of Oklahoma Law '76
Frank HullEleventh Circuit9/18/1997 - Present  Randolph-Macon Woman's College, B.A., 1970Emory U. Law, J.D., 1973
Charles Wilson (Florida)Eleventh Circuit8/9/1999 - PresentMiddle District of Florida (Magistrate)1990-1994Notre Dame, B.A., 1976Notre Dame Law, J.D., 1979
Rosemary BarkettEleventh Circuit1994-2013Florida Supreme Court1985-1994Spring Hill College, 1967University of Florida Law, 1970
Sonia SotomayorSupreme Court8/6/2009-PresentSecond Circuit1998-2009Princeton University, 1976Yale Law School, 1979
Pierre LevalSecond Circuit10/20/1993-8/16/2002Southern District of New York1977-1993Harvard University, 1959Harvard Law School, 1963
Chester StraubSecond Circuit6/3/1998-7/16/2008  St. Peter's College, 1958University of Virginia Law, 1961
Guido CalabresiSecond Circuit7/18/1994-7/21/2009  Yale University, 1953
Oxford University, 1955
Yale Law School, 1958
Jose CabranesSecond Circuit8/10/1994-PresentDistrict of Connecticut1979-1994Columbia University, 1961Yale Law School, 1965
Rosemary PoolerSecond Circuit6/3/1998-PresentNorthern District of New York1994-1998Brooklyn College, 1959University of Michigan Law, 1965
Robert SackSecond Circuit6/16/1998-8/6/2009  University of Rochester, 1960Columbia Law School, 1963
Robert KatzmannSecond Circuit7/16/1999-Present  Columbia University, 1973Yale Law School, 1980
Barrington ParkerSecond Circuit10/16/2001-10/10/2009Southern District of New York1994-2001Yale University, 1965Yale Law School, 1969
Fred ParkerSecond Circuit10/11/1994 - 8/12/2003District of Vermont8/7/1990 - 10/11/1994University of Massachusetts, B.A., 1962Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1965
Carl StewartFifth Circuit05/09/1994 - PresentJudge, Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal1991 - 1994Dillard University, 1971Loyola University New Orleans School of Law, 1974
Fortunato BenavidesFifth Circuit5/09/1994-2/3/2012  University of Houston, 1968University of Houston Law Center, 1972
Robert ParkerFifth Circuit6/16/1994 - 11/1/2002Eastern District of Texas4/26/1979 - 6/17/1994U. of Texas, Austin, B.B.A., 1961University of Texas School of Law, LL.B., 1964
Blane MichaelFourth Circuit10/1/1993 - 3/25/11  West Virginia U. '65New York U. Law '68
Diana MotzFourth Circuit6/16/1994-PresentMaryland Court of Special Appeals1991-1994Vassar College, 1965University of Virginia Law, 1968
William TraxlerFourth Circuit10/1/1998-PresentDistrict of South Carolina1992-1998Davidson College, 1970University of South Carolina Law, 1973
Robert KingFourth Circuit10/9/1998-Present  West Virginia University, 1961West Virginia University Law, 1968
Roger GregoryFourth Circuit7/25/2001-Present  Virginia State University, 1975University of Michigan Law, 1978
Theodore McKeeThird Circuit6/9/1994-Present  SUNY Cortland, 1969Syracuse Law, 1975
Marjorie RendellThird Circuit9/29/1997-7/2015Eastern District of Pennsylvania1994-1997University of Pennsylvania, 1969Villanova University, 1973
Maryanne BarryThird Circuit9/22/1999-6/30/2011District of New Jersey1983-1999Mount Holyoke College, 1962Hofstra University Law, 1974
Thomas AmbroThird Circuit02/16/2000 - Present  Georgetown '71Georgetown Law '75
Julio FuentesThird Circuit3/9/2000-Present  Southern Illinois University, 1971SUNY Buffalo Law, 1975
Lee SarokinThird Circuit10/5/1994 - 7/31/1996District of New Jersey11/2/1979 - 10/4/1994Dartmouth College (1950)Harvard Law School (1953)
Gerald LeeEastern District of Virginia10/01/1998 - PresentFairfax County District Court, Judge1992 - 1998American U., B.A., 1973American U. Law, J.D., 1976
Leonie BrinkemaEastern District of Virginia10/20/1993 - PresentEastern District of Virginia, Magistrate Judge1985 - 1993Rutgers U., B.A., 1966Cornell Law, J.D., 1976
Raymond JacksonEastern District of Virginia11/22/1993-PresentAssistant U.S. attorney, U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia1977-1993Norfolk State University, 1970University of Virginia, 1973
Jerome FriedmanEastern District of Virginia11/12/1997 - 11/29/2010Virginia Beach Circuit Court, Judge1991 - 1997Old Dominion College, B.S., 1965Wake Forest U. Law, J.D., 1969
Henry HudsonEastern District of Virginia08/02/2002 - PresentJudge, Fairfax County District Court1998 - 2002American U., 1969American U. Law, 1974
James JonesWestern District of Virginia08/01/1996 - Present  Duke, A.B., 1962University of Virginia School of Law, LL.B., 1965
Joseph GoodwinSouthern District of West Virginia05/10/1995 - Present  West Virginia U., B.S., 1965West Virginia U. Law, J.D., 1970
Robert ChambersSouthern District of West Virginia09/18/1997 - PresentAttorney in private practice1977 - 1997Marshall U., 1974West Virginia U. Law, 1977
Catherine BlakeDistrict of Maryland08/14/1995 - PresentDistrict of Maryland, Magistrate Judge1987 - 1995Harvard-Radcliffe College, A.B., 1972Harvard Law, J.D., 1975
Andre DavisFourth Circuit11/10/2009-02/28/2014District of Maryland1995-2009University of Pennsylvania, 1971University of Maryland Law, 1978
Peter MessitteDistrict of Maryland10/20/1993 - 08/31/2008Maryland, Sixth Circuit, Associate Judge1985 - 1993Amherst College, B.A., 1963University of Chicago Law School, J.D., 1966
Deborah ChasanowDistrict of Maryland10/20/1993-10/2/2014District of Maryland, Magistrate Judge1987-1993Rutgers University, 1970Stanford University Law, 1974
Cameron CurrieDistrict of South Carolina03/11/1994 - 10/3/2013Magistrate, District of South Carolina1984 - 1986University of South Carolina, B.A., 1970George Washington U. Law , J.D., 1975
Patrick DuffyDistrict of South Carolina12/26/1995 - 12/26/2007  The Citadel, B.A., 1965University of South Carolina Law, J.D., 1968
Margaret SeymourDistrict of South Carolina10/22/1998-1/16/2013District of South Carolina, Magistrate Judge1996-1998Howard U., B.A., 1969American U. Law, J.D., 1977
James BeatyMiddle District of North Carolina10/11/1994-6/30/2014Forsyth County Superior Court, Superior Court Judge1981-1994Western Carolina U., 1971University of North Carolina Law, 1974
Lacy ThornburgWestern District of North Carolina3/17/1995 - 8/31/2009  University of North Carolina (1952)University of North Carolina (1954)
Helen BerriganEastern District of Louisiana03/10/1994-Present  University of Wisconsin, B.A., 1969Louisiana State U. Law, J.D., 1977
Stanwood DuvalEastern District of Louisiana9/29/1994 - 12/14/2008  Louisiana State U., B.A., 1964Louisiana State U. Law, LL.B., 1966
Sarah VanceEastern District of Louisiana09/29/1994 - Present  Louisiana State U., B.A., 1971Tulane Law School, J.D., 1978
Eldon FallonEastern District of Louisiana5/10/1995 -Present'  Tulane U., B.A., 1959Tulane Law, J.D., 1962
Mary Ann LemmonEastern District of Louisiana07/25/1996 - 12/31/2010Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, Judge Pro Tempore1990Loyola U.Loyola Law, J.D., 1964
Ivan LemelleEastern District of Louisiana04/7/1998 - PresentEastern District of Louisiana, Magistrate Judge1984 - 1998Xavier U., B.S., 1971Loyola Law, J.D., 1974
Carl BarbierEastern District of Louisiana10/01/1998 - Present  Southeastern Louisiana U., B.A., 1966Loyola Law, J.D., 1970
Ralph TysonMiddle District of Louisiana08/03/1998 - 07/18/201119th Judicial District, Judge1993 - 1998Louisiana State U., B.A., 1970Louisiana State U. Law, J.D., 1973
James J. BradyMiddle District of Louisiana05/25/2000-12/30/2013  Southeastern Louisiana College, 1966Louisiana State University Law, 1969
Tucker MelanconWestern District of Louisiana02/11/1994 - 02/13/2009  Louisiana State U., B.S., 1968Tulane Law, J.D., 1973
Allen PepperNorthern District of Mississippi07/07/1999 - 1/24/2011  University of Mississippi, B.A., 1963University of Mississippi Law, J.D., 1968
Sam LindsayNorthern District of Texas3/17/1998 - Present  St. Mary`s U., B.A., 1974University of Texas School of Law, J.D., 1977
Barbara LynnNorthern District of Texas11/22/1999 - Present  University of Virginia, B.A., 1973Southern Methodist U., J.D., 1976
Thad HeartfieldEastern District of Texas3/17/1995 - 1/1/2010  St. Mary`s University, B.A., 1962St. Mary`s University School of Law, J.D., 1965
David FolsomEastern District of Texas3/17/1995-3/17/2012  University of Arkansas, 1969University of Arkansas School of Law, 1974
T. John WardEastern District of Texas07/15/1999-10/1/2011  Texas Tech University, 1964Baylor Law, 1967
Nancy AtlasSouthern District of Texas06/30/1995-6/20/2014  Tufts U., B.S., 1971New York U. Law, J.D., 1974
Keith Ellison (Texas)Southern District of Texas07/07/1999 - Present  Harvard 1972Yale Law, 1976
Vanessa GilmoreSouthern District of Texas06/09/1994 - Present  Hampton U., B.S., 1977University of Houston Law, J.D., 1981
Samuel BieryWestern District of Texas03/11/1994 - PresentTexas Fourth District Court of Appeals, Judge1989 - 1994Texas Lutheran College, B.A., 1970Southern Methodist U. Law, J.D., 1973
David BrionesWestern District of Texas10/11/1994 - 02/25/2009  University of Texas, B.A., 1969University of Texas Law, J.D., 1971
William FurgesonNorthern District of Texas3/11/1994-11/30/2008  Texas Tech University, 1964University of Texas School of Law, 1967
Orlando GarciaWestern District of Texas03/11/1994 - PresentTexas Fourth District Court of Appeals, Judge1991 - 1992University of Texas, Austin, B.A., 1975University of Texas Law, J.D., 1978
Donetta AmbroseWestern District of Pennsylvania11/24/1993 - 11/04/2010Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1982 - 1993Duquesne U., B.A., 1967Duquesne U. Law, J.D., 1970
Gary LancasterWestern District of Pennsylvania11/24/1993-4/24/2013Western District of Pennsylvania, Magistrate Judge1987-1993Slippery Rock State College, 1971University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 1974
Sean McLaughlinWestern District of Pennsylvania10/11/1994 - 8/16/2013  Georgetown University, A.B., 1977Georgetown University Law, J.D., 1980
Roger Hunt (Nevada)District of Nevada5/25/2000 - 5/26/2011  Brigham Young University, 1966George Washington University, 1970
Kent DawsonDistrict of Nevada5/31/2000 - 7/9/2012  Weber State College, B.S., 1969University of Utah School of Law, J.D., 1971
Susan BoltonDistrict of Arizona10/13/2000 - Present  University of Iowa, B.A., 1973University of Iowa College of Law, J.D., 1975
Mary MurguiaNinth Circuit1/4/2011 - PresentDistrict of Arizona2000 - 2011University of Kansas, 1982University of Kansas Law School, 1985
Roslyn SilverDistrict of Arizona10/11/1994 - 9/3/2013  University of California at Santa Barbara, B.A., 1968Arizona State U. College of Law, J.D., 1971
James TeilborgDistrict of Arizona10/13/2000-1/30/2013  University of Arizona College of Law, 1966
Raner CollinsDistrict of Arizona8/3/1998 - Present  Arkansas Polytechnic College, B.A., 1973University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1975
Frank ZapataDistrict of Arizona8/1/1996-8/3/2010  University of Arizona, B.A., 1966University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1973
Donald MolloyDistrict of Montana8/1/1996 - 8/16/2011  University of Montana, B.A., 1968University of Montana School of Law, J.D., 1976
Lynn WinmillDistrict of Idaho8/14/1995-Present  Idaho State University, 1974Harvard Law School, 1977
Ancer HaggertyDistrict of Oregon3/28/1994 - 8/26/2009  University of Oregon, B.S., 1967University of California, Hastings College of Law, J.D., 1973
Ann AikenDistrict of Oregon2/4/1998 - Present  University of Oregon, B.S., 1974University of Oregon Law School, J.D., 1979
Garr KingDistrict of Oregon4/30/1998 - 1/30/2009  University of UtahNorthwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, LL.B., 1963
Anna BrownDistrict of Oregon10/26/1999 - Present  Portland State U., B.S., 1975Lewis and Clark College, Northwestern School of Law, J.D., 1980
Helen GillmorDistrict of Hawaii10/11/1994 - 6/30/2009  Queens College, City University of New York, 1965Boston University School of Law, 1968
Susan Oki MollwayDistrict of Hawaii6/23/1998 - Present  University of Hawaii, B.A., 1971Harvard Law School, J.D., 1981
William AlsupNorthern District of California8/17/1999 - Present  Mississippi State U., B.S., 1967Harvard U., J.D., 1971
Charles BreyerNorthern District of California11/12/1997 - 12/31/2011  Harvard College, A.B., 1963University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D., 1966
Maxine ChesneyNorthern District of California5/10/1995 - 6/30/2009  University of California, Berkeley, B.A., 1964University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D., 1967
Jeremy FogelNorthern District of California3/17/1998 - Present  Stanford U., B.A., 1971Harvard Law School, J.D., 1974
Phyllis HamiltonNorthern District of California5/25/2000-PresentFederal magistrate judge1991-2000Stanford University, 1974Santa Clara University School of Law, 1976
Susan IllstonNorthern District of California5/26/1995 - 7/1/2013  Duke U., B.A., 1970Stanford Law School, J.D., 1973
Claudia WilkenNorthern District of California11/22/1993-Present  Stanford University, 1971University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, 1975
Anthony IshiiEastern District of California10/14/1997 - 10/31/2012  Reedley Junior College, A.S., 1966University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D., 1973
Frank DamrellEastern District of California11/12/1997 - 12/31/2008  UC Berkeley, 1961Yale Law School, 1964
David CarterCentral District of California10/22/1998 - Present  University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., 1967University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, J.D., 1972
Audrey CollinsCalifornia Second District Court of Appeal8/2014-1/3/2027Judge, United States District Court for the Central District of California5/1994-8/2014Howard University, 1967University of California - Los Angeles School of Law, 1977
Florence-Marie CooperCentral District of California11/15/1999 - 1/15/2010  City College of San Francisco (1971)Whittier College School of Law (1975)
Gary FeessCentral District of California7/7/1999-3/13/2014  Ohio State University, 1970University of California at Los Angeles, 1974
Virginia PhillipsCentral District of California11/15/1999 - PresentFederal Magistrate Judge1995 - 1999University of California, Riverside, B.A., 1979University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D., 1982
George KingCentral District of California6/30/1995 - presentFederal Magistrate Judge1987 - 1995University of California, Los Angeles, A.B., 1971University of Southern California Law School, J.D., 1974
Howard MatzCentral District of California6/29/1998 - 7/11/2011  Columbia U., A.B., 1965Harvard Law School, J.D., 1968
Christina SnyderCentral District of California11/10/1997 - Present  Pomona College, B.A., 1969Stanford Law School, J.D., 1972
Robert TimlinCentral District of California9/15/1994 - 2/1/2005Federal Magistrate judge1971 - 1975Georgetown University, 1954Georgetown University Law Center, 1959
Nora ManellaCalifornia Second District Court of Appeal2006-2027Judge, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California1998-2006Wellesley College, 1972University of Southern California, 1975
Stephen GlickmanDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals1999-PresentManaging Partner, Zuckerman Spaeder LLP1991-1998Cornell UniversityYale Law School
Inez ReidDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals1995-2011  Tufts UniversityYale Law School
Vanessa RuizDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals1994-2011  Wellesley College, 1972Georgetown University Law Center, 1975
Napoleon JonesSouthern District of California9/15/1994 - 9/17/2007  San Diego State University, B.A., 1962University of San Diego School of Law, J.D., 1971
Barry MoskowitzSouthern District of California12/26/1995 - PresentFederal Magistrate Judge1986 - 1995Rutgers College, B.A., 1972Rutgers U. School of Law, J.D., 1975
Jeffrey MillerSouthern District of California5/27/1997 - 6/6/2010  UCLA, 1964UCLA School of Law, 1967
James LorenzSouthern District of California10/5/1999 - 10/25/2009  University of California at Berkeley, B.A., 1957California Western School of Law, J.D., 1965
Robert WhaleyEastern District of Washington6/30/1995 - 7/12/2009  Princeton University 1965Emory University School of Law, 1968
Frederick Van SickleEastern District of Washington5/14/1991 - 5/1/2008  University of Wisconsin, B.S., 1965University of Washington School of Law, J.D., 1968
Edward SheaEastern District of Washington4/8/1998-6/7/2012  Boston State College, B.S.Ed., 1965Georgetown U. Law Center, J.D., 1970
Robert LasnikWestern District of Washington10/22/1998 - Present  Brandeis U., A.B., 1972University of Washington School of Law, J.D., 1978
Franklin BurgessWestern District of Washington3/28/1994 - 3/9/2005  Gonzaga University (1961)Gonzaga University School of Law (1966)
Marsha PechmanWestern District of Washington9/9/1999 - Present  Cornell University, B.A., 1973Boston University, J.D., 1976
Gladys KesslerD.C. District Court6/16/1994 - 1/22/2007Superior Court of the District of Columbia1977-1994Cornell '59Harvard Law '62
James Robertson  
Ricardo UrbinaD.C. District Court6/16/1994 - 12/31/2011Superior Court of the District of Columbia1981-1994Georgetown, 1967Georgetown Law, 1970
Emmet SullivanD.C. District Court06/16/1994 - PresentAssociate judge, District of Columbia Court of Appeals1992-1994Howard University, '68Howard University, '71
Colleen Kollar-KotellyD.C. District Court03/26/1997-PresentJudge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia1984-1997Catholic U. of America, 1965Catholic U. of America, 1968
Henry KennedyD.C. District Court9/18/1997 - 11/18/2011Superior Court of the District of Columbia1979-1997Princeton '70Harvard Law '73
Richard Roberts (District of Columbia)D.C. District Court6/23/1998 - Present  Vassar College, 1974Columbia Law, 1978
Ellen HuvelleD.C. District Court10/26/1999-6/3/2014District of Columbia Superior Court1990-1999Wellsley College, 1970Boston College, 1975
John D. Kelly  
Sidney ThomasNinth Circuit1/4/1996-PresentAdjunct instructor of law1982-1995Montana State University 1975University of Montana School of Law 1978
Barry SilvermanNinth Circuit2/4/1998 - PresentDistrict of Arizona1995-1998Arizona State University 1973Arizona State University College of Law 1976
Susan GraberNinth Circuit3/19/1998 - Present  Wellesley College 1969Yale Law School 1972
Margaret McKeown (California)Ninth Circuit4/8/1998 - Present  University of Wyoming 1972Georgetown University Law Center 1975
William FletcherNinth Circuit10/9/1998 - Present  Harvard University 1968Yale Law School 1975
Raymond FisherNinth Circuit10/12/1999 - 4/1/2013  University of California, Santa Barbara '61Stanford Law School '66
Ronald GouldNinth Circuit11/22/1999 - Present  University of Pennsylvania 1968University of Michigan Law School 1973
Richard PaezNinth Circuit3/14/2000 - PresentCentral District of California1994-2000Brigham Young U. 1969University of California Berkeley Law 1972
Marsha BerzonNinth Circuit3/16/2000 - Present  Radcliffe College '66University of California, Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law '73
Richard TallmanNinth Circuit5/25/2000 - PresentPrivate Practice1983 - 2000University of Santa Clara 1975Northwestern University School of Law 1978
Johnnie RawlinsonNinth Circuit07/26/2000 - PresentDistrict of Nevada1998-2000North Carolina A&T State University 1974University of the Pacific 1979
Michael D. HawkinsNinth Circuit9/15/1994 - 2/12/2010Private practice1980 - 1994Arizona State University 1967Arizona State University College of Law 1970
Jeanne ScottCentral District of Illinois10/22/1998 - 8/1/2010  Bradley U., B.A., 1970Northwestern U. School of Law, J.D., 1973
Merrick GarlandD.C. Circuit3/20/1997 - Present  Harvard '74Harvard Law '77
Judith RogersD.C. Circuit3/11/1994 - PresentDistrict of Columbia State Court of Appeals1979-1994Radcliffe College '61Harvard Law '64
David TatelD.C. Circuit10/7/1994 - Present  University of Michigan '63University of Chicago Law '66
Richard LinnCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit11/22/1999 - 10/31/2012Private practice1972 - 1999Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue, 1965Georgetown U. Law, 1969
Arthur GajarsaCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit8/1/1997 - 7/31/2011  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1962Georgetown U. Law, 1967
Timothy DykCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit5/25/2000-PresentPrivate practice, Washington, D.C.1964-2000Harvard, 1958Harvard Law, 1961
William BrysonCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit9/29/1994 - 1/7/2013  Harvard, 1969Texas School of Law, 1973
Frederic BlockEastern District of New York09/29/1994 - 08/31/2005  Indiana U., A.B., 1956Cornell Law, LL.B., 1959
Richard CaseySouthern District of New York10/24/1997 - 3/22/2007  College of the Holy Cros (1955)Georgetown University Law Center (1958)
Allen SchwartzSouthern District of New York11/22/1993 - 3/22/2003  City College of New York, Baruch College (1955)University of Pennsylvania Law School (1958)
Stephen OrlofskyDistrict of New Jersey12/26/1995 - 8/31/2003  City College of New York (1965)Rutgers University School of Law (1974)
Gary FennerWestern District of Missouri7/25/1996 - Present  University of Kansas, Lawrence, 1970University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, 1973
Robert JamesWestern District of Louisiana08/03/1998 - PresentRuston City Court, Judge1985 - 1998Louisiana Tech U., B.A., 1968Louisiana State U. Law, J.D., 1971
Norman MoonWestern District of Virginia11/12/1997 - 05/31/2010Virginia Court of Appeals, Judge1985 - 1997University of Virginia, B.A., 1959University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1962
Robert CindrichWestern District of Pennsylvania10/7/1994 - 1/30/2004  Wittenberg University (1965)University of Pittsburgh School of Law (1968)
Judith BarzilayUnited States Court of International Trade1/27/1998-6/2/2011  Wichita State University, 1965Rutgers University Law, 1981
Richard Eaton (Federal judge)United States Court of International Trade10/26/1999-8/22/2014  Ithaca College, 1970Union University Law, 1974
Donald PogueUnited States Court of International Trade8/14/1995-7/1/2014  Dartmouth College, 1969Yale Law, 1974
Delissa RidgwayUnited States Court of International Trade3/17/1998-Present  University of Missouri, 1975Northeastern University Law School, 1979
Evan WallachCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit11/8/2011 - PresentUnited States Court of International Trade1995 - 2011University of Arizona, B.A,, 1973University of California Law, J.D., 1976
Paul FriedmanD.C. District Court6/16/1994 - 12/31/2009  Cornell '65SUNY Buffalo Law '68
Margaret MorrowCentral District of California2/24/1998 - Present  Bryn Mawr College, A.B., 1971Harvard Law School, J.D., 1974
W. Craig BroadwaterNorthern District of West Virginia7/26/1996 - 12/18/2006  West Virginia University (1972)West Virginia University College of Law (1977)
Thomas ShanahanDistrict of Nebraska11/22/1993 - 5/5/2004  University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1956Georgetown U. Law Center, LL.B., 1959
Okla JonesEastern District of Louisiana10/11/1994 - 1/8/1996  Southern University (1968)Boston College Law School (1971)
Paul RileySouthern District of Illinois10/7/1994 - 12/10/1999  Saint Louis University (1964)Saint Louis University School of Law (1967)
Billy BurrageEastern District of Oklahoma6/9/1994 - 3/1/2001  Southeastern Oklahoma State University, B.S., 1971University of Oklahoma Law, J.D., 1974
Sven HolmesNorthern District of Oklahoma11/21/1994 - 3/13/2005  Harvard U., B.A., 1973University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1980
Wilkie FergusonSouthern District of Florida11/22/1993 - 6/9/2003  Florida A&M University (1960)Howard University School of Law (1968)
David HagenDistrict of Nevada11/22/1993 - 11/28/2003  University of Wisconsin (1956)University of Wisconsin Law School, University of San Francisco School of Law (1959)
Patricia GaughanNorthern District of Ohio12/26/1995 - Present  St. Mary's College, B.A., 1975Notre Dame Law School, J.D., 1978
Judith BartnoffSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1994-PresentPartner, Patton, BoggsHarvard Law SchoolColumbia Law Schol
Ronna L. BeckSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1995-Present  University of Michigan, 1969Yale Law School, 1972
Zoe BushSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1994-PresentAdministrative Judge, Board of Contact Appeals for the District of ColumbiaWellesley CollegeHarvard Law School
John M. Campbell1998-PresentChief of Public Corruption and Government Fraud Section, Dept. of Justice1991-1998Yale UniversityYale Law School
Natalia M. Combs GreeneSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1998-2013Special Counsel to United States Attorney Wilma Lewis1998UC Santa Cruz, 1976Howard University Law School, J.D., 1979
Linda Kay DavisSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1995-2012  University of California at Berkeley, 1968Harvard Law School, 1972
Rafael DiazSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1994-2009Special Litigation Office in the Civil Division, Office of Corporation CounselCity College of New YorkAntioch School of Law
Herbert B. Dixon, Jr.Superior Court of the District of Columbia1985-4/28/2015  Howard UniversityGeorgetown University Law Center
John Ramsey JohnsonSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2000-PresentPrincipal Assistant to U.S. Attorney1999-2000Georgetown UniversityAntioch School of Law
Anita Josey-HerringSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1997-PresentDeputy Director, Public Defender Service1994-1997Virginia Commonwealth UniversityGeorgetown University Law Center
Neal E. KravitzSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1998-Present  Yale CollegeHarvard Law School
Robert E. MorinSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1996-PresentPartner, Fisher, Morin & Hansen1986-1996University of MassachusettsCatholic University Law School
Thomas J. MotleySuperior Court of the District of Columbia2000-Present  Columbia CollegeHarvard Law School
John M. MottSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2000-Present  Dartmouth CollegeNortheastern University School of Law
Hiram E. Puig-LugoSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1999-PresentTrial Attorney, U.S. Dept of Justice1996-1999University of WisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin Law School
Mary A. Gooden TerrellSuperior Court of the District of Columbia9/26/1997-2008  Howard University, 1966Antioch College, 1969
Rhonda Reid-WinstonSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1994-Present  Duke University, 1975Duke University School of Law, 1979
Melvin R. WrightSuperior Court of the District of ColumbiaPartner, Montedonico, Hamilton & Altman1991-1998University of the District of Columbia, 1977Georgetown University Law Center, 1982
Martin J. JenkinsCalifornia First District Court of Appeal2008-2027Judge, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California1997-2008Santa Clara University, 1976University of San Francisco School of Law, 1980
Dean Buttram Jr.Northern District of Alabama10/9/1998 - 6/30/2002  Jacksonville State University (1972)Samford University, Cumberland School of Law (1978)
Mary Ann CohenUnited States Tax Court9/24/1982-9/30/2012  University of California, 1964University of Southern California School of Law, 1967
Maurice B. FoleyUnited States Tax Court4/9/1995-Present  Swarthmore CollegeBoalt Hall School of Law
Joseph H. GaleUnited States Tax Court2/6/1996-Present  Princeton University, 1976University of Virginia School of Law, 1980
L. Paige MarvelUnited States Tax Court4/6/1998-4/6/2013  College of Notre Dame, 1971University of Maryland Law, 1974
Michael B. ThorntonUnited States Tax Court3/8/1998-3/7/2013 & 8/7/2013-Present  University of Southern Mississippi, 1976Duke University Law School, 1982
Juan F. VasquezUnited States Tax Court5/1/1995-Present  University of Texas, 1972University of Houston Law, 1977
Herbert L. ChabotUnited States Tax Court4/3/1978-6/30/2001  C.C.N.Y., 1951Columbia University, 1957
Joel GerberUnited States Tax Court6/18/1984-6/17/1999 and 12/15/2000-5/31/2006  Roosevelt University, 1962DePaul University, 1965
Stephen J. SwiftUnited States Tax Court8/16/1983 - 8/15/1998 and 12/1/2000 - 9/7/2008  Brigham Young University, B.S., 1967George Washington University Law School, J.D., 1970
Atsushi Wallace TashimaNinth Circuit1/4/1996 - 6/30/2004Central District of California1980 - 1986University of California, Los Angeles 1958Harvard Law School 1961
Emily C. HewittUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/22/1998 - 10/21/2013  Cornell, A.B., 1966Harvard Law, 1978
Francis M. AllegraUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/22/1998-2013  Borromeo College, 1978Cleveland State University, 1981
Lawrence M. BaskirUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/22/1998 - 4/1/2013  Princeton, A.B., 1959Harvard, LL.B., 1962
Lynn J. BushUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/26/1998-2013  Antioch College, 1970Georgetown University Law Center, 1976
Edward J. DamichUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/22/1998-2013  Stephen's CollegeCatholic University
Nancy B. FirestoneUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/22/1988-2013  Washington U., 1973University of Missouri - Kansas City Law, 1977
Christine Odell Cook MillerUnited States Court of Federal Claims1/24/1983 - 2/28/2013  Stanford, B.A., 1966University of Utah Law, J.D., 1969
James E. BakerUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces9/19/2000-9/30/2015  
Andrew EffronUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces8/1/1996-9/30/2011  
William Greene, Jr. (U.S. Court of Appeals)United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims11/7/1997-2010Immigration Judge, Maryland and Pennsylvania1993-1997West Virginia State College, 1965Howard University Law, 1968
Michael James Davis (Minnesota)District of Minnesota3/28/1994-Present  Macalester College, B.A., 1969University of Minnesota Law School, J.D., 1972
Raymond FinchUnited States District Court for the District of the Virgin Islands1994-2011  Howard U., B.A., 1962Howard U., LL.B., 1965

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