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Florida Sixth Circuit Court

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The Florida Sixth Circuit Court is one of twenty circuit courts in Florida. It is a trial court of general jurisdiction presiding over Pasco and Pinellas counties.[1]



Group 1
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
St. JohnSusan St. John No68.4%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
SnellLaura Snell No31.6% 
Group 2
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
PolkAlicia Polk No52.3%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
RosenthalAlan Scott Rosenthal No17.3% 
LarkKen Lark No30.5% 
Unopposed  Judge Mary M. Handsel (Not on ballot - Group 6)
Unopposed  Judge Pamela A.M. Campbell (Not on ballot - Group 7)
Unopposed  Judge Susan L. Gardner (Not on ballot - Group 8)
Group 16
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BattagliaBrian Battaglia No46.5% 
SharpeKimberly Sharpe No53.5%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
Unopposed  Judge Mark I. Shames (Not on ballot - Group 17)
Group 21
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ColonAmanda Colon No45.5% 
MattheyPhil Matthey No54.5%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
Unopposed  Judge Shawn Crane (Not on ballot - Group 25)
Unopposed  Judge Linda Babb (Not on ballot - Group 26)
Unopposed  Judge Jack R. St. Arnold (Not on ballot - Group 28)
Unopposed  Judge Anthony Rondolino (Not on ballot - Group 33)
Group 35
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BoyerBruce Boyer (Florida) Yes69.8%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
NewlonJon Newlon No30.2% 
Unopposed   Jim Stearns (Not on ballot - Group 37)
Unopposed  Judge John A. Schaefer (Not on ballot - Group 38)
Unopposed  Judge Daniel D. Diskey (Not on ballot - Group 39)
Unopposed  Judge Linda R. Allan (Not on ballot - Group 41)
Unopposed  Judge George M. Jirotka (Not on ballot - Group 42)
Unopposed  Judge Walter L. Schafer, Jr. (Not on ballot - Group 43)
Unopposed  Judge Thane Covert (Not on ballot - Group 44)


CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
McCabeAgnes Theresa McCabe    NoGroup 4540.7% 
WilliamsAmy M. Williams   ApprovedAYesGroup 23Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
SteingoldAndy Steingold    NoGroup 1537.5% 
BurgessBill Burgess   ApprovedANoGroup 1562.5%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
BattagliaBrian Battaglia    NoGroup 3141.1% 
HelingerChris Helinger   ApprovedAYesGroup 9Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
FarnellDee Anna Farnell   ApprovedAYesGroup 12Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
QuesadaFrank Quesada   ApprovedAYesGroup 36Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
DayJack Day   ApprovedAYesGroup 4559.3%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
BuloneJoseph A. Bulone   ApprovedAYesGroup 24Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
CampbellKim Campbell   ApprovedANoGroup 3158.9%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
TepperLynn Tepper   ApprovedAYesGroup 4Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
Moate LeyNancy Moate Ley   ApprovedAYesGroup 34Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
SiracusaPat Siracusa   ApprovedAYesGroup 32Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
FedericoPhilip J. Federico   ApprovedAYesGroup 10Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
MinkoffThomas H. Minkoff   ApprovedAYesGroup 40Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
RamsbergerTom Ramsberger   ApprovedANoGroup 11Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
WebbWilliam R. Webb   ApprovedAYesGroup 14Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA