Florida Thirteenth Circuit Court

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The Florida Thirteenth Circuit Court is one of 20 circuit courts in Florida. It is a trial court of general jurisdiction presiding over Hillsborough County, Florida.[1]



Unopposed  Judge Caroline J. Tesche (Not on ballot - Group 1)
Unopposed  Judge Samantha L. Ward (Not on ballot - Group 2)
Unopposed  Judge Daniel L. Perry (Not on ballot - Group 5)
Unopposed  Judge Catherine M. Catlin (Not on ballot - Group 7)
Group 8
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ThomasBarbara Twine ThomasApprovedANo42.29%ApprovedA51.2%   ApprovedA
HinsonCarl C. Hinson No32.91%ApprovedA48.8%   DefeatedD
DingfelderJohn Dingfelder No24.81% 
Unopposed  Judge Gregory P. Holder (Not on ballot - Group 9)
Unopposed  Judge Rex M. Barbas (Not on ballot - Group 10)
Unopposed  Judge Ralph C. Stoddard (Not on ballot - Group 11)
Unopposed  Judge Jack Espinosa, Jr. (Not on ballot - Group 13)
Unopposed  Judge Claudia R. Isom (Not on ballot - Group 15)
Unopposed  Judge Chet A. Tharpe (Not on ballot - Group 18)
Group 19
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SciontiMichael Scionti No64.71%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
BranniganMichael John Brannigan No35.29% 
Group 20
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
WardLaura Ward (Florida) No51.18%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   
StanleyKaren Stanley No48.82% 
Unopposed  Judge Lisa D. Campbell (Not on ballot - Group 21)
Unopposed  Judge Matthew C. Lucas (Not on ballot - Group 23)
Unopposed  Judge Vivian T. Corvo (Not on ballot - Group 27)
Unopposed  Judge William P. Levens (Not on ballot - Group 28)
Unopposed  Judge Nick Nazaretian (Not on ballot - Group 29)
Unopposed  Judge Martha J. Cook (Not on ballot - Group 30)
Unopposed  Judge Richard A. Nielsen (Not on ballot - Group 31)
Unopposed  Judge Katherine G. Essrig (Not on ballot - Group 33)
Group 34
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BaumanRobert BaumanApprovedANo48.04%ApprovedA51.3%   ApprovedA
PoloMelissa Polo No29.51%ApprovedA48.7%   DefeatedD
DanielsConstance Daniels No22.45% 
Unopposed  Judge Herbert Baumann, Jr. (Not on ballot - Group 35)
Unopposed  Judge Michelle Sisco (Not on ballot - Group 38)
Unopposed  Judge Scott Stephens (Not on ballot - Group 39)
Unopposed  Judge Christopher C. Sabella (Not on ballot - Group 40)
Unopposed  Judge Laurel Lee (Not on ballot - Group 41)


CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
MoodyAshley B. Moody   ApprovedAYesGroup 45Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
SilverBernard C. Silver   ApprovedAYesGroup 32Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
ThomasCheryl Thomas   ApprovedAYesGroup 16Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
PeacockEmily A. Peacock   ApprovedAYesGroup 44Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
Byrd, Jr.Johnnie B. Byrd, Jr.    NoGroup 1436.7% 
FernandezKimberly K. Fernandez   ApprovedAYesGroup 43Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
WolfeMark R. Wolfe   ApprovedAYesGroup 1463.3%ApprovedAExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
HueyPaul L. Huey   ApprovedAYesGroup 12Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
Foster, Jr.Robert A. Foster, Jr.   ApprovedAYesGroup 25Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
FicarrottaRonald Ficarrotta   ApprovedAYesGroup 26Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
SheehanTracy Sheehan   ApprovedAYesGroup 42Expression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA