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Federal judges nominated by George W. Bush

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Presidential nominations
George W. Bush, President from 2001-2009

324 judges nominated by George W. Bush were subsequently confirmed and served on the federal bench.[1]

JudgeFinal post:Term:Previous Post:Term:Bachelors:Law:
Samuel AlitoSupreme Court1/31/2006-PresentThird Circuit Court of Appeals4/30/1990-1/31/2006Princeton University, 1972Yale Law, 1975
John RobertsSupreme Court9/29/2005-PresentDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals2003-2005Harvard University, 1976Harvard Law, 1979
Lavenski SmithEighth Circuit7/15/2002 - Present  University of ArkansasUniversity of Arkansas
James SelnaCentral District of California3/27/2003 - Present  Stanford U., A.B., 1967Stanford Law School, J.D., 1970
Helene WhiteSixth Circuit8/8/2008-PresentMichigan Court of Appeals1992-2008Barnard CollegeUniversity of Pennsylvania Law, 1978
Diane SykesSeventh Circuit8/24/2004-PresentWisconsin Supreme Court1999-2004Northwestern University, 1980Marquette University Law, 1984
Michael MillsNorthern District of Mississippi10/11/2001 - PresentMississippi Supreme Court, Associate Justice1995-2001University of Mississippi, B.A., 1978University of Mississippi Law, J.D., 1980
Patricia MinaldiWestern District of Louisiana05/09/2003 - Present14th Judicial District, Judge1996 - 2003Wesleyan U., 1980Tulane Law, 1983
Maurice HicksWestern District of Louisiana05/21/2003 - Present  Texas Christian U., B.A., 1974Louisiana State U., J.D., 1977
John WalterCentral District of California5/1/2002-Present  Loyola University of Los Angeles, 1966Loyola University of Los Angeles School of Law, 1969
Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr.Eastern District of Missouri8/1/2008 - PresentWestern District of Missouri7/19/1983 - 7/31/2008Southern Methodist U., B.A., 1973Southern Methodist U. School of Law, J.D., 1976
Steven AgeeFourth Circuit7/1/2008-Present  Bridgewater College, 1974University of Virginia Law, 1977
William GriesbachEastern District of Wisconsin5/1/2002 - Present  Marquette U., B.A., 1976Marquette U. Law School, J.D., 1979
Samuel Der-YeghiayanNorthern District of Illinois7/15/2003 - Present  Evangel U., B.A., 1975Franklin Pierce Law Center, J.D., 1978
Robert DowNorthern District of Illinois12/5/2007 - Present  Yale U., B.A., 1987Harvard Law School, J.D., 1993
Frederick KapalaNorthern District of Illinois5/10/2007 - Present  Marquette U., B.A., 1972University of Illinois College of Law, J.D., 1976
Virginia KendallNorthern District of Illinois1/3/2006 - Present  Northwestern U., B.A., 1984Loyola U. of Chicago, J.D., 1992
Amy St. EveNorthern District of Illinois8/2/2002 - Present  Cornell U., B.A., 1987Cornell Law School, J.D., 1990
Theresa SpringmannNorthern District of Indiana6/24/2003 - PresentMagistrate Judge1995 - 2003Indiana U., B.A., 1977University of Notre Dame, J.D., 1980
Raymond KethledgeSixth Circuit7/7/2008-Present  University of Michigan, 1989University of Michigan Law, 1993
Sean CoxEastern District of Michigan6/12/2006 - Present  University of Michigan, B.G.S., 1979Detroit College of Law, J.D., 1983
Thomas LudingtonEastern District of Michigan6/12/2006 - Present  Albion College, B.A., 1976University of San Diego School of Law, J.D., 1979
Paul MaloneyWestern District of Michigan7/13/2007 - Present  Lehigh U., B.A., 1972University of Detroit School of Law, J.D., 1975
Robert JonkerWestern District of Michigan7/16/2007 - Present  Calvin College, B.A., 1982University of Michigan Law School, J.D., 1985
Janet NeffWestern District of Michigan8/6/2007 - Present  University of Pittsburgh, B.A., 1967Wayne State U. Law School, J.D., 1970
John R. AdamsNorthern District of Ohio2/12/2003 - Present  Bowling Green State U., B.S., 1978University of Akron School of Law, J.D., 1983
Christopher BoykoNorthern District of Ohio1/3/2005 - Present  Mount Union College, B.A., 1976Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, J.D., 1979
Sara LioiNorthern District of Ohio 3/14/2007 - Present  Bowling Green State U., B.A., 1983The Ohio State U. College of Law, J.D., 1987
Thomas RoseSouthern District of Ohio5/10/2002 - Present  Ohio U., B.S., 1970University of Cincinnati College of Law, J.D., 1973
Gregory FrostSouthern District of Ohio03/11/2003 - PresentJudge, Licking County Court of Common Pleas1990 - 2003Wittenberg University, 1971Ohio Northern University Law, 1974
Michael WatsonSouthern District of Ohio9/10/2004 - Present  Ohio State U., B.A., 1983Capital U. School of Law, J.D., 1987
Michael BarrettSouthern District of Ohio5/5/2006 - Present  University of Cincinnati, B.A., 1974University of Cincinnati College of Law, J.D., 1977
Harry MatticeEastern District of Tennessee11/18/2005 - Present  University of Tennessee, B.S., 1976University of Tennessee College of Law, J.D., 1981
Ronnie GreerEastern District of Tennessee6/12/2003 - Present  East Tennessee State U., B.S., 1974University of Tennessee College of Law, J.D., 1980
Thomas W. PhillipsEastern District of Tennessee11/15/2002-7/31/2013Magistrate Judge1991-2002Berea College, B.A., 1965Vanderbilt U. Law School, J.D., 1969
Thomas VarlanEastern District of Tennessee3/14/2003 - Present  University of Tennessee, B.A., 1978Vanderbilt U. School of Law, J.D., 1981
Samuel MaysWestern District of Tennessee5/10/2002 - Present  Amherst College, B.A., 1970Yale U. School of Law, J.D., 1973
Stanley AndersonWestern District of Tennessee5/21/2008 - PresentMagistrate Judge2003 - 2008University of Tennessee, B.S., 1976University of Memphis School of Law, J.D., 1980
Karen CaldwellEastern District of Kentucky10/24/2001 - Present  Transylvania U., B.A., 1977University of Kentucky College of Law, J.D., 1980
Danny ReevesEastern District of Kentucky12/10/2001 - Present  Eastern Kentucky U., B.A., 1978Northern Kentucky U., Salmon P. Chase College of Law, J.D., 1981
David BunningEastern District of Kentucky2/19/2002 - Present  University of Kentucky, B.A., 1988University of Kentucky College of Law, J.D., 1991
Gregory Van TatenhoveEastern District of Kentucky1/5/2006 - Present  Asbury College, B.A., 1982University of Kentucky College of Law, J.D., 1989
Amul ThaparEastern District of Kentucky1/4/2008 - Present  Boston College, B.S., 1991Boalt Hall School of Law, U. of California, Berkeley, J.D., 1994
Joan EricksenDistrict of Minnesota5/1/2002 - Present  St. Olaf College, B.A., 1977University of Minnesota Law School, J.D., 1981
Patrick SchiltzDistrict of Minnesota4/28/2006 - Present  College of St. Scholastica, B.A., 1981Harvard Law School, J.D., 1985
Daniel HovlandDistrict of North Dakota11/26/2002 - Present  Concordia College, B.A., 1976University of North Dakota School of Law, J.D., 1979
Ralph EricksonDistrict of North Dakota3/14/2003 - Present  Jamestown College, B.A., 1980University of North Dakota, J.D., 1984
Laurie Smith CampDistrict of Nebraska10/24/2001-Present  Stanford University, 1974University of Nebraska College of Law, 1977
Linda ReadeNorthern District of Iowa11/26/2002 - Present  Drake U., B.A., 1970Drake U. Law School, J.D., 1980
James GritznerSouthern District of Iowa2/19/2002 - Present  Dakota Wesleyan U., B.A., 1969Drake U. Law School, J.D., 1979
John JarveySouthern District of Iowa3/14/2007 - PresentFederal magistrate judge1987 - 2007University of Akron, B.S., 1978Drake U. School of Law, J.D., 1981
Leon HolmesEastern District of Arkansas7/7/2004 - Present  Arkansas State U., B.A., 1973University of Arkansas, J.D., 1982
Brian MillerEastern District of Arkansas4/17/2008 - Present  University of Central Arkansas, B.S., 1992Vanderbilt Law School, J.D., 1995
Henry AutreyEastern District of Missouri8/2/2002 - Present  St. Louis U., B.S., 1974St. Louis U. School of Law, J.D., 1977
John WoodcockDistrict of Maine06/16/2003-PresentAttorney in private practice1978-2003Bowdoin College, 1972University of Maine School of Law, 1976
Dennis SaylorDistrict of Massachusetts6/2/2004-Present  Northwestern University, 1977Harvard University Law, 1981
Joseph LaplanteDistrict of New Hampshire12/28/2007 - Present  Georgetown U., A.B., 1987Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1990
Aida Delgado-ColonDistrict of Puerto Rico3/17/2006 - PresentMagistrate, District of Puerto Rico1993-2006University of Puerto Rico, B.A., 1977Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, J.D., 1980
Gustavo GelpiDistrict of Puerto Rico8/1/2006-PresentDistrict of Puerto Rico, U.S. Magistrate Judge2001-2006Brandeis University, 1987Suffolk University Law School, 1991
Francisco BesosaDistrict of Puerto Rico9/27/2006 - Present  Brown University, A.B., 1971Georgetown University Law Center, J.D., 1979
William E. SmithDistrict of Rhode Island11/15/2002 - Present  Georgetown U., 1982Georgetown U. Law, 1987
Vanessa BryantDistrict of Connecticut4/2/2007 - PresentConnecticut Superior Court1998-2007Howard University, B.A., 1975University of Connecticut School of Law, J.D., 1978
Mark KravitzDistrict of Connecticut6/12/2003 - 9/30/2012  Wesleyan U., B.A., 1972Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1975
Joseph BiancoEastern District of New York1/3/2006-Present  Georgetown, 1988Columbia Law, 1991
Brian CoganEastern District of New York06/07/2006 - Present  University of IllinoisCornell Law
Sandra FeuersteinEastern District of New York9/22/2003-1/21/2015  University of Vermont, 1966Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, 1979
Dora IrizarryEastern District of New York07/08/2004 - Present  Yale, B.A., 1976Columbia University School of Law, J.D., 1979
Kiyo MatsumotoEastern District of New York07/22/2008 - PresentEastern District of New York, Magistrate judge2004 - 2008University of California at Berkeley, B.A., 1976Georgetown University Law Center, J.D., 1981
Roslynn MauskopfEastern District of New York10/18/2007-Present  Brandeis University, 1979Georgetown University Law Center, 1982
Sandra TownesEastern District of New York8/2/2004-PresentJudge, 2nd Judicial Department2001-2004Johnson C. Smith University, 1966Syracuse University College of Law, 1976
Eric VitalianoEastern District of New York01/19/2006 - PresentNew York State Unified Court System2002-2005Fordham College, B.A., 1968New York U. Law, J.D., 1971
Gary SharpeNorthern District of New York01/29/2004 - PresentNorthern District of New York, Magistrate Judge1997 - 2004University of Buffalo, 1971Cornell Law School, 1974
Marcia KriegerDistrict of Colorado1/30/2002 - PresentUnited States bankruptcy court, District of Colorado1994 - 2002Lewis and Clark College, B.A., 1975University of Colorado Law, J.D., 1979
Robert BlackburnDistrict of Colorado3/6/2002 - PresentColorado Sixteenth Judicial District1988 - 2002Western State College, 1972University of Colorado Law, 1974
Kevin CastelSouthern District of New York09/22/2003 - Present  St. John's U., B.S., 1972St. John's U. School of Law, J.D., 1975
Paul CrottySouthern District of New York04/15/2005 - Present  Notre Dame, B.A., 1962Cornell Law, LL.B., 1967
Paul GardepheSouthern District of New York08/08/2008 - Present  University of Pennsylvania, B.A., 1979Columbia Law, J.D., 1982
Richard HolwellSouthern District of New York09/22/2003 - 2/7/2012  Villanova U., B.A., 1967Columbia Law, J.D., 1970
Kenneth KarasSouthern District of New York06/13/2004 - Present  Georgetown U., B.A., 1986Columbia U. Law, J.D., 1991
Stephen RobinsonSouthern District of New York9/22/2003 - 8/11/2010  Cornell University, 1979Cornell Law School, 1984
Cathy SeibelSouthern District of New York07/30/1998 - Present  Princeton U., A.B., 1982Fordham U. Law, J.D., 1985
Richard SullivanSouthern District of New York08/01/2007 - Present  College of William and Mary, B.A., 1986Yale Law, J.D., 1990
Freda WolfsonDistrict of New Jersey2002-PresentDistrict of New Jersey, Magistrate Judge1986-2002Rutgers University, 1976Rutgers University Law, 1979
Stanley CheslerDistrict of New Jersey12/04/2002 - PresentDistrict of New Jersey, Magistrate Judge1987 - 2002Harpur College, 1968St. Johns University Law, 1974
Jose LinaresDistrict of New Jersey12/03/2002-PresentEssex County Superior Court, Judge2000-2002Jersey City State University, 1975Temple Law,, 1978
William MartiniDistrict of New Jersey11/19/2002 - Present  Villanova U., B.A., 1968Rutgers U. Law , J.D., 1972
Peter SheridanDistrict of New Jersey06/12/2006 - Present  St. Peter's College, B.S., 1972Seton Hall U. Law, J.D., 1977
Susan WigentonDistrict of New Jersey06/12/2006 - PresentDistrict of New Jersey, Magistrate Judge2000 - 2006Norfolk State U., B.A., 1984College of William and Mary, J.D., 1987
Renee BumbDistrict of New Jersey06/12/2006 - Present  Ohio State U., B.A., 1981Rutgers U. Law, J.D., 1987
Noel HillmanDistrict of New Jersey06/12/2006 - Present  Monmouth U., B.A., 1981Seton Hall U. Law, J.D., 1985
Robert KuglerDistrict of New Jersey12/04/2002 - PresentDistrict of New Jersey, Magistrate Judge1992 - 2002Syracuse U., B.A., 1975Rutgers U. Camden Law School, J.D., 1978
Legrome DavisEastern District of Pennsylvania04/23/2002 - Present  Princeton, B.A., 1973Rutgers U. Law, J.D., 1976
Cynthia RufeEastern District of Pennsylvania05/03/2002 - PresentBucks County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1994 - 2002Adelphi University, 1970Buffalo SUNY, 1977
Michael BaylsonEastern District of Pennsylvania06/19/2002 - 7/13/2012  University of Pennsylvania, B.S., 1961University of Pennsylvania, LL.B., 1964
Tim SavageEastern District of Pennsylvania08/01/2002 - Present  Assumption College, B.A., 1968Temple U. Law, J.D., 1971
James GardnerEastern District of Pennsylvania10/03/2002-PresentLehigh County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1981-2002Yale University, 1962Harvard Law, 1965
Gene PratterEastern District of Pennsylvania06/16/2004 - Present  Stanford, 1971University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1975
Lawrence StengelEastern District of Pennsylvania06/21/2004 - PresentLancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1990 - 2004St. Joseph's College, B.A., 1974University of Pittsburgh School of Law, J.D., 1980
Paul DiamondEastern District of Pennsylvania6/22/2004-Present  Columbia, 1974University of Pennsylvania Law, 1977
Juan SanchezEastern District of Pennsylvania6/24/2004-PresentChester County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1998-2004City College CUNY, 1978University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1981
Thomas Golden  
Christopher ConnerMiddle District of Pennsylvania07/29/2002 - PresentAttorney in private practice1982 - 2002Cornell, 1979Dickinson Law, 1982
John E. JonesMiddle District of Pennsylvania07/31/2002 - Present  Dickinson College, B.A., 1977Dickinson Law, J.D., 1980
Stephen MurphyEastern District of Michigan8/18/2008-Present  Marquette U., B.S., 1984St. Louis U., J.D., 1987
Christina ArmijoDistrict of New Mexico11/12/2001 - PresentNew Mexico Court of Appeals1996-2001University of New Mexico, B.A., 1972University of New Mexico Law, J.D., 1975
Robert BrackDistrict of New Mexico7/15/2003 - PresentDistrict Court Judge of Clovis, NM1997-2003Eastern New Mexico U., B.A., 1975University of New Mexico Law, J.D., 1978
James O. BrowningDistrict of New Mexico8/1/2003 - Present  Yale, 1978University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1981
William P. JohnsonDistrict of New Mexico12/21/2001 - PresentFifth Judicial District Court, NM1995-2001Virginia Military Institute, 1981Washington and Lee U. Law, J.D., 1985
Judith HerreraDistrict of New Mexico6/13/2004-Present  University of New Mexico, 1976Georgetown Law, 1979
James PayneEastern District of Oklahoma10/24/2001 - PresentEastern District of Oklahoma, Magistrate1988 - 2001University of Oklahoma, B.S., 1963University of Oklahoma Law, J.D., 1966
Ronald WhiteEastern District of Oklahoma10/2/2003 - Present  University of Oklahoma, B.A., 1983University of Oklahoma Law, J.D., 1986
Claire EaganNorthern District of Oklahoma10/24/2001-PresentNorthern District of Oklahoma, Magistrate1998-2001Trinity College, 1972Fordham Law School, 1976
Gregory FrizzellD.C. Circuit2/2/2007 - Present14th Judicial District1997-2007University of Tulsa, B.A., 1981University of Michigan Law, J.D., 1984
Stephen FriotWestern District of Oklahoma11/12/2001-12/1/2014  University of Oklahoma, 1969University of Oklahoma Law, 1972
Joe HeatonWestern District of Oklahoma12/10/2001 - Present  Northwestern Oklahoma State U., B.A., 1973University of Oklahoma Law, J.D., 1976
Timothy DeGiustiWestern District of Oklahoma8/9/2007 - Present  University of Oklahoma, B.A., 1985University of Oklahoma Law, J.D., 1988
Mark FullerMiddle District of Alabama11/26/2002-PresentDistrict attorney, Alabama's 12th Judicial Circuit1997-2002University of Alabama,1982University of Alabama Law, 1985
William WatkinsMiddle District of Alabama12/27/2005 - Present  Auburn U., B.S., 1973University of Alabama Law, J.D., 1976
Karon BowdreNorthern District of Alabama11/8/2001-Present  Samford University 1977Samford University Law, 1981
Scott CooglerNorthern District of Alabama5/28/2003-PresentAlabama Circuit 61996-2003University of Alabama, 1981University of Alabama Law, 1984
David ProctorNorthern District of Alabama9/22/2003 - Present  Carson-Newman College, B.A., 1983University of Tennessee Law, J.D., 1986
Virginia HopkinsNorthern District of Alabama6/17/2004-Present  University of Alabama, 1974University of Virginia Law, 1977
Jeffrey R. HowardFirst Circuit5/3/2002-Present  Plymouth State University, 1978Georgetown University Law, 1981
Callie GranadeSouthern District of Alabama2/12/2002 - Present  Hollins College, B.A., 1972University of Texas Law, J.D., 1975
William SteeleSouthern District of Alabama3/14/2003-PresentSouthern District of Alabama, Magistrate1990-2003University of Southern Mississippi, 1972University of Alabama Law, 1980
Kristi DuBoseSouthern District of Alabama12/27/2005-PresentMagistrate Judge, Southern District of Alabama2000-2005Huntington College, 1986Emory University Law School, 1989
Tim CorriganMiddle District of Florida9/13/2002 - PresentFederal magistrate judge1996 - 2000Notre Dame, B.A., 1978Duke Law, J.D., 1981
Virginia CovingtonMiddle District of Florida9/10/2004 - PresentFlorida Second District Court of Appeal2001-2004University of Tampa, B.A., 1976Georgetown U. Law, 1980
Marcia HowardMiddle District of Florida2/20/2007 - Present  Vanderbilt U., B.A., 1987University of Florida Law, B.A., 1990
Mary ScrivenMiddle District of Florida09/30/2008 - PresentMiddle District of Florida, Magistrate1997-2008Duke U., B.A., 1983Florida State U. Law, J.D., 1987
John SmoakNorthern District of Florida11/3/2005 - Present  West Point, B.A., 1965University of Florida Law, J.D., 1972
Margaret RodgersNorthern District of Florida11/21/2003 - PresentFederal magistrate judge2002-2003University of West Florida, B.A., 1989California Western Law, J.D., 1992
Jose MartinezSouthern District of Florida9/17/2002 - Present  University of Miami, B.A., 1962University of Miami, J.D., 1965
Marcia CookeSouthern District of Florida5/18/2004 - PresentFederal magistrate judge1984 - 1992Georgetown U., B.A., 1975Wayne State U., J.D., 1977
Cecilia AltonagaSouthern District of Florida5/7/2003 - Present  Florida International U., B.A., 1983Yale Law, 1986
Kenneth MarraSouthern District of Florida09/13/2002 - PresentJudge, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida1996 - 2002Stonybrook SUNY, 1973Stetson U. Law, 1977
Mark FilipNorthern District of Illinois2/8/2004 - 3/9/2008  University of Illinois (1988), University of Oxford, Christ Church College (1990)Harvard Law School (1992)
William LawrenceSouthern District of Indiana6/30/2008 - PresentMagistrate Judge2002 - 2008Indiana U., B.S., 1970Indiana U. School of Law, J.D., 1973
Joseph Van BokkelenNorthern District of Indiana7/18/2007 - Present  Indiana U., B.A., 1966Indiana U. School of Law, J.D., 1969
James CohnSouthern District of Florida8/1/2003 - Present  University of Alabama, B.A., 1971Samford U. Law, 1974
John TinderSeventh Circuit12/21/2007-PresentSouthern District of Indiana1987-2007Indiana University, 1972Indiana University Law, 1975
David McKeagueSixth Circuit6/10/2005-PresentWestern District of Michigan1992-2005University of Michigan, 1968University of Michigan Law, 1971
Timothy BattenNorthern District of Georgia3/28/2006 - Present  Georgia Institute of Technology, 1981University of Georgia Law, 1984
William DuffeyNorthern District of Georgia7/1/2004 - Present  Drake U., BA., 1973University of South Carolina Law, JD., 1977
Clay LandMiddle District of Georgia12/21/2001 - Present  University of Georgia, B.A., 1982University of Georgia Law, J.D., 1985
Ashley RoyalMiddle District of Georgia12/21/2001 - Present  University of Georgia, B.A., 1971University of Georgia Law, J.D., 1974
James HallSouthern District of Georgia4/23/2008 - Present  Augusta State U., 1979University of Georgia School of Law, 1982
Lisa WoodSouthern District of Georgia2/8/2007 - Present  University of Georgia, B.A., 1985University of Georgia Law, J.D., 1990
Jack ZouharyNorthern District of Ohio3/28/2006 - Present  Dartmouth College, B.A., 1973University of Toledo College of Law, J.D., 1976
Deborah CookSixth Circuit5/7/2003-PresentJustice, Ohio Supreme Court1995-2003University of Akron, 1974University of Akron Law, 1978
Julia GibbonsSixth Circuit7/31/2002-PresentWestern District of Tennessee6/7/1983-8/2/2002Vanderbilt University, 1972University of Virginia School of Law, 1975
John M. RogersSixth Circuit11/26/2002-Present  Stanford University, 1970University of Michigan Law, 1974
Jeffrey SuttonSixth Circuit5/5/2003-PresentAttorney in private practice1988-2003Williams College, 1983Ohio State University Law, 1990
Richard GriffinSixth Circuit6/10/2005-PresentMichigan Court of Appeals1989-2005Western Michigan University, 1973University of Michigan Law, 1977
Bobby ShepherdEighth Circuit10/10/2006 - PresentMagistrate judge, Western District of Arkansas1993-2006Ouachita Baptist University '73University of Arkansas Law '75
William RileyEighth Circuit05/23/2001 - PresentAttorney in private practice1973 - 2001University of Nebraska, 1969University of Nebraska College of Law, 1972
Michael MelloyEighth Circuit02/14/2002 - 02/01/2013Northern District of Iowa08/17/1992 - 02/26/2002Loras College, 1970University of Iowa College of Law, 1974
Steven CollotonEighth Circuit9/10/2003 - Present  Princeton '85Yale Law '88
Raymond GruenderEighth Circuit6/5/2004 - Present  University of St. Louis '84University of St. Louis '87
William D. BentonEighth Circuit7/2/2004 - PresentMissouri Supreme Court1991-2004Northwestern U. '72Yale Law '75
Jerome HolmesTenth Circuit8/9/2006 - Present  Wake Forest U., B.A., 1983Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1988
Neil GorsuchTenth Circuit8/8/2006 - Present  Columbia U. '88Harvard Law '91
Timothy TymkovichTenth Circuit4/1/2003 - Present  Colorado College '79University of Colorado Law '82
Terrence O'BrienTenth Circuit4/16/2002 - 4/30/2013Sixth Judicial District Court of Wyoming1980-2000University of Wyoming '65University of Wyoming Law '72
Harris HartzTenth Circuit12/10/2001 - PresentNew Mexico Court of Appeals1988-1999Harvard '67Harvard Law '72
William PryorEleventh Circuit6/10/2005 - Present  Northeast Louisiana U., B.A., 1984Tulane Law, J.D., 1987
Michael McConnellTenth Circuit11/26/2002 - 8/31/2009  Michigan State U. '76University of Chicago Law '79
Barrington ParkerSecond Circuit10/16/2001-10/10/2009Southern District of New York1994-2001Yale University, 1965Yale Law School, 1969
Reena RaggiSecond Circuit10/4/2002-PresentEastern District of New York1987-2002Wellesley College, 1973Harvard Law School, 1976
Richard WesleySecond Circuit6/12/2003 - PresentNew York Court of Appeals1997-2003SUNY Albany, B.A., 1971Cornell Law, J.D., 1974
Peter HallSecond Circuit7/7/2004-Present  Univeristy of North Carolina, 1971Cornell Law, 1977
Debra LivingstonSecond Circuit5/17/2007-Present  Princeton University, 1980Harvard Law School, 1984
Leslie SouthwickFifth Circuit10/29/2007 -Present  Rice University, 1972University of Texas School of Law, 1975
Priscilla OwenFifth Circuit06/03/2005 -Present  Baylor University, 1975Baylor University School of Law, 1977
Jennifer ElrodFifth Circuit10/19/2007 -Present  Baylor University, 1988Harvard Law School, 1992
Catharina HaynesFifth Circuit04/18/2008 -Present  Florida Institue of Technology, 1983Emory University School of Law, 1986
Edith ClementFifth Circuit11/25/1991-PresentEastern District of Louisiana1991-2001University of Alabama, 1969Tulane Law School, 1972
Edward PradoFifth Circuit05/05/2003 -Present  University of Texas, 1969University of Texas School of Law, 1972
Dennis SheddFourth Circuit11/19/2002-PresentDistrict of South Carolina1990-2002Wofford College, 1975University of South Carolina Law, 1978
Allyson DuncanFourth Circuit8/15/2003-Present  Hampton University, 1972Duke Law, 1975
Franklin Van AntwerpenThird Circuit5/24/2004-10/23/2006Eastern District of Pennsylvania1987-2004University of Maine, 1964Temple University Law, 1967
Brooks SmithThird Circuit8/2/2002-PresentWestern District of Pennsylvania1988-2002Franklin and Marshall College, 1973Dickinson School of Law, 1976
Michael FisherThird Circuit12/11/2003 - Present  Georgetown, 1966Georgetown Law, 1969
Michael ChagaresThird Circuit4/20/2006-Present  Gettysburg College, 1984Seton Hall Law, 1987
Kent JordanThird Circuit12/13/2006 - PresentDistrict of Delaware2002 - 2006Brigham Young U. '81Georgetown Law '84
Thomas HardimanThird Circuit04/02/2007 - PresentWestern District of Pennsylvania2003 - 2007Notre Dame '87Georgetown Law '90
Michael Chertoff  
Otis WrightCentral District of California4/16/2007 - Present  California State U. at Los Angeles, B.A., 1976Southwestern School of Law, J.D., 1980
George WuCentral District of California4/17/2007 - Present  Pomona College, B.A., 1972University of Chicago Law School, J.D., 1975
Christine ArguelloDistrict of Colorado10/21/2008 - Present  University of Colorado, B.S., 1977Harvard Law, J.D., 1980
Eric MelgrenDistrict of Kansas10/6/2008 - Present  Wichita State U., B.A., 1979Washburn U. Law, J.D., 1985
Clark WaddoupsDistrict of Utah10/21/2008 - Present  Brigham Young U., 1970University of Utah Law, J.D., 1973
Mark DavisEastern District of Virginia06/23/2008 - PresentPortsmouth Circuit Court, Judge2003 - 2008University of Virginia, B.A., 1984Washington & Lee U. Law, J.D., 1988
Philip BrimmerDistrict of Colorado10/14/2008 - Present  Harvard, A.B., 1981Yale Law, J.D., 1985
David KaysWestern District of Missouri6/19/2008 - Present  Southwest Missouri State U., B.S., 1985University of Arkansas School of Law, J.D., 1987
John BaileyNorthern District of West Virginia03/19/2007 - Present  Dartmouth College, A.B., 1973West Virginia U. Law, J.D., 1976
Michael AnelloSouthern District of California10/10/2008 - Present  Bowdoin College, B.A., 1965Georgetown U. Law Center, J.D., 1968
Lawrence O'NeillEastern District of California04/17/2008 - PresentFederal Magistrate Judge1999-2007University of California at Berkeley, B.A., 1973University of California, Hastings College of Law, J.D., 1979
Anthony TrengaEastern District of Virginia10/14/2008 - Present  Princeton U., A.B., 1971University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1974
Liam O'GradyEastern District of Virginia07/11/2007 - PresentEastern District of Virginia, Magistrate Judge2003 - 2007Franklin & Marshall College, B.A., 1973George Mason U. Law, J.D., 1977
Glen ConradWestern District of Virginia09/24/2003 - PresentDistrict Court for the Western District of Virginia, Magistrate Judge1976 - 2003The College of William and Mary, B.A., 1971The College of William and Mary, Marshall Wythe Law, J.D., 1974
Thomas JohnstonSouthern District of West Virginia04/17/2006 - Present  West Virginia University, 1989West Virginia University Law, 1992
Richard BennettDistrict of Maryland04/10/2003 - Present  University of Pennsylvania, B.A., 1969University of Maryland Law, J.D., 1973
William QuarlesDistrict of Maryland03/14/2003 - PresentMaryland Eighth Circuit, Associate Circuit Judge1996 - 2003University of Maryland, B.S., 1976Catholic U. of America, J.D., 1979
Roger TitusDistrict of Maryland11/06/2003 - 1/17/2014  Johns Hopkins U., B.A., 1963Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1966
David NortonDistrict of South Carolina07/12/1990 - Present  University of the South, B.A., 1968University of South Carolina Law, J.D., 1975
Terry WootenDistrict of South Carolina11/26/2001 - PresentDistrict of South Carolina, Magistrate Judge1999 - 2001University of South Carolina, B.A., 1976University of South Carolina, J.D., 1980
Henry FloydFourth Circuit10/3/2011-PresentDistrict of South Carolina2003-2011Wofford College, 1970University of South Carolina Law, 1973
Robert HarwellDistrict of South Carolina06/30/2004 - Present  Clemson University, 1980University of South Carolina Law, 1982
Louise FlanaganEastern District of North Carolina07/18/2003 - PresentEastern District of North Carolina, Magistrate Judge1995 - 2003Wake Forest U., B.A., 1984University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1988
James DeverEastern District of North Carolina05/02/2005 - PresentEastern District of North Carolina, Magistrate Judge2004 - 2005Notre Dame, B.B.A., 1984Duke U. Law, J.D., 1987
Thomas SchroederMiddle District of North Carolina01/08/2008 - PresentAttorney in private practice1985 - 2007Kansas U., 1981Notre Dame Law, 1984
William OsteenMiddle District of North Carolina09/19/2007 - Present  University of North Carolina, B.S., 1983University of North Carolina Law, J.D., 1987
Robert ConradWestern District of North Carolina06/02/2005 - Present  Clemson U., B.A., 1980University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1983
Frank WhitneyWestern District of North Carolina06/05/2006 - Present  Wake Forest U., B.A., 1982University of North Carolina Law, J.D., 1987
Martin ReidingerWestern District of North Carolina09/12/2007 - Present  University of North Carolina, B.A., 1981University of North Carolina Law, J.D., 1984
Kurt EngelhardtEastern District of Louisiana12/13/2001 - Present  Louisiana State U., B.A., 1982Louisiana State U. Law, J.D., 1985
Jay ZaineyEastern District of Louisiana02/14/2002 - Present  University of New Orleans, B.S., 1972Louisiana State U. Law, J.D., 1975
Lance AfrickEastern District of Louisiana04/17/2002 - PresentEastern District of Louisiana, Magistrate Judge1990 - 2002University of North Carolina, B.A., 1973University of North Carolina Law, J.D., 1975
Dee DrellWestern District of Louisiana04/10/2003 - Present  Tulane U., B.A., 1968Tulane Law, J.D., 1971
James TrimbleWestern District of Louisiana09/16/1991 - 09/12/2002Western District of Louisiana, Magistrate Judge1986 - 1991Louisiana State U., B.A., 1955Louisiana State U. Law, LL.B., 1956
Louis GuirolaSouthern District of Mississippi3/22/2004 - PresentSouthern District of Mississippi, Magistrate Judge1996 - 2004William Carey U., B.A., 1973University of Mississippi Law, J.D., 1979
Keith StarrettSouthern District of Mississippi12/13/2004 - PresentMississippi Fourteenth Judicial District, Judge1992 - 2004Mississippi State U., B.S., 1972University of Mississippi Law, J.D., 1974
Daniel JordanSouthern District of Mississippi08/07/2006 - Present  University of Mississippi, B.B.A., 1987University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1993
Halil OzerdenSouthern District of Mississippi05/01/2007 - Present  Georgetown U., B.S., 1989Stanford Law, J.D., 1998
Sharion AycockNorthern District of Mississippi10/22/2007 - PresentMississippi First Judicial District, Judge2003 - 2007Mississippi State U., B.A., 1977Mississippi College Law, J.D., 1980
David GodbeyNorthern District of Texas8/2/2002 - PresentTexas District 160, District Judge1994 - 2002Southern Methodist U., B.S.E.E./B.S., 1978Harvard Law School, J.D., 1982
James KinkeadeNorthern District of Texas11/15/2002 - PresentTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals, Justice1988 - 2002Baylor U., B.A., 1973Baylor Law School, J.D., 1974
Jane BoyleNorthern District of Texas6/29/2004 - PresentNorthern District of Texas, Magistrate Judge1990 - 2002University of Texas, B.S., 1977Southern Methodist U. School of Law, J.D., 1981
Ron ClarkEastern District of Texas10/10/2002- Present  University of Connecticut, B.A., 1973University of Texas, J.D., 1979
Marcia CroneEastern District of Texas10/3/2003 - Present  University of Texas, B.A., 1973University of Houston Law Center, J.D., 1978
Leonard DavisEastern District of Texas5/10/2002-5/2015Attorney in private practice1977-2000University of Texas, B.A., 1970Baylor U. School of Law, J.D., 1976
Michael SchneiderEastern District of Texas9/10/2004 - Present  Lon Morris College, A.A.; 1963; Stephen F. Austin State U., B.S., 1965University of Houston Law School, J.D.; 1970 U. of Virginia Law School, LL.M., 2001
Micaela AlvarezSouthern District of Texas12/13/2004-PresentTexas District 139, District Judge1995-1996University of Texas, 1980University of Texas Law, 1989
Randy CraneSouthern District of Texas03/19/2002 - Present  University of Texas, B.A., 1985University of Texas Law, J.D., 1987
Andrew HanenSouthern District of Texas5/10/2002 - Present  Denison University 1975Baylor University Law School, 1978
Gray MillerSouthern District of Texas05/26/2006 - Present  University of Houston, 1974University of Houston Law, 1978
Earl YeakelWestern District of Texas07/29/2003 - PresentTexas Third District Court of Appeals, Justice1998 - 2003University of Texas, B.A., 1966University of Texas Law, J.D., 1969
Xavier RodriguezWestern District of Texas08/01/2003 - PresentTexas Supreme Court, Justice2001 - 2002Harvard, B.A., 1983University of Texas Law, J.D., 1987
Kathleen CardoneWestern District of Texas07/29/2003 - PresentTexas District 388, Judge1999 - 2000Binghamton SUNY, B.A., 1976St. Mary's Law, J.D., 1979
Philip MartinezWestern District of Texas2/12/2002-PresentTexas District 327, Judge1991-2002University of Texas at El Paso, 1979Harvard Law, 1982
Frank MontalvoWestern District of Texas8/1/2003-presentJudge Texas District 2881995 - 2003University of Puerto Rico, 1976Wayne State University Law, 1985
Robert JunellWestern District of Texas2/12/2003-Present  Texas Tech University, 1969Texas Tech University Law, 1976
Alia MosesWestern District of Texas11/15/2002 - PresentWestern District of Texas, Magistrate Judge1997 - 2002Texas Woman's U., B.B.A., 1983University of Texas Law, J.D., 1986
Nora FischerWestern District of Pennsylvania4/2/2007-Present  St. Mary's College, 1973Notre Dame Law, 1976
Terrence McVerryWestern District of Pennsylvania9/4/2002-9/30/2013  Duquesne University, 1965Duquesne University Law, 1968
Arthur SchwabWestern District of Pennsylvania09/17/2002 - Present  Grove City College, Pennsylvania, A.B., 1968University of Virginia School of Law, J.D., 1972
David CerconeWestern District of Pennsylvania08/02/2002 - PresentAllegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1986 - 2002Westminster College, B.A., 1974Duquesne U. Law, J.D., 1977
Kim GibsonWestern District of Pennsylvania9/24/2003-PresentSomerset County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1998-2003United States Military Academy, West Point, 1970Dickinson School of Law, 1975
James MahanDistrict of Nevada1/30/2002 - Present  University of Charleston, 1965Vanderbilt University Law School, 1973
Robert C. JonesDistrict of Nevada11/30/2003-PresentJudge, United States bankruptcy court, District of Nevada1983-2003Brigham Young University, 1971UCLA School of Law, 1975
Larry HicksDistrict of Nevada11/7/2001 - 12/13/2012  University of Nevada, B.S., 1965University of Colorado, J.D., 1968
Brian SandovalDistrict of Nevada10/26/2005 - 9/15/2009  University of Nevada, Reno (1986)Ohio State University's Michael E. Moritz College of Law (1989)
David G. CampbellDistrict of Arizona7/15/2003 - Present  University of Utah, B.S., 1976University of Utah College of Law, J.D., 1979
Frederick MartoneDistrict of Arizona12/21/2001 - 1/30/2013  College of the Holy Cross, B.S., 1965University of Notre Dame, J.D., 1972
David BuryDistrict of Arizona3/19/2002-12/31/2012  Oklahoma State U., B.S., 1964University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1967
Cindy JorgensonDistrict of Arizona3/6/2002 - Present  University of Arizona, B.S., 1974University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1977
Ralph BeistlineDistrict of Alaska3/19/2002 - Present  University of Alaska, B.A., 1972University of Puget Sound School of Law, J.D., 1974
Timothy BurgessDistrict of Alaska1/23/2006 - Present  University of Alaska, B.A., 1978Northeastern U. Law School, J.D., 1987
Richard CebullDistrict of Montana7/25/2001-3/18/2013  Montana State U., B.S., 1966University of Montana Law School, J.D., 1969
Sam HaddonDistrict of Montana7/25/2001-12/31/2012  Rice U., B.S., 1959University of Montana, School of Law, J.D., 1965
Michael MosmanDistrict of Oregon9/26/2003-Present  Utah State University, 1981Brigham Young University, J. Reuben Clark Law School, 1984
John SeabrightDistrict of Hawaii4/28/2005 - Present  Tulane U., B.A., 1981George Washington U. Law School, J.D., 1984
Morrison EnglandEastern District of California8/2/2002-Present  University of the Pacific, 1977University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, 1983
John MendezEastern District of California4/17/2008 - Present  Stanford University, B.A., 1977Harvard Law School, J.D., 1980
Percy AndersonCentral District of California5/1/2002 - Present  University of California, Los Angeles, A.B., 1970University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, J.D., 1975
Cormac CarneyCentral District of California04/09/2003 - PresentJudge, Orange County Superior Court2001 - 2003University of California-Los Angeles, 1983Harvard Law School, 1987
Valerie Baker FairbankCentral District of California2/16/2007 - 3/1/2012  UC Santa Barbara, 1971UCLA School of Law, J.D.
Dale FischerCentral District of California11/5/2003 - Present  University of South Florida, B.A., 1977Harvard Law School, J.D., 1980
Andrew GuilfordCentral District of California6/26/2006 - Present  University of California, Los Angeles, A.B., 1972University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, J.D., 1975
Philip GutierrezCentral District of California2/16/2007 - PresentJudge, Superior Court of Los Angeles County1997-2007University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1981UCLA School of Law, J.D., 1984
Robert KlausnerCentral District of California11/15/2002 - Present  University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1963; U. of Notre Dame, B.S., 1964Loyola Law School, J.D., 1967
Stephen LarsonCentral District of California2006-2009Federal magistrate judge2000-2006Georgetown University, 1986USC Law School, 1989
James OteroCentral District of California02/12/2003 - PresentJudge, Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California1990 - 2003California State U., 1973Stanford Law School, 1976
George SchiavelliCentral District of California7/8/2004 - 10/5/2008  Stanford University (1970)University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law (1974)
Kathryn OberlyDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals2009-2013Vice Chair and General Counsel, Ernst & Young1994-2009University of Wisconsin, 1971University of Wisconsin Law School
Phyllis ThompsonDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals2006-PresentPartner, Covington & Burling1989-2006The George Washington University, 1974The George Washington University, 1981
Larry BurnsSouthern District of California9/25/2003 - PresentFederal Magistrate Judge1997 - 2003Point Loma College, B.A., 1976University of San Diego School of Law, J.D., 1979
Roger BenitezSouthern District of California6/21/2004 - PresentFederal Magistrate Judge 2001 - 2004San Diego State U., B.A., 1974Western State U., J.D., 1978
William HayesSouthern District of California10/6/2003 - Present  Syracuse U., B.S., 1978Syracuse U. School of Law, J.D., 1983
Thomas WhelanSouthern District of California10/22/1998 - 8/15/2010  University of San Diego, B.A., 1961University of San Diego School of Law, J.D., 1965
Janis SammartinoSouthern District of California9/21/2007 - Present  Occidental College, A.B., 1972University of Notre Dame Law School, J.D., 1975
John HoustonSouthern District of California10/7/2003 - Present  North Carolina A & T State University, 1974University of Miami at Coral Gables School of Law, 1977
Dana SabrawSouthern District of California9/26/2003 - Present  San Diego State U., B.S., 1980University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, J.D., 1985
Lonny SukoEastern District of Washington7/16/2003-11/1/2013  Washington State U., B.A., 1965University of Idaho College of Law, J.D., 1968
Richard JonesWestern District of Washington10/29/2007 - Present  Seattle U., Bachelor of Public Affairs, 1972University of Washington School of Law, J.D., 1975
Ben SettleWestern District of Washington7/2/2007 - Present  Claremont McKenna College, B.A., 1969Willamette University College of Law, J.D., 1972
James RobartWestern District of Washington6/21/2004 - Present  Whitman College, B.A., 1969Georgetown University Law Center, J.D., 1973
Ricardo MartinezWestern District of Washington6/16/2004-Present  University of Washington, 1975University of Washington School of Law, 1980
Rosemary CollyerD.C. District Court11/15/2002-Present  Trinity College, 1968University of Denver College of Law, 1977
Reggie WaltonD.C. District Court9/24/2001-PresentSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1991-2001West Virginia State College, 1971American University Law, 1974
John BatesD.C. District Court12/14/2001 - Present  Wesleyan University, 1968U. Maryland School of Law, 1976
Richard LeonD.C. District Court2/19/2002 - Present  Holy Cross, A.B., 1971Suffolk Law School, J.D., 1974
Richard CliftonNinth Circuit7/30/2002 - Present  Princeton University 1972Yale Law School 1975
Jay BybeeNinth Circuit03/21/2003 - PresentAssistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel for U.S. Department of Justice2001 - 2002Brigham Young University, 1977Brigham Young University, 1980
Consuelo Maria CallahanNinth Circuit5/28/2003 - PresentCalifornia Third District Court of Appeal1996-2003Stanford University 1972University of the Pacific 1975
Carlos BeaNinth Circuit10/1/2003 - PresentCalifornia Superior Court1990-2003Stanford U. '56Stanford Law '58
Milan SmithNinth Circuit5/18/2006 - Present  Brigham Young University 1966University of Chicago Law School 1969
Sandra IkutaNinth Circuit6/23/2006 - Present  University of California, Berkeley 1976UCLA Law School 1988
Randy SmithNinth Circuit3/19/2007 - PresentIdaho's Sixth Judicial District1995-2007Brigham Young University 1974J. Reuben Clark School of Law 1977
Darnell JonesEastern District of Pennsylvania10/30/2008 - PresentPhiladelphia County Court of Common Pleas, President Judge1987 - 2008Southwestern College, A.B., 1972The American U., J.D., 1975
Mitchell GoldbergEastern District of Pennsylvania10/31/2008 - PresentBucks County Court of Common Pleas, Judge2003 - 2008Ithaca College, A.B., 1981Temple U. Law, J.D., 1986
Joel SlomskyEastern District of Pennsylvania10/06/2008 - Present  Brooklyn College CUNY, B.A., 1967New York Law , J.D., 1970
Joy ContiWestern District of Pennsylvania07/31/2002 - Present  Duquesne U., B.A., 1970Duquesne U. Law, J.D., 1973
Janice BrownD.C. Circuit6/10/2005 - PresentCalifornia Supreme Court1996-2005California State U. '74University of California Los Angeles Law '77
Thomas GriffithD.C. Circuit6/29/2005 - Present  Brigham Young U. '78University of Virginia Law '85
Brett KavanaughD.C. Circuit5/29/2006 - Present  Yale '87Yale Law '90
Sharon ProstCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit9/24/2001-PresentMinority chief counsel, deputy chief counsel, and chief counsel, U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary1993-2001Cornell University 1973Washington College of Law, 1979
Kimberly MooreCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit9/8/2006-PresentProfessor of Law, George Mason University School of Law2004-2006Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990Georgetown U. Law, 1994
Richard DorrWestern District of Missouri8/2/2002-4/24/2013  University of Illinois at Champaign, 1965University of Missouri at Columbia, 1968
Julie RobinsonDistrict of Kansas12/31/2001 - Present  University of Kansas, B.S., 1978University of Kansas Law, J.D., 1981
Murray SnowDistrict of Arizona7/23/2008 - Present  Brigham Young U., B.A., 1984J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young U., J.D., 1987
Neil WakeDistrict of Arizona03/15/2004 - PresentAttorney in private practice1974 - 2004Arizona State U., 1971Harvard Law School, 1974
Leo GordonUnited States Court of International Trade3/16/2006-Present  University of North Carolina, 1973Emory University Law School, 1977
Timothy StanceuUnited States Court of International Trade3/10/2003-Present  Colgate U., 1973Georgetown U., 1979
Harold Brent McKnightWestern District of North Carolina8/1/2003 - 11/27/2004  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1974)University of North Carolina (1980)
Walter KelleyEastern District of Virginia8/16/2004 - 5/16/2008  Washington and LEe University (1977)Washington and Lee University Law School (1981)
Glenn SuddabyNorthern District of New York8/29/2008-Present  Plattsburgh SUNY, 1980Syracuse University Law, 1985
Philip SimonNorthern District of Indiana3/27/2003 - Present  University of Iowa, B.A., 1984Indiana U. School of Law, J.D., 1987
Phillip FigaDistrict of Colorado10/6/2003-1/5/2008  Northwestern University, 1973Cornell Law School, 1976
Paul CassellDistrict of Utah5/15/2002-11/5/2007  Stanford University, 1979Stanford Law School, 1984
Susan Neilson  
Belinda HillTexas District 2301997-2012  University of VirginiaThurgood Marshall School of Law, 1982
Jeffrey WhiteNorthern District of California11/15/2002 - Present  Queens College of City U. of New York, B.A., 1967State U. of New York, J.D., 1970
Jennifer AndersonSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2006-PresentCommunity Prosecution Section, U.S. Attorney's Office1998-2006Mount Saint Mary's College, 1981Catholic University, 1984
Jerry ByrdSuperior Court of the District of Columbia11/21/2003-10/5/2009Magistrate Judge, D.C. Superior CourtFisk University, 1961Howard University School of Law, 1964
Erik P. ChristianSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2001-PresentLegal Counsel to Mayor WilliamsHoward UniversityGeorgetown University Law School
Jeanette ClarkSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2002-Present  Trinity CollegeHoward University Law School
Laura A. CorderoSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2005-Present  DePaul UniversityHarvard Law School
Carol Ann DaltonSuperior Court of the District of Columbia  City University of New YorkNew York Law School
Anthony C. EpsteinSuperior Court of the District of ColumbiaAugust 2008-PresentPartner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP1999-2008Yale College, 1974Yale Law School, 1977
Craig IscoeSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2003-2018  University of Texas, 1974Stanford Law School, 1978
Gregory JacksonSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2005-PresentGeneral Counsel, D.C. Department of Corrections1999-2005Rutgers UniversityRutgers University Newark School of Law
Lynn LeibovitzSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2001-PresentOffice of the District Attorney for the District of Columbia1990-2001Brown UniversityGeorgetown University Law Center
Judith N. MacalusoSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2003-Present  University of MarylandHoward University School of Law
Juliet McKennaSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2005-Present  Georgetown UniversityYale Law School
Heidi M. PasichowSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2008-PresentOffice of the U.S. Attorney, D.C.1986-2008The George Washington UniversityThe American University, Washington College of Law
Robert R. RigsbySuperior Court of the District of Columbia2002-Present  San Jose State UniversityUC Hastings College of Law
Maurice A. RossSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2001-PresentAssistant Counsel, Office of Professional Responsibility, U.S. Dept of Justice1997-2001Yale College, 1983Harvard Law School, 1986
Fern Flanagan SaddlerSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2003-PresentMagistrate Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia1991-2003Wellesley College, 1976Georgetown University Law Center, 1979
Odessa F. VincentSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1/25/2002-Chief, Narcotics Section, U.S. Attorney's Office2000-2002University of the District of Columbia, 1981Howard University, 1984
Frederick H. WeisbergSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1977-PresentChief of the Appellate Division, Public Defender Service1974-1977Cornell University, 1965University of Michigan, 1968
J. Michael RyanSuperior Court of the District of Columbia2003-PresentAttorney, Public Defender Service1985-2002College of William and Mary, 1979National Law Center, 1982
John O. ColvinUnited States Tax Court9/1/1988-Present  University of Missouri, 1968University of Missouri, 1971
Joseph Robert GoekeUnited States Tax Court4/22/2003-Present  Xavier University, 1972University of Kentucky, 1975
David GustafsonUnited States Tax Court7/29/2008-Present  Bob Jones University, 1978Duke University School of Law, 1981
James S. HalpernUnited States Tax Court7/3/1990-Present  University of Pennsylvania, 1967University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1972
Mark V. HolmesUnited States Tax Court6/30/2003-Present  Harvard University, 1979University of Chicago Law, 1983
Diane L. KroupaUnited States Tax Court6/13/2003-PresentMinnesota Tax Court1995-2001Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, 1978University of South Dakota Law School, 1981
Richard T. MorrisonUnited States Tax Court8/28/2008-Present  University of Kansas, 1989University of Chicago Law, 1993
Elizabeth Crewson ParisUnited States Tax Court7/30/2008-Present  University of Tulsa, 1980University of Tulsa Law, 1987
Robert A. Wherry, Jr.United States Tax Court4/23/2003-Present  University of ColoradoUniversity of Colorado
Harry A. HainesUnited States Tax Court4/22/2003-5/30/2009  St. Olaf College, 1961University of Montana Law School, 1964
Thomas B. WellsUnited States Tax Court10/13/1986-1/1/2011  Miami University, Oxford, 1967Emory University Law School, 1973
Noel KramerDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals9/12/2005-5/2011Judge, Superior Court1984-2005Vassar CollegeUniversity of Michigan Law School
Lawrence J. BlockUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/2/2002-Present  New York University, 1973John Marshall Law School, 1981
Susan G. BradenUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/24/2003-2018  Case Western Reserve University, 1970Case Western Reserve University, 1973
Marian Blank HornUnited States Court of Federal Claims1986-2018  Barnard College, Columbia UniversityFordham University Law School
Charles F. LettowUnited States Court of Federal Claims7/22/2003-2018  Iowa State University, 1962Stanford, 1968
George W. MillerUnited States Court of Federal Claims1/7/2004-2014  
Margaret M. SweeneyUnited States Court of Federal Claims12/14/2005-2020Court of Federal Claims, Special Master2003-2005Notre Dame of Maryland,1977Delaware Law School, 1981
Thomas C. WheelerUnited States Court of Federal Claims10/24/2005-2020  Gettysburg College, 1970Georgetown University, 1973
Mary Ellen Coster WilliamsUnited States Court of Federal Claims7/21/2003-2018  Catholic University, 1974Duke University Law School, 1977
Victor J. WolskiUnited States Court of Federal Claims7/24/2003-2018  University of Pennsylvania, 1984University of Virginia Law, 1991
Margaret RyanUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces12/20/2006-9/30/2021  
Scott StuckyUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces12/20/2006-9/30/2021  
Charles ErdmannUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces10/15/2002-9/30/2017  
Mary SchoelenUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims12/2004-Present  University of California, Irvine, 1990George Washington University Law, 1993
Robert N. DavisUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims12/4/2004-Present  University of Hartford, 1975Georgetown University Law School, 1978
Alan Lance, Sr.United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims12/2004-Present  South Dakota State University, 1971University of Toledo Law, 1973
William MoormanUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims11/20/2004-Present  University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, 1967University of Illinois Law, 1970
Lawrence HagelUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims12/2003-Present  U.S. Naval AcademyUniversity of the Pacific Law
Bruce KasoldUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims12/31/2003-Present  United States Military AcademyUniversity of Florida Law
John S. Martin, Jr.Southern District of New York4/6/1990 - 5/31/2003  Manhattan College (1957)Columbia Law School (1961)
John R. FisherDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals2005-PresentChief of Appellate Division, U.S. Attorney's Office1989-2005Harvard College, 1968Harvard Law School, 1974
Frances Tydingco-GatewoodUnited States District Court of Guam2006-2016  Marquette University, 1980University of Missouri-Kansas City Law, 1983
Curtis V. GomezUnited States District Court for the District of the Virgin Islands2005-2015  George Washington UniversityHarvard Law
Raymond FinchUnited States District Court for the District of the Virgin Islands1994-2011  Howard U., B.A., 1962Howard U., LL.B., 1965

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