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Georgia judicial elections, 2010

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Judicial Elections
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Elections, 2010
Primary election dates, 2010
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The Georgia judicial elections of 2010 consisted of a Nonpartisan General Election on November 2, 2010.

Supreme Court

Court Candidates Details Results
Georgia Supreme Court David Nahmias, Matt Wilson and Tammy Lynn Adkins David Nahmias and Tammy Lynn Adkins competed in a runoff election on November 30.[1] David Nahmias won with 67% of the vote.[2]

Court of Appeals

In three races for seats on the Georgia Court of Appeals, only one was contested.

Court Candidates Details Results
Georgia Court of Appeals A.Harris Adams Seat held by Harris Adams Harris Adams retained
Georgia Court of Appeals Anne Elizabeth Barnes Seat held by Anne Barnes Anne Elizabeth Barnes retained
Georgia Court of Appeals Antoinette Davis, Adrienne Hunter-Strothers, Chris McFadden, James Babalola, Stan Gunter and David N. Schaeffer Antoinette Davis and Chris McFadden competed in the runoff election on November 30, 2010.[4] Chris McFadden won with 62% of the vote.[2]

Superior Courts

Court Candidates Details Results
Alapaha Circuit Howard E. McClain Seat held by Howard E. McClain Howard E. McClain
Atlanta Circuit Marvin S. Arrington Seat held by Marvin S. Arrington Marvin S. Arrington
Atlanta Circuit Jerry W. Baxter Seat held by Jerry W. Baxter Jerry W. Baxter
Atlanta Circuit Christopher S. Brasher Seat held by Christopher S. Brasher Christopher S. Brasher
Atlanta Circuit Tom Campbell Seat held by Tom Campbell Tom Campbell
Atlanta Circuit Craig L. Schwall Seat held by Craig L. Schwall Craig L. Schwall
Atlanta Circuit Chloe Dallaire, Karlise Yvette Grier, Clarence R. Johnson, Jr., Kelly Amanda Lee and Shelitha Robertson Kelly Amanda Lee and Shelitha Robertson competed in the runoff election. Kelly Amanda Lee won with 61.6% of the vote.[2]
Atlanta Circuit Cynthia D. Wright Seat held by Cynthia D. Wright Cynthia D. Wright
Atlantic Circuit D. Jay Stewart Seat held by Jay Stewart Jay Stewart
Augusta Circuit James G. Blanchard, Jr. Seat held by James G. Blanchard, Jr. James G. Blanchard, Jr.
Augusta Circuit J. David Roper Seat held by J. David Roper J. David Roper
Augusta Circuit J. Wade Padgett Seat held by J. Wade Padgett J. Wade Padgett
Bell Forsyth Circuit Jeffrey S. Bagley Seat held by Jeffrey S. Bagley Jeffrey S. Bagley
Blue Ridge Circuit N. Jackson Harris Seat held by N. Jackson Harris N. Jackson Harris
Brunswick Circuit Amanda F. Williams and Mary Helen Moses Seat held by Amanda F. Williams Amanda F. Williams won with 66.2% of the vote.[5]
Chattahoochie Circuit Frank J. Jordan, Jr. Seat held by Frank J. Jordan, Jr. Frank J. Jordan, Jr.
Cherokee Circuit Shepherd Lee Howell Seat held by Shepherd Lee Howell Shepherd Lee Howell
Cherokee Circuit G. Carey Nelson Seat held by G. Carey Nelson G. Carey Nelson
Cherokee Circuit David K. Smith Seat held by David K. Smith David K. Smith
Cherokee Circuit D. Scott Smith Seat held by D. Scott Smith D. Scott Smith
Clayton Circuit Geronda Carter Seat held by Geronda Carter Geronda Carter
Clayton Circuit Albert B. Collier Seat held by Albert B. Collier Albert B. Collier
Cobb Circuit James G. Bodiford and Normarene Culver Merritt Seat held by James G. Bodiford James G. Bodiford won with 74.3% of the vote.[5]
Cobb Circuit Robert Flournoy, III Seat held by Robert Flournoy, III Robert Flournoy, III
Cobb Circuit George H. Kreeger and Joan P. Davis Seat held by George H. Kreeger George H. Kreeger won with 60.6% of the vote.[5]
Conasauga Circuit William T. Boyett Seat held by William T. Boyett William T. Boyett
Conasauga Circuit M. Cindy Morris Seat held by M. Cindy Morris M. Cindy Morris
Douglas Circuit David T. Emerson, Sonya Compton and Jennifer L. Knight Seat held by David T. Emerson David T. Emerson won with 53.7% of the vote.[5]
Douglas Circuit Robert J. James Seat held by Robert J. James Robert J. James
Eastern Circuit Louisa Abbot Seat held by Louisa Abbot Louisa Abbot
Eastern Circuit Michael L. Karpf Seat held by Michael L. Karpf Michael L. Karpf
Enotah Circuit Lynn Akely-Alderman and Ridge Rairigh Seat held by Lynn Akely-Alderman Lynn Akely-Alderman won with 80.3% of the vote.[5]
Enotah Circuit David E. Barrett and David Turk Seat held by David E. Barrett David E. Barrett won with 73.7% of the vote.[5]
Flint Circuit Brian Amero Seat held by Brian Amero Brian Amero
Flint Circuit Wade M. Crumbley Seat held by Wade M. Crumbley Wade M. Crumbley
Griffin Circuit Christopher Edwards Seat held by Christopher Edwards Christopher Edwards
Gwinnett Circuit Thomas N. Davis, Jr. Seat held by Thomas N. Davis, Jr. Thomas N. Davis, Jr.
Gwinnett Circuit R. Timothy Hamil Seat held by R. Timothy Hamil R. Timothy Hamil
Gwinnet Circuit William M. Ray, II Seat held by William M. Ray, II William M. Ray, II
Gwinnett Circuit Debra Kaplan Turner Seat held by Debra Kaplan Turner Debra Kaplan Turner
Lookout Mountain Circuit Ralph Van Pelt, Jr. Seat held by Ralph Van Pelt, Jr. Ralph Van Pelt, Jr.
Lookout Mountain Circuit Jon B. Wood Seat held by Jon B. Wood Jon B. Wood
Macon Circuit Tilman E. Self, III Seat held by Tilman E. Self, III Tilman E. Self, III
Macon Circuit Howard Z. Simms, Jim Barnes and G. Morris Carr Jim Barnes and Howard Z. Simms competed in the runoff election. Howard Z. Simms won with 68.5% of the vote.[2]
Middle Circuit Bobby Reeves Seat held by Bobby Reeves Bobby Reeves
Mountain Circuit Russell W. Smith Seat held by Russell W. Smith Russell W. Smith
Northeastern Circuit Jason J. Deal Seat held by Jason J. Deal Jason J. Deal
Northeastern Circuit C. Andrew Fuller Seat held by C. Andrew Fuller C. Andrew Fuller
Pataula Circuit Joe C. Bishop Seat held by Joe C. Bishop Joe C. Bishop
Paulding Circuit James R. Osborne Seat held by James R. Osborne James R. Osborne
Rockdale Circuit David B. Irwin Seat held by David B. Irwin David B. Irwin
Rome Circuit Tami P. Colston Seat held by Tami P. Colston Tami P. Colston
Rome Circuit Walter J. Matthews Seat held by Walter J. Matthews Walter J. Matthews
Southern Circuit James E. Hardy Seat held by James E. Hardy James E. Hardy
Southern Circuit Frank D. Horkan Seat held by Frank D. Horkan Frank D. Horkan
Stone Mountain Circuit Michael Rothenberg, Yvonne Hawks, Courtney Johnson and Denise M. Warner Courtney Johnson and Michael Rothenberg competed in the runoff election. Courtney Johnson won with 61.4% of the vote.[2]
Tallapoosa Circuit Richard C. Sutton Seat held by Richard C. Sutton Richard C. Sutton
Tifton Circuit Bill Reinhardt Seat held by Bill Reinhardt Bill Reinhardt
Towaliga Circuit Thomas H. Wilson Seat held by Thomas H. Wilson Thomas H. Wilson
Waycross Circuit Dwayne H. Gillis Seat held by Dwayne H. Gillis Dwayne H. Gillis
Western Circuit David R. Sweat and Pamela Lohr Hendrix Seat held by David R. Sweat David R. Sweat won with 74.4% of the vote.[5]

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