Illinois Third Judicial Circuit Court

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The Illinois Third Judicial Circuit Court is a trial court in Illinois that presides over Bond and Madison counties.[1]



Callis vacancy
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BarberisJohn B. Barberis, Jr.ApprovedANoRepublican100%ApprovedA54.3%   ApprovedA
Harrison IIClarence W. Harrison II NoDemocratic100%ApprovedA45.7%   DefeatedD
JudgeElection Vote
TognarelliRichard L. Tognarelli 67.0% ApprovedA
RuthDennis R. Ruth 65.9% ApprovedA
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CandidateIncumbencyPartyPredecessorPrimary VoteElection Vote
CallisAnn Callis   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
CrowderBarbara Crowder   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
HyllaDavid A. Hylla   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
KnightJohn Knight   ApprovedAYesExpression error: Unexpected > operator.   ApprovedA
NappKyle Napp   ApprovedANoDemocraticVacancy of Charles Romani100%ApprovedA56.6%   ApprovedA
BurkartThomas W. Burkart    NoRepublicanVacancy of Charles Romani54%ApprovedA43.4%   DefeatedD
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