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Iowa District Court 5

Iowa District Five is a district court in Iowa. It encompasses the counties of Adair, Adams, Clarke, Dallas, Decatur, Guthrie, Jasper, Lucas, Madison, Marion, Polk, Ringgold, Taylor, Union, Warren and Wayne.[1]


District 5A
District 5B
District 5C

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District 5A
District 5B
District 5C

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District 5A

JudgeElection Vote
GuiterSteven W. Guiter 68.9% ApprovedA
HolwerdaSteve Holwerda 68.6% ApprovedA
CloggRichard B. Clogg 68.5% ApprovedA
SchlenkerMark F. Schlenker 68.5% ApprovedA

District 5B

JudgeElection Vote
FranklinMonty W. Franklin 66.8% ApprovedA

District 5C

JudgeElection Vote
BlinkRobert J. Blink 71.3% ApprovedA
Blane, IIRichard G. Blane, II 71.6% ApprovedA
EbingerRebecca Goodgame Ebinger 71.9% ApprovedA
HuppertMichael D. Huppert 71.7% ApprovedA
McLellanLarry McLellan 71.6% ApprovedA
SeidlinJoseph W. Seidlin 72.5% ApprovedA
StaskalDouglas Staskal 71.2% ApprovedA
StovallD. Stovall 71.9% ApprovedA
BlockCraig Block 74.8% ApprovedA
WittColin J. Witt 72.9% ApprovedA
GambleArthur E. Gamble 71.9% ApprovedA


For statewide judicial elections, see: Iowa judicial elections, 2012

District 5A

CandidateIncumbentRetention vote:Retention Vote %
McCallBrad McCall   ApprovedAYes61,67075.13%ApprovedA
ParkerKevin A. Parker   ApprovedAYes51,47275.92%ApprovedA
HefnerRandy Hefner   ApprovedAYes60,45774.09%ApprovedA
RickersTerry Rickers   ApprovedAYes60,77974.36%ApprovedA
CobbVirginia Cobb   ApprovedAYes60,95274.28%ApprovedA

District 5C

CandidateIncumbentRetention vote:Retention Vote %
CoppolaCarol L. Coppola   ApprovedAYes120,30578.08%ApprovedA
EglyCarol S. Egly   ApprovedAYes118,27577.44%ApprovedA
OvromEliza Ovrom   ApprovedAYes116,83977.08%ApprovedA
BrandtGregory D. Brandt   ApprovedAYes118,47077.71%ApprovedA
JacobsLouise Jacobs   ApprovedAYes119,63578.26%ApprovedA
GundersonMary Pat Gunderson   ApprovedAYes122,94679.40%ApprovedA
SeymourRachael E. Seymour   ApprovedAYes119,17078.05%ApprovedA
Belcher-FordRomonda Belcher-Ford   ApprovedAYes117,23676.53%ApprovedA
PriceWilliam A. Price   ApprovedAYes118,52177.66%ApprovedA