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Presidential nominations
"The rights of Englishmen are derived from God, not from king or Parliament, and would be secured by the study of history, law, and tradition." John Adams, President from 1797-1801

John Adams nominated 23 judges to the federal judiciary. During his term as president, the U.S. Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1801 which increased the number of federal judgeships available to Adams to fill. He spent his last days as president filling the newly created positions. Collectively these appointments are known as the "midnight appointments." Thomas Jefferson removed some of these judges when he became president.[1]

This is a table of the judges that President John Adams nominated for federal judgeships.

JudgeFinal post:Term:Previous Post:Term:Bachelors:Law:
John MarshallSupreme Court1/31/1801-7/6/1835  Read law, 1780
Bushrod WashingtonSupreme Court12/20/1798 - 11/26/1829  College of William and Mary, 1778Read law, 1784
Benjamin BourneUnited States Circuit Court for the First Circuit2/20/1801 - 7/1/1802District of Rhode Island12/22/1796 - 2/20/1801Harvard College, 1775Read Law
Samuel HitchcockDistrict of Vermont1/28/1794 - 2/20/1801  Harvard College (1777)
John A. LowellUnited States Circuit Court for the First Circuit2/20/1801 - 5/6/1802District of Massachusetts9/26/1789 - 2/20/1801Harvard, 1760Read law, 1763
James WinchesterDistrict of Maryland12/10/1799 - 4/5/1806  
William CranchUnited States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia2/24/1806 - 9/1/1855  Harvard College, 1787Read law, 1790
John Davis (District of Massachusetts)District of Massachusetts2/20/1801 - 7/10/1841  Harvard College, 1781Read law, 1786
John Sloss HobartUnited States District Court for the District of New York4/12/1798 - 2/4/1805Supreme Court of the State of New York1777-1798Yale, 1757
James Markham Marshall  
Alfred MooreSupreme Court12/10/1799-1/26/1804North Carolina Superior Courts1798Read law, 1775
Elijah PaineDistrict of Vermont3/3/1801 - 4/1/1842  Harvard College (1781)Read Law (1784)
Jeremiah SmithUnited States Circuit Court for the First Circuit2/20/1801 - 5/6/1802  Read law, 1786

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