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Judgepedia is an encyclopedia about America's courts and judges. Its goal is to help readers discover and learn useful information about the court systems and judiciary in the United States.

Judgepedia is a wiki, which means that anyone--including you--can improve it by registering and then editing any article by clicking on the "edit this page" link that appears on every article on Judgepedia. By adding information or fixing any mistakes you see, the quality and depth of the information steadily improves and grows over time.

Since July 2009, Judgepedia has been sponsored by the Lucy Burns Institute. It was previously sponsored by the Sam Adams Alliance. Sponsorship includes some paid staff and associate writers, and underwriting the server space and other expenses. The project commenced in October 2007. Judgepedia has 198,448 articles and 3,580 registered users. The video below explains Judgepedia's mission.

Anyone may contribute

Judgepedia strives to be a common resource. Judgepedia's contributors and users welcome responsible, knowledge-building contributions from anyone who wishes to participate as a content contributor.

To cope with bot-vandalism and spamming, in Spring 2008 Judgepedia changed its settings so that before someone can edit a page, they must register with the site by setting up a user account. Users who engage in wiki-vandalism will be blocked, for the protection of the site's integrity.

Editing guidelines

Judgepedia follows the neutral point-of-view, or NPOV, ethic. This means that:

  • Views should be represented without bias.
  • "Assert facts, including facts about opinions, but do not assert the opinions themselves," as it says on Wikipedia.[1]
  • Do not give undue weight to one viewpoint.
  • Exercise fairness of tone.
  • Good research, verifiability and reliability of sources are core values.[2]

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