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The structure of the Kansas judicial system is laid out in Article 3 of the state Constitution. The state court system is made up of the Kansas Supreme Court, the Kansas Court of Appeals, the Kansas District Courts and the Kansas Municipal Courts.

The federal court system is made up of the United States District Court for the District of Kansas and the District of Kansas Bankruptcy Court. Appeals from this court go to the 10th Circuit Court.

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Kansas counties

There are 105 counties in Kansas. Each county is served by a District Court.


  To see a list of counties in Kansas, please see - Kansas counties


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Recent election results: Kansas judicial elections, 2014
Past election results: Kansas judicial elections, 2012

Kansas judicial elections

Judicial selection in Kansas varies. The Supreme and Appellate courts, as well as 17 District Courts, use the commission-selection, political appointment method. Candidates are chosen by a nominating commission and, from those candidates, the Governor makes the final appointment.

In the other 14 District Courts, judges are chosen in partisan primary and general elections. Once in office, judges of all levels must face retention elections at the end of their terms.


Judicial selection in Kansas

Kansas Supreme Court Kansas Court of Appeals Kansas District Courts

Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 6 years


Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 4 years


Comm. select., Gov. appt. or Partisan elections

Term - 4 years

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