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Montana 13th Judicial District Court

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Dept. 5
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SouzaRod SouzaApprovedANo32.8%ApprovedA55.1%   ApprovedA
SpeareWilliam J. Speare No22.0%ApprovedA44.5%   DefeatedD
MosesMichael Glen Moses Yes17.9% 
O'ConnorBill O'Connor No19.5% 
HarringtonCorbit S. Harrington No7.7% 
JudgeElection Vote
ToddGregory R. Todd 82.8% ApprovedA


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CandidateIncumbencyDepartmentPrimary VoteElection Vote
GustafsonIngrid G. Gustafson   ApprovedAYesDept. 198.77%ApprovedA81.73%   ApprovedA
FaggRussell C. Fagg   ApprovedAYesDept. 298.75%ApprovedA83.25%   ApprovedA
WattersSusan P. Watters   ApprovedAYes99.10%ApprovedA84.31%   ApprovedA