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Montana judicial elections, 2010

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Judicial Elections
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Elections, 2010
Primary election dates, 2010
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"Elections in Montana"

The Montana judicial elections of 2010 consisted of a Primary Election on June 8, 2010 and a General Election on November 2, 2010. Judges run as non-partisan in both state and county elections in Montana.

Supreme Court

See also: Montana Supreme Court elections
  • Michael E. Wheat was appointed to the Montana Supreme Court in 2010 to fill the vacancy created by John Warner's retirement. Warner's term was set to expire in 2014. Wheat won the November 2, 2010 general election and he retained Warner's seat for the remainder of the term.[1]
  • In Montana's judicial elections, if there are fewer than twice the number of candidates to seats up for election, all candidates advance to the general election.[2]
  • When an incumbent Montana Supreme Court justice or District Court judge is unopposed in a general election, the incumbent's name is placed on the ballot, and it becomes a retention election for that judge; that is, voters can cast a vote to remove the judge from the bench.[3] If an unopposed judge were to lose a retention election, the vacant seat would be filled by appointment, according to the method proscribed for any other vacancy.
Seat Candidate(s) Details Results
Seat 2 Michael E. Wheat Supreme Court Michael Wheat was retained with 78% of the vote.
Seat 4 Beth Baker & Nels Swandal William Leaphart is leaving office. Beth Baker was elected with 52.5% of the vote.


District Courts

Office Incumbent Primary Candidate(s) Primary Results/General Election Candidate(s) General Results
First District, Department 4 VACANT (new seat)[5] Carlo J. Canty, Dennis Loveless, Karen Powell, James P. Reynolds and Paul Stahl[6] James P. Reynolds (26%); Dennis Loveless (22%)[7] Reynolds won with 51.48%[8]
Fourth District, Department 4 Douglas G. Harkin (not running)[5] Brenda Desmond and Karen S. Townsend Brenda Desmond and Karen S. Townsend advance automatically Townsend won with 71.27%[8]
Eleventh District, Department 4 VACANT (new seat)[5] Rich De Jana, David M. Ortley, Phyllis Quatman and Heidi J. Ulbricht David M. Ortley (46%); Heidi J. Ulbricht (28%)[7] Ortley won with 55.19%[8]
Thirteenth District, Department 6 VACANT (new seat)[5] Matt Erekson, Damon L. Gannett, Lynn Grant, Corbin Howard, Robert L. Kelleher Jr., Mary Jane McCalla Knisely, Ann McKittrick, Bill O'Connor and Robert L. Stephens Jr. Damon L. Gannett; Mary Jane McCalla Knisely[9] Knisely won with 54.68%[8]
Nineteenth District, Department 1 Michael C. Prezeau (not running)[5] James D. Reintsma, Robert Slomski and Jim Wheelis[10] Jim Wheelis (48%); Robert Slomski (39%).[7] Wheelis won with 60.81%[8]
Twenty-first District, Department 1 Jeffrey H. Langton[5] Langton was unchallenged Jeffrey H. Langton, unchallenged, was on the ballot for retention[11] Langton was retained with 62.70%[8]


Justice of the Peace courts

The Justice of the Peace courts fall under the category Montana Courts of Limited Jurisdiction.

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County

  • Larry Pahut, John E. Kelly, William Johnson, Michael Gardner, Daniel J. Blume and James S. Rosien competed in the primary.

Cascade County

Fallon County

Flathead County

Gallatin County

  • Rick West and Wanda Drusch advanced to the general election. In the primary West won 40.3% of the vote, while Drusch garnered 33.3%.[25] Both competed in the general election, and West won with 54.0% of the vote.[26]
  • Adams won 45.8% of the vote and incumbent Smith won 38%.[25] Both competed in the general election, and Adams won with 62.4% of the vote.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Jefferson County

Lake County

Lewis and Clark County

  • Mike Swingley defeated Sandy Oitzinger in the general election.[30] In the primary, Swingley won 49.11% of the vote, while Oitzinger won 35.07%.[31]

Lincoln County

Missoula County

Powder River County

Powell County

Ravalli County

Richland County

Sanders County

Silver Bow County

Stillwater County

Yellowstone County

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