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North Carolina election recap, 2012

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November 19, 2012

North Carolina: The highlight of this year's North Carolina judicial elections was the hotly-contested Supreme Court race between incumbent Paul Martin Newby and Sam Ervin. Justice Newby was victorious. Though the race was technically nonpartisan, it was clear that Newby was the Republican candidate while Ervin campaigned with Democratic support. With Newby's re-election, Republicans held majority control of the court 4-3. This may prove to be especially important as a number of bills passed by the Republican-controlled legislature may find their way to the Supreme Court.

In the Court of Appeals races, incumbent Judge Cressie Thigpen lost to Raleigh-based lawyer Chris Dillon. higpen has served on the court since 2010 and has been appointed twice. He was hoping to win a full term this year. Dillon was backed by Republicans.

On the trial court level, there were also some upsets, with 10 incumbents defeated: Superior Court judges Alexander Mendaloff and Abraham P. Jones and District Court judges Kirby Smith, Thomas Taylor, Cheryl Spencer, Lonnie Carraway, John Totten, Charles Bullock, Polly Sizemore, Erin Graber. However, the majority of Superior and District Court incumbents (149, to be exact) won re-election and most of them were unopposed.

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