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North Carolina judicial elections, 2010

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Judicial Elections
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Elections, 2010
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The North Carolina judicial elections of 2010 consisted of a Primary Election on May 4, 2010 and a General Election on November 2, 2010.


"One seat (Edward Thomas Brady) was up for election on the N.C. State Supreme Court. Ann Marie Calabria, Rick Elmore, Sanford L. Steelman, Jr., and Martha A. Geer’s terms all expired this year on the N.C. Court of Appeals. Over 30 Superior Courts, and nearly 40 District Courts around the state had at least one seat up for election in 2010."[1]

Supreme Court

Justices on the Supreme Court are elected to eight-year terms.

Edward Thomas Brady's term on the Supreme Court of North Carolina expires in 2010. Robert C. Hunter and Barbara Jackson competed in the general election.[2]

Court of Appeals

Judges on the Court of Appeals are elected to eight-year terms.

Court Candidates Details Results
Court of Appeals Rick Elmore, Leto Copeley, Al Bain and Steven Walker Rick Elmore and Steven Walker competed in the general election.[4][5] Rick Elmore won with 53.76% of the vote.
Court of Appeals Ann Calabria, Jane P. Gray and Mark E. Klass Ann Calabria and Jane P. Gray competed in the general election.[6][5] Ann Calabria won with 53.71% of the vote.
Court of Appeals Sanford Steelman Sanford Steelman was up for re-election.[7] Sanford Steelman
Court of Appeals Martha Geer and Dean R. Poirer[7] Martha Geer won with 59.81% of the vote.
Court of Appeals John F. Bloss, J. Wesley Casteen, Chris Dillon, Jewel Ann Farlow, Daniel E. Garner, Stan Hammer, Mark E. Klass, Doug McCullough, Anne Middleton, Harry E. Payne, Jr., John C. Sullivan, Cressie Thigpen, and Pamela M. Vesper - The state utilized instant runoff voting for this election. To learn more about the process, read: Gavel Grab, "Runoff Voting for NC Judgeship Gets Attention," September 6, 2010 Cressie Thigpen ran for re-election.[8] Doug McCullough[9]

Superior Court

Judges of the Superior Court are elected to eight-year terms. In a contested race with more than two candidates, you may vote for two candidates. The four candidates with the most votes in the primary proceed to the general election.[10]

Court/Seat Candidates Results
1st Judicial District J. Carlton Cole, Jerry R. Tillett Both judges won re-election.
2nd Judicial District Wayland Sermons Wayland Sermons
3B Judicial District - Vote for three Benjamin G. Alford, Kenneth F. Crow, John E. Nobles, Jr. All three won re-election.
4A Judicial District Russell J. Lanier, Jr. Russell J. Lanier, Jr.
5B Judicial District W. Allen Cobb, Jr. W. Allen Cobb, Jr.
5C Judicial District Norwood P. Blanchard, III, Jay D. Hockenbury Jay D. Hockenbury won with 80.1% of the vote.
7A Judicial District Quentin Sumner Quentin Sumner
7B Judicial District Milton F. Fitch, Jr. Milton F. Fitch, Jr.
7C Judicial District Walter H. Godwin, Jr. Walter H. Godwin, Jr.
9th Judicial District - Vote for two Henry W. Hight, Jr., Robert H. Hobgood Both were elected.
9A Judicial District W. Osmond Smith III W. Osmond Smith III
12th Judicial District - vote for one Robert A. Hasty, Jr., Claire Hill and Stephen Craig Stokes Claire Hill[11]
12C Judicial District - vote for two James Floyd Ammons, Jr., Ronnie M. Mitchell, John Marsh Tyson, Mary Ann Tally[5] Ammons and Tally were elected.
13B Judicial District Ola M. Lewis Ola M. Lewis
14B Judicial District - Vote for three Elaine M. Bushfan, James H. Hughes, James E. Hardin, Jr., Michael O'Foghludha, Dan Read, Chris Shella Elaine M. Bushfan, Michael O'Foghludha and James E. Hardin, Jr. were elected.
15A Judicial District Wayne Abernathy, Robert F. Johnson, James K. Roberson Abernathy and Johnson were elected.
16B Judicial District Greg Bell Greg Bell
17B Judicial District Andy Cromer Andy Cromer
18A Judicial District Patrice A. Hinnant Patrice A. Hinnant
18B Judicial District John O. Craig, III John O. Craig, III
18D Judicial District Lindsay R. Davis, Jr., Joseph D. Floyd Davis won with 61.1% of the vote.
19C Judicial District R. Marshall Bickett, David Y. Bingham, Anna Mills Wagoner Anna Mills Wagoner[12]
20B Judicial District - Vote for two Christopher W. Bragg, W. David Lee Both were elected.
21C Judicial District Ronald E. Spivey Ronald E. Spivey
22A Judicial District Christopher M. Collier Christopher M. Collier
24th Judicial District C. Philip Ginn, Gary Gavenus, Hal G. Harrison Ginn and Gavenus were elected.
25A Judicial District - vote for two Beverly T. Beal, Robert C. Ervin Both were elected.
25B Judicial District Nathaniel J. Poovey Nathaniel J. Poovey
26B Judicial District - Vote for two H. William Constangy, Hugh B. Lewis, Nancy Norelli, F. Lane Williamson[5] Constangy and Lewis were elected.
26C Judicial District Eric L. Levinson Eric L. Levinson
27B Judicial District - Vote for two Forrest D. Bridges, James W. Morgan Both were elected.
28th Judicial District Kate Dreher, Alan Z. Thornburg Alan Z. Thornburg won with 52.2% of the vote.
28th Judicial District Heather Whitaker Goldstein, Diane K. McDonald, Marvin Pope Marvin Pope[13]
30B Judicial District Bradley B. Letts Bradley B. Letts


District Courts

Judges of the District Courts are elected to four-year terms. In the primary election, you can vote for only one candidate, but the two candidates with the most votes advance to the general election.[10]

Court/Seat Candidates Details Results
1st Judicial District C. Christopher Bean Bean Seat C. Christopher Bean
1st Judicial District Eula E. Reid Reid Seat Eula E. Reid
1st Judicial District Robert P. Trivette Trivette Seat Robert P. Trivette
2nd Judicial District Darrell B. Cayton, Jr., Jonathan Jones, Sonia M. Privette, Watsi M. Sutton[15] Darrell B. Cayton, Jr. and Watsi M. Sutton competed in the general election.[5] Darrell B. Cayton, Jr. won with 62.9% of the vote.
2nd Judicial District Regina Parker Parker Seat Regina Parker
3A Judicial District Joseph A. Blick, Jr Blick Seat Joseph A. Blick, Jr
3A Judicial District P. Gwynett Hilburn Hilburn Seat P. Gwynett Hilburn
4A Judicial District Paul A. Hardison Hardison Seat Paul A. Hardison
4A Judicial District Sarah C. Seaton Seaton Seat Sarah C. Seaton
5th Judicial District Rebecca W. Blackmore, Jonathan Worth Washburn Blackmore Seat Rebecca W. Blackmore won with 52.8% of the vote.
5th Judicial District Melinda H. Crouch Crouch Seat Melinda H. Crouch
5th Judicial District James H. Faison Faison Seat James H. Faison
5th Judicial District Julia Boseman, Chad Hogston, Robin Wicks Robinson, Tonya Lacewell Turner Chad Hogston and Robin Wicks Robinson competed in the general election. Chad Hogston won with 51.9% of the vote.
6B Judicial District Thomas L. Jones, Jr., Alfred W. Kwasikpui Kwasikpui Seat Thomas L. Jones, Jr. won with 60.2% of the vote.
6B Judicial District W. Rob Lewis II Lewis Seat W. Rob Lewis II
7A Judicial District Pell Cooper Cooper Seat Pell Cooper
7A Judicial District Joseph J. Harper, Jr. Harper Seat Joseph J. Harper, Jr.
8A Judicial District Elizabeth A. Heath Heath Seat Elizabeth A. Heath
9th Judicial District J. Henry Banks Banks Seat J. Henry Banks
9A Judicial District Mark E. Galloway Galloway Seat Mark E. Galloway
10th Judicial District Craig Croom Croom Seat Craig Croom
10th Judicial District Margaret P. Eagles Eagles Seat Margaret P. Eagles
10th Judicial District James R. Fullwood, Brad Sahl Fullwood Seat James R. Fullwood won with 53.7% of the vote.
10th Judicial District V.A. Davidian, III, Keith O. Gregory Gregory Seat Keith O. Gregory won with 56.1% of the vote.
10th Judicial District Ned W. Mangum Magnum Seat Ned W. Mangum
10th Judicial District Michael J. Denning, Vinston M. Rozier, Jr. Rozier Seat Michael J. Denning won with 56.5% of the vote.
10th Judicial District Kristin H. Ruth Ruth Seat Kristin H. Ruth
10th Judicial District Kris D. Bailey, Damion McCullers, Dan Nagle Kris D. Bailey and Dan Nagle competed in the general election.[5] Kris D. Bailey won with 51.1% of the vote.
11A Judicial District Albert A. Corbett, Jr. Corbett Seat Albert A. Corbett, Jr.
11A Judicial District Charlene Coggins-Franks, Winston Gilchrist Gilchrist Seat Winston Gilchrist
11A Judicial District Addie H. Rawls Rawls Seat Addie H. Rawls
12th Judicial District Talmadge Baggett Baggett Seat Talmadge Baggett
12th Judicial District George Franks Franks Seat George Franks
12th Judicial District David Hasty Hasty Seat David Hasty
12th Judicial District Elizabeth Keever Keever Seat Elizabeth Keever
12th Judicial District Toni King King Seat Toni King
12th Judicial District Robert J. Stiehl Stiehl Seat Robert J. Stiehl
12th Judicial District Kimbrell Kelly Tucker Tucker Seat Kimbrell Kelly Tucker
13th Judicial District William F. Fairley Fairley Seat William F. Fairley
13th Judicial District Sherry D. Tyler Tyler Seat Sherry D. Tyler
14th Judicial District Brian Aus, Catherine Constantinou, Pat Evans Brian Aus and Pat Evans competed in the general election.[5] Pat Evans won with 62.3% of the vote.
14th Judicial District Nancy E. Gordon Gordon Seat Nancy E. Gordon
14th Judicial District James T. Hill Hill Seat James T. Hill
14th Judicial District Freda Black, Steven Storch, Kerry Sutton, Doretta Walker Freda Black and Doretta Walker competed in the general election.[5] Doretta Walker won with 56.6% of the vote.
14th Judicial District Marcia H. Morey Morey Seat Marcia H. Morey
14th Judicial District Brian C. Wilks Wilks Seat Brian C. Wilks
15A Judicial District Brad Allen, Shannon Peterson Allen Seat Brad Allen won with 63.3% of the vote.
15B Judicial District Joseph M. Buckner Buckner Seat Joseph M. Buckner
16A Judicial District Regina M. Joe Joe Seat Regina M. Joe
16A Judicial District William C. McIlwain McIlwain Seat William C. McIlwain
16B Judicial District J. Stanley Carmical Carmical Seat J. Stanley Carmical
16B Judicial District John B. Carter, Jr. Carter Seat John B. Carter, Jr.
16B Judicial District Herbert L. Richardson Richardson Seat Herbert L. Richardson
17A Judicial District Stanley L. Allen Allen Seat Stanley L. Allen
17A Judicial District Frederic B. Wilkins, Jr. Wilkins Seat Frederic B. Wilkins, Jr.
17B Judicial District Spencer G. Key, Jr. Key Seat Spencer G. Key, Jr.
17B Judicial District Charles M. Neaves Neaves Seat Charles M. Neaves
17B Judicial District Angela B. Puckett Puckett Seat Angela B. Puckett
18th Judicial District Wendy M. Enochs Enochs Seat Wendy M. Enochs
18th Judicial District Harold T. Jarrell, Jr. Jarrell Seat Harold T. Jarrell, Jr.
19A Judicial District William G. Hamby, Jr. Hamby Seat William G. Hamby, Jr.
19A Judicial District Donna H. Johnson, Ben Small Johnson Seat Donna H. Johnson won with 51.95% of the vote.
19A Judicial District Brent Cloninger, Michael G. Knox Knox Seat Brent Cloninger won with 51.3% of the vote.
19A Judicial District Martin B. McGee McGee Seat Martin B. McGee
19B Judicial District Scott C. Etheridge Etheridge Seat Scott C. Etheridge
19B Judicial District Lee W. Gavin Gavin Seat Lee W. Gavin
19B Judicial District Jayrene R. Maness Maness Seat Jayrene R. Maness
19B Judicial District Michael A. Sabiston Sabiston Seat Michael A. Sabiston
19C Judicial District Charlie Brown Brown Seat Charlie Brown
19C Judicial District Beth S. Dixon, Douglas A. Smith Dixon Seat Beth S. Dixon won with 61.6% of the vote.
19C Judicial District Kevin G. Eddinger, Rosalee M. Hart-Morrison, D. Todd Paris, Sr., June Showfety Kevin G. Eddinger and June Showfety competed in the general election.[5] Kevin G. Eddinger won with 55.3% of the vote.
19C Judicial District William C. Kluttz, Jr. Kluttz Seat William C. Kluttz, Jr.
20A Judicial District Scott T. Brewer Brewer Seat Scott T. Brewer
20A Judicial District William C. Tucker Tucker Seat William C. Tucker
21st Judicial District George A. Bedsworth Bedsworth Seat George A. Bedsworth
21st Judicial District Denise S. Hartsfield Hartsfield Seat Denise S. Hartsfield
21st Judicial District Lisa V. Menefee Menefee Seat Lisa V. Menefee
22A Judicial District Brandon J. Crouse, H. T. Church Church Seat H. T. Church won with 72.5% of the vote.
22B Judicial District Mary F. Covington Covington Seat Mary F. Covington
22B Judicial District Wayne L. Michael Michael Seat Wayne L. Michael
22B Judicial District Jimmy L. Myers Myers Seat Jimmy L. Myers
22B Judicial District John R. Penry, Jr. Penry Seat John R. Penry, Jr.
22B Judicial District B. Carlton Terry, Jr. Terry Seat B. Carlton Terry, Jr.
22B Judicial District April C. Wood Wood Seat April C. Wood
23rd Judicial District David Byrd Byrd Seat David Byrd
23rd Judicial District Michael D. Duncan Duncan Seat Michael D. Duncan
23rd Judicial District Mitchell L. McLean McLean Seat Mitchell L. McLean
24th Judicial District William A. Leavell III Leavell Seat William A. Leavell III
25A Judicial District Robert M. "Bob" Brady Brady Seat Robert M. "Bob" Brady
25A Judicial District C. Thomas Edwards Edwards Seat C. Thomas Edwards
25A Judicial District Sherri W. Elliott Elliot Seat Sherri W. Elliott
25A Judicial District Gregory R. Hayes Hayes Seat Gregory R. Hayes
25A Judicial District Robert A. Mullinax, Jr., R. Kelsey Williams Mullinax Seat Robert A. Mullinax, Jr. won with 62.7% of the vote.
25A Judicial District L. Suzanne Owsley, F. Wesley Sigmon Owsley Seat L. Suzanne Owsley won with 58.3% of the vote.
25A Judicial District Amy R. Sigmon Sigmon Seat Amy R. Sigmon
26th Judicial District Lisa C. Bell, Twyla E. Hollingsworth Bell Seat Lisa C. Bell won with 68.3% of the vote.
26th Judicial District Jena P. Culler, Donald Cureton, Jr. Culler Seat Donald Cureton, Jr. won with 52.5% of the vote.
26th Judicial District Tyyawdi B. Hands, Sean Smith Hands Seat Sean Smith won with 54.8% of the vote.
26th Judicial District Rickye McKoy-Mitchell McKoy-Mitchell Seat Rickye McKoy-Mitchell
26th Judicial District Paige B. McThenia McThenia Seat Paige B. McThenia
26th Judicial District Regan A. Miller Miller Seat Regan A. Miller
26th Judicial District Theo X. Nixon Nixon Seat Theo X. Nixon
26th Judicial District Matt Osman, Timothy M. Smith, Grant Smithson Matt Osman and Timothy M. Smith competed in the general election.[5] Matt Osman won with 53.5% of the vote.
26th Judicial District Rebecca Thorne Tin Tin Seat Rebecca Thorne Tin
27A Judicial District Ralph C. Gingles, Jr. Gingles Seat Ralph C. Gingles, Jr.
27A Judicial District Gus Anthony, Michael K. Lands Lands Seat Michael K. Lands won with 53.8% of the vote.
27B Judicial District Ali Paksoy Paksoy Seat Ali Paksoy
28th Judicial District Sharon Barrett Barrett Seat Sharon Barrett
28th Judicial District Shirley H. Brown, John Jay Watson Brown Seat Shirley H. Brown won with 61.2% of the vote.
28th Judicial District Julie M. Kepple Cash Seat Julie M. Kepple
28th Judicial District Rebecca B. Knight Knight Seat Rebecca B. Knight
28th Judicial District Rhonda Moorefield, Patricia Kaufmann Young Young Seat Patricia Kaufmann Young won with 61.5% of the vote.
29A Judicial District Tommy Davis, Brian K. Plemmons Davis Seat Tommy Davis won with 71.1% of the vote.
29A Judicial District C. Randy Pool, Marvin Sparrow Pool Seat C. Randy Pool won with 76.6% of the vote.
29A Judicial District Laura A. Powell Powell Seat Laura A. Powell
30A Judicial District Greg Boyer, Kristina L. Earwood, Justin B. Greene, J. Caleb Rogers, David F. Sutton Kristina L. Earwood and David F. Sutton competed in the general election.[5] Kristina L. Earwood won with 51.8% of the vote.
30A Judicial District Stephen G. Ellis, Russell McLean, III, Roy Wijewickrama Stephen G. Ellis and Roy Wijewickrama competed in the general election.[5] Roy Wijewickrama won with 53.9% of the vote.
30A Judicial District Donna Forga, Danya L. Vanhook Vanhook Seat Donna Forga won with 57.5% of the vote.


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