North Carolina voters polled about judicial campaign contributions

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The Judicial Update

February 23, 2011

North Carolina: Yesterday, a poll was released which showed that voters in North Carolina are supportive of the state's public financing for judicial campaigns. It also found that a large percentage of voters believe campaign contributions to judges affect those involved in a case.[1]

The poll was conducted by the Justice at Stake Campaign, a nonpartisan group, and North Carolina Center for Voter Education, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, earlier this month.[1]

48% of respondents answered that they believe public financing for judicial campaigns reduces corruption. Also, 85% believe that a judge should always recuse herself or himself if a campaign contributor is involved in a case before that judge. Correspondingly, 94% of those surveyed think that campaign contributions have some affect on a judge's later ruling, although that ranges from influencing "Greatly" to "Only a Small Amount."[2]

To read the full survey with results, click here.