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The structure of the Oklahoma judicial system is laid out in Article VII of the state Constitution. The state court system is made up of the Supreme Court, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, the Oklahoma District Courts, the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court.

The federal court system is made up of six federal courts. Appeals go to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Marshall County, OklahomaJefferson County, OklahomaCarter County, OklahomaMurray County, OklahomaJohnston County, OklahomaCoal County, OklahomaAtoka County, OklahomaPushmataha County, OklahomaBryan County, OklahomaChoctaw County, OklahomaLatimer County, OklahomaPittsburg County, OklahomaHughes County, OklahomaGarvin County, OklahomaPontotoc County, OklahomaMcClain County, OklahomaSeminole County, OklahomaPottawatomie County, OklahomaCleveland County, OklahomaOkfuskee County, OklahomaOklahoma County, OklahomaLincoln County, OklahomaMcIntosh County, OklahomaOkmulgee County, OklahomaCreek County, OklahomaPayne County, OklahomaLogan County, OklahomaMuskogee County, OklahomaWagoner County, OklahomaTulsa County, OklahomaPawnee County, OklahomaNoble County, OklahomaKay County, OklahomaOsage County, OklahomaWashington County, OklahomaHaskell County, OklahomaCherokee County, OklahomaRogers County, OklahomaNowata County, OklahomaMayes County, OklahomaCraig County, OklahomaOttawa County, OklahomaDelaware County, OklahomaAdair County, OklahomaSequoyah County, OklahomaLe Flore County, OklahomaMcCurtain County, OklahomaJefferson County, OklahomaCotton County, OklahomaStephens County, OklahomaComanche County, OklahomaGrady County, OklahomaCanadian County, OklahomaTillman County, OklahomaJackson County, OklahomaHarmon County, OklahomaGreer County, OklahomaKiowa County, OklahomaCaddo County, OklahomaWashita County, OklahomaBeckham County, OklahomaKingfisher County, OklahomaBlaine County, OklahomaCuster County, OklahomaRoger Mills County, OklahomaDewey County, OklahomaGarfield County, OklahomaMajor County, OklahomaWoodward County, OklahomaEllis County, OklahomaGrant County, OklahomaAlfalfa County, OklahomaWoods County, OklahomaHarper County, OklahomaBeaver County, OklahomaTexas County, OklahomaCimarron County, OklahomaOklahoma Image Map.jpg


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Oklahoma counties

There are 77 counties in Oklahoma.


  To see a list of counties in Oklahoma, please see - Oklahoma counties


Portal:Judicial elections

Recent election results: Oklahoma judicial elections, 2014
Past election results: Oklahoma judicial elections, 2012

Oklahoma judicial elections

Judicial selection in Oklahoma varies depending on the level of court. Candidates for the Supreme and Appellate courts are chosen by a nominating commission and, from those candidates, the Governor makes the final appointment. They must run for retention elections at the end of their terms. Midterm vacancies on all courts in Oklahoma are filled by gubernatorial appointment through a nominating commission.

District Court judges are selected in non-partisan elections. If more than two candidates seek one judgeship, a primary must be held. However, if one candidate receives a majority of the votes in the primary, they are automatically elected without a general election.


Judicial selection in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Supreme Court Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Oklahoma District Courts

Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 6 years


Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 6 years


Comm. select., Gov. appt.

Term - 6 years


Non-partisan elections

Term - 4 years

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