Roger Brooke Taney

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Roger Brooke Taney
Current Court Information:
Supreme Court of the United States
Title:   Former Chief Justice
Position:   Seat #1
Appointed by:   Andrew Jackson
Active:   3/15/1836 - 10/12/1864
Preceded by:   John Marshall
Succeeded by:   Salmon Portland Chase
Personal History
Born:   March 17, 1777
Hometown:   Calvert County, MD
Deceased:   October 12, 1864
Undergraduate:   Dickinson College, 1795
Law School:   Read law, 1799

Roger Taney (1777-1864) was the fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He joined the court in 1836 after being nominated by President Andrew Jackson. He served until his death on October 12, 1864. Prior to joining the court, he was the United States Secretary of the Treasury.[1]

Taney was one of seven justices nominated to the Supreme Court by President Jackson, though only six were confirmed.[2] For more about Taney's tenure on the court, see The Taney Court.


Taney attended Dickinson College for his undergraduate degree and received his legal education by reading law.[1]

Professional career

  • 1833-1834: United States Secretary of the Treasury
  • 1831-1833: United States Attorney General
  • 1831: Acting United States Secretary of War
  • 1827-1831: Attorney General of Maryland
  • 1823-1831: Attorney in private practice, Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1801-1823: Attorney in private practice, Frederick, Maryland
  • 1818-1823: Director, Frederick County Bank
  • 1816-1821: Member, Maryland State Senate
  • 1810-1815: Director, State Bank Branch, Frederick, Maryland
  • 1799-1800: Member, Maryland State Legislature[1]

Judicial career

Supreme Court of the United States

Taney was nominated by President Andrew Jackson on December 28, 1835. He was confirmed by the Senate on March 15, 1836, and received commission that same day. He served until his death on October 12, 1864.[1] He was succeeded to this post by Chief Justice Salmon Portland Chase.

Notable cases

Author: Roger B. Taney

Vote Count: 5-2

Majority Justices: Henry Baldwin, James Moore Wayne, Philip Pendelton Barbour

Dissenting Justice: Joseph Story

Minority Justice: Smith Thompson

Concurring Justice: John McLean

Author: Roger B. Taney

Vote Count: 7-2

Majority Justices: Samuel Nelson, James M. Wayne, John Catron, Peter V. Daniel, Robert C. Grier, John A. Campbell

Dissenting Justices: John McLean and Benjamin R. Curtis

Author: Roger B. Taney

Vote Count: 9-0

Majority Justices: John McLean, James Moore Wayne, John Catron, Peter Vivian Daniel, Samuel Nelson, Robert Cooper Grier, John Archibald Campbell, Nathan Clifford

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Preceded by:
John Marshall
Supreme Court
Seat #1
Succeeded by:
Salmon Portland Chase