Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California

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Superior Court of Los Angeles County Courthouse

The Superior Court of Los Angeles County is one of 58 Superior Courts in California.


There are over 400 judges in Los Angeles County.

Assigned judges

See also: California Superior Courts - Assigned judges

Former judges

Judicial selection

The method of judicial selection for the California Superior Courts is officially non-partisan election of judges, though many judges join the court via gubernatorial appointment. Once judges are appointed, they compete in the next general election following appointment.

If an incumbent Superior Court judge files for re-election and draws no opponent, that race does not appear on the ballot. If the race is contested, the candidate who wins more than 50% of the vote is elected. If no candidate receives more than 50%, the top two compete in a runoff in the general election in November.[2]

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Office 22
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MatsumotoPamala F. Matsumoto No   
CarterAmy Carter No   
Office 48
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
RoseCarol Rose No   
CalderonCharles M. Calderon No   
Office 54
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
LosnickDebra L. Losnick No   
KnightShannon Knight No   
Office 61
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
FelderB. Otis Felder No   
MathaiDayan Mathai No   
LewisJacqueline H. Lewis No   
Office 72
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
FriscoChris J. Frisco No   
Office 76
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
KimHelen Kim No   
Matsumoto EstradaAlison Matsumoto Estrada No   
Office 82
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ParkAnn H. Park No   
Office 87
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SteinAndrew M. Stein No   
SchreinerSteven P. Schreiner No   
GriegoTom Griego No   
Office 90
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MurilloSerena R. Murillo No   
Office 97
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MagnoTeresa P. Magno No   
ArmsteadSonghai Armstead No   
Office 107
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
CastroEmma Castro No   
ChrostekJoan M. Chrostek No   
Office 113
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
WieseStacy Wiese No   
KlaifSteven Klaif No   
Office 117
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
PierceJames B. Pierce Yes   
NajeraCarol Najera No   
Office 138
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
GibbonsMarc A. Gibbons No   
Hollingsworth ArmstrongDonna Hollingsworth Armstrong No   
Office 157
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MednickArnold William Mednick No   
CooperAndrew Cooper No   
Not on ballot
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
Villar de LongoriaMary Lou Villar de Longoria Yes   
LomeliGeorge G. Lomeli Yes   
MurphyDaniel S. Murphy Yes   
LewisThomas T. Lewis Yes   
KleinRoss M. Klein Yes   
ConnollyPatrick Connolly Yes   
WrightVictor L. Wright Yes   
BrownLeslie E. Brown Yes   
TarleNorman Perry Tarle Yes   
O'GaraMichael J. O'Gara Yes   
HenningJohn L. Henning Yes   
ChavezVictor E. Chavez Yes   
JuradoRay G. Jurado Yes   
CloverSuzette Clover Yes   
ScheperBarbara Marie Scheper Yes   
JohnsonJane L. Johnson Yes   
BacigalupoPaul A. Bacigalupo Yes   
MinningDavid L. Minning Yes   
JonesAnn I. Jones Yes   
HenryMargaret Henry Yes   
KemalyanRichard S. Kemalyan Yes   
Fruin, Jr.Richard L. Fruin, Jr. Yes   
OldendorfMargaret L. Oldendorf Yes   
SegalJohn Segal Yes   
TreuRolf Michael Treu Yes   
NietoPatricia Nieto Yes   
BrandolinoJoseph A. Brandolino Yes   
KuhlCarolyn B. Kuhl Yes   
KleinClifford L. Klein Yes   
BladesSteven D. Blades Yes   
SpeerSusan M. Speer Yes   
FreemanKenneth R. Freeman Yes   
RubinsonThomas Rubinson Yes   
VillalobosMichael Villalobos Yes   
Sanchez-GordonTeresa Sanchez-Gordon Yes   
RiceStuart M. Rice Yes   
JesicMichael V. Jesic Yes   
LippittElizabeth Ann Lippitt Yes   
FujiokaFred J. Fujioka Yes   
MavisDarrell S. Mavis Yes   
RamirezDaniel P. Ramirez Yes   
DoyleJohn T. Doyle Yes   
GuzmanHector M. Guzman Yes   
PalazuelosYvette M. Palazuelos Yes   
HillDeirdre H. Hill Yes   
BiancoJames N. Bianco Yes   
HoneycuttAlan B. Honeycutt Yes   
BlanchardKathleen Blanchard Yes   
PfahlerStephen P. Pfahler Yes   
SterlingWilliam N. Sterling Yes   
DauRalph W. Dau Yes   
TynanMichael Anthony Tynan Yes   
WassermanFumiko Hachiya Wasserman Yes   
RosenbergGerald Rosenberg Yes   
HillChristina L. Hill Yes   
MosesJared D. Moses Yes   
RogersRandolph Rogers Yes   
FallsThomas Falls Yes   
SortinoDouglas W. Sortino Yes   
ApplegateRobert P. Applegate Yes   
ShubinDorothy L. Shubin Yes   
TorribioJohn A. Torribio Yes   
NaranjoRichard E. Naranjo Yes   
GoulRichard M. Goul Yes   
GreenTerry A. Green Yes   
HerscovitzMartin Larry Herscovitz Yes   
BlumenfeldStanley Blumenfeld Yes   
Duffy-LewisMaureen Duffy-Lewis Yes   
MillerRita J. Miller Yes   
RichmanCraig Richman Yes   
HarwinMichael B. Harwin Yes   
HessRobert Leslie Hess Yes   
MachidaKenji Machida Yes   
McKnew, Jr.Thomas I. McKnew, Jr. Yes   
DunnJames R. Dunn Yes   
FournierLori A. Fournier Yes   
SandovalJose I. Sandoval Yes   
RotenbergFrederick Rotenberg Yes   
DeShazerEllen Carol DeShazer Yes   
DukesRobert A. Dukes Yes   
WeintraubDebre Katz Weintraub Yes   
TiptonLeland H. Tipton Yes   
StrattonMaria E. Stratton Yes   
BirnsteinLauren Weis Birnstein Yes   
BrownKevin L. Brown Yes   
EdmonLee Smalley Edmon Yes   
CamachoMike Camacho Yes   
SilbermanHarvey A. Silberman Yes   
FeldsternDaniel B. Feldstern Yes   
WapnerFred N. Wapner Yes   
RomeroRichard R. Romero Yes   
SokolovThomas R. Sokolov Yes   
WalmarkRichard F. Walmark Yes   
Glennon, Jr.Bert Glennon, Jr. Yes   
ShapiroNorman J. Shapiro Yes   
McKayPatti Jo McKay Yes   
LyonsDalila C. Lyons Yes   
MerrittHilleri G. Merritt Yes   
ChungCharles Carlos Chung Yes   
NudellKaren Joy Nudell Yes   
EliasEmilie Harris Elias Yes   
DominguezJuan Carlos Dominguez Yes   
HaynesMarcelita V. Haynes Yes   
SchneggPatricia M. Schnegg Yes   
FeuerGail Ruderman Feuer Yes   
GoldbergHank Goldberg Yes   
LongoriaRoberto Longoria Yes   
SternDouglas W. Stern Yes   
ColeDebra A. Cole Yes   
KirschnerRichard H. Kirschner Yes   
FujieHolly J. Fujie Yes   
CathcartPatrick A. Cathcart Yes   
BeharLori R. Behar Yes   
HobbsLynne M. Hobbs Yes   
RaphaelMichael J. Raphael Yes   
Ford, IIIH. Jay Ford, III Yes   
Webster, Jr.Allen Joseph Webster, Jr. Yes   
BroadbeltRobert B. Broadbelt Yes   
BrazilDeborah S. Brazil Yes   
HernandezPeter A. Hernandez Yes   
TavelmanFrank M. Tavelman Yes   
CortezAnnabelle G. Cortez Yes   
WallensteinJoel Wallenstein Yes   
CourtMichelle Williams Court Yes   
WalgrenDavid B. Walgren Yes   
BershonNicole C. Bershon Yes   
DhanidinaHalim Dhanidina Yes   
PorrasJoseph R. Porras Yes   
KinCurtis A. Kin Yes   
BrennerDaniel Brenner Yes   
IawasakiBruce G. Iwasaki Yes   
StewartWilliam D. Stewart Yes   
WinikowJeffrey K. Winikow Yes   
RichardsonTony L. Richardson Yes   
DraperRobert S. Draper Yes   
BarryWilliam P. Barry Yes   
SullivanTeresa T. Sullivan Yes   
JackeH. Clay Jacke II Yes   
GarciaMichael Garcia Yes   
LoomisLloyd C. Loomis Yes   
BourneBeverly L. Bourne Yes   
BensingerKerry R. Bensinger Yes   
FisherTia Graves Fisher Yes   
KeenyVirginia Keeny Yes   
RomanGregorio Roman Yes   
BlackshawJulie Fox Blackshaw Yes   
GrossMarc D. Gross Yes   
ShultzMichael J. Shultz Yes   
GoswamiRupa S. Goswami Yes   


Races on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
ThompsonAndrea C. Thompson   ApprovedANoOffice 6554.69%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
BreesBen M. Brees    NoOffice 11418.52% 
ParseghianBerj Parseghian    NoOffice 11420.13% 
GoldCraig Gold    NoOffice 319% 
WeitzmanDouglas W. Weitzman    NoOffice 3830.2% 
HarmonEric Harmon   ApprovedANoOffice 11461.35%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
OttoJames D. Otto   ApprovedAYesOffice 7869.91%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
EscalanteJoe Escalante    NoOffice 318.41% 
HugheyKenneth R. Hughey    NoOffice 7830% 
SmithKim Smith (California)    NoOffice 1039.4% 
KaldorLaurence N. Kaldor    NoOffice 311.18% 
OlsonLynn D. Olson   ApprovedAYesOffice 3869.75%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
SchonbrunMatt Schonbrun    NoOffice 6520.19% 
KumarSanjay T. Kumar   ApprovedAYesOffice 1060.6%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
CoenSean D. Coen   ApprovedANoOffice 351.3%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
KnightShannon Knight    No25.11% 

Judges not on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
KhanAbraham Khan   ApprovedAYesOffice 66   ApprovedA
ArakakiAkemi D. Arakaki   ApprovedAYesOffice 56   ApprovedA
RicciardulliAlex Ricciardulli   ApprovedAYesOffice 112   ApprovedA
GoodmanAllan J. Goodman   ApprovedAYesOffice 102   ApprovedA
LunaAna Maria Luna   ApprovedAYesOffice 14   ApprovedA
Barreto, Jr.Antonio Barreto, Jr.   ApprovedAYesOffice 148   ApprovedA
JeanArthur Jean   ApprovedAYesOffice 117   ApprovedA
MeiersBarbara Ann Meiers   ApprovedAYesOffice 45   ApprovedA
JohnsonBarbara R. Johnson   ApprovedAYesOffice 113   ApprovedA
TillmonBobbi Tillmon   ApprovedAYesOffice 126   ApprovedA
YepBrian C. Yep   ApprovedAYesOffice 104   ApprovedA
GasdiaBrian F. Gasdia   ApprovedAYesOffice 122   ApprovedA
HoffstadtBrian M. Hoffstadt   ApprovedAYesOffice 109   ApprovedA
BeasonCandace J. Beason   ApprovedAYesOffice 116   ApprovedA
VazquezCarlos E. Vazquez   ApprovedAYesOffice 47   ApprovedA
GoodsonCarol Boas Goodson   ApprovedAYesOffice 64   ApprovedA
Rehm, Jr.Carol H. Rehm, Jr.   ApprovedAYesOffice 20   ApprovedA
NishimotoCary H. Nishimoto   ApprovedAYesOffice 92   ApprovedA
SarmientoCesar C. Sarmiento   ApprovedAYesOffice 59   ApprovedA
McCoy, Jr.Charles W. McCoy, Jr.   ApprovedAYesOffice 99   ApprovedA
TaylorChet L. Taylor   ApprovedAYesOffice 118   ApprovedA
EwellChristine C. Ewell   ApprovedAYesOffice 110   ApprovedA
ByrdChristine W. Byrd   ApprovedAYesOffice 93   ApprovedA
EstesChristopher Estes   ApprovedAYesOffice 24   ApprovedA
MitchellCraig J. Mitchell   ApprovedAYesOffice 18   ApprovedA
RappeCurtis B. Rappe   ApprovedAYesOffice 52   ApprovedA
UlfigCynthia L. Ulfig   ApprovedAYesOffice 27   ApprovedA
LowenthalDaniel J. Lowenthal   ApprovedAYesOffice 107   ApprovedA
MitchellDaviann L. Mitchell   ApprovedAYesOffice 49   ApprovedA
BroughamDavid C. Brougham   ApprovedAYesOffice 115   ApprovedA
FieldsDavid R. Fields   ApprovedAYesOffice 67   ApprovedA
HerrifordDavid V. Herriford   ApprovedAYesOffice 132   ApprovedA
StuartDavid W. Stuart   ApprovedAYesOffice 74   ApprovedA
SanchezDeborah L. Sanchez   ApprovedAYesOffice 73   ApprovedA
McLaughlin-BennettDenise M. McLaughlin-Bennett   ApprovedAYesOffice 5   ApprovedA
Gould-SaltmanDianna J. Gould-Saltman   ApprovedAYesOffice 131   ApprovedA
GoldsteinDonna Fields Goldstein   ApprovedAYesOffice 127   ApprovedA
ReyesDorothy B. Reyes   ApprovedAYesOffice 136   ApprovedA
EdwardsDrew E. Edwards   ApprovedAYesOffice 97   ApprovedA
FernsEdward A. Ferns   ApprovedAYesOffice 95   ApprovedA
MandelElaine W. Mandel   ApprovedAYesOffice 72   ApprovedA
HunterEleanor J. Hunter   ApprovedAYesOffice 143   ApprovedA
WhiteElizabeth Allen White   ApprovedAYesOffice 79   ApprovedA
TaylorEric C. Taylor   ApprovedAYesOffice 111   ApprovedA
HiroshigeErnest M. Hiroshige   ApprovedAYesOffice 119   ApprovedA
ShallerFrederick C. Shaller   ApprovedAYesOffice 120   ApprovedA
FerrariGary J. Ferrari   ApprovedAYesOffice 12   ApprovedA
GenestaGeorge Genesta   ApprovedAYesOffice 16   ApprovedA
ZackyHayden A. Zacky   ApprovedAYesOffice 69   ApprovedA
BarelaHenry T. Barela   ApprovedAYesOffice 44   ApprovedA
KendigHolly E. Kendig   ApprovedAYesOffice 146   ApprovedA
ChalfantJames C. Chalfant   ApprovedAYesOffice 42   ApprovedA
HoranJames E. Horan   ApprovedAYesOffice 50   ApprovedA
RodriguezJesus I. Rodriguez   ApprovedAYesOffice 39   ApprovedA
O'DonnellJoanne B. O'Donnell   ApprovedAYesOffice 58   ApprovedA
Lawson, IIJohn C. Lawson, II   ApprovedAYesOffice 71   ApprovedA
LordJohn David Lord   ApprovedAYesOffice 1   ApprovedA
ReidJohn H. Reid   ApprovedAYesOffice 133   ApprovedA
KralikJohn J. Kralik   ApprovedAYesOffice 151   ApprovedA
Lonergan, Jr.John J. Lonergan, Jr.   ApprovedAYesOffice 62   ApprovedA
CheroskeJohn Joseph Cheroske   ApprovedAYesOffice 61   ApprovedA
MeigsJohn Vernon Meigs   ApprovedAYesOffice 144   ApprovedA
BidermanJoseph S. Biderman   ApprovedAYesOffice 63   ApprovedA
MeyerJudith L. Meyer   ApprovedAYesOffice 128   ApprovedA
Ackerson-BrazilleKaren M. Ackerson-Brazille   ApprovedAYesOffice 22   ApprovedA
MaderKatherine Mader   ApprovedAYesOffice 35   ApprovedA
EllisonLaura C. Ellison   ApprovedAYesOffice 101   ApprovedA
LaeseckeLaura L. Laesecke   ApprovedAYesOffice 53   ApprovedA
WaltonLaura R. Walton   ApprovedAYesOffice 55   ApprovedA
ChoLawrence Cho   ApprovedAYesOffice 84   ApprovedA
HarrisLeland B. Harris   ApprovedAYesOffice 36   ApprovedA
DunnLeslie A. Dunn   ApprovedAYesOffice 70   ApprovedA
SwainLeslie A. Swain   ApprovedAYesOffice 124   ApprovedA
MartinLia R. Martin   ApprovedAYesOffice 125   ApprovedA
ColeLisa Hart Cole   ApprovedAYesOffice 68   ApprovedA
NashLloyd M. Nash   ApprovedAYesOffice 15   ApprovedA
MackeyMalcolm H. Mackey   ApprovedAYesOffice 43   ApprovedA
MarmaroMarc R. Marmaro   ApprovedAYesOffice 105   ApprovedA
BernalMargaret Miller Bernal   ApprovedAYesOffice 85   ApprovedA
KimMark C. Kim   ApprovedAYesOffice 121   ApprovedA
Nelson, Sr.Mark G. Nelson, Sr.   ApprovedAYesOffice 18   ApprovedA
ArnoldMark S. Arnold   ApprovedAYesOffice 46   ApprovedA
MooneyMark V. Mooney   ApprovedAYesOffice 108   ApprovedA
MurphyMary Ann Murphy   ApprovedAYesOffice 2   ApprovedA
HouseMary Thornton House   ApprovedAYesOffice 149   ApprovedA
RecanaMel Red Recana   ApprovedAYesOffice 48   ApprovedA
SandvigMelvin D. Sandvig   ApprovedAYesOffice 4   ApprovedA
CowellMichael A. Cowell   ApprovedAYesOffice 90   ApprovedA
CarterMichael D. Carter   ApprovedAYesOffice 77   ApprovedA
LevanasMichael I. Levanas   ApprovedAYesOffice 89   ApprovedA
ConveyMichael J. Convey   ApprovedAYesOffice 26   ApprovedA
LinfieldMichael P. Linfield   ApprovedAYesOffice 11   ApprovedA
FlurerMichele E. Flurer   ApprovedAYesOffice 75   ApprovedA
KwongOwen Lee Kwong   ApprovedAYesOffice 54   ApprovedA
TitusPatricia Jo Titus   ApprovedAYesOffice 29   ApprovedA
HegartyPatrick J. Hegarty   ApprovedAYesOffice 21   ApprovedA
MaddenPatrick T. Madden   ApprovedAYesOffice 91   ApprovedA
SuzukiPaul T. Suzuki   ApprovedAYesOffice 88   ApprovedA
MirichPeter J. Mirich   ApprovedAYesOffice 32   ApprovedA
MautinoPhilip K. Mautino   ApprovedAYesOffice 37   ApprovedA
SotoPhilip L. Soto   ApprovedAYesOffice 80   ApprovedA
SeeRamona G. See   ApprovedAYesOffice 94   ApprovedA
RubinRand Steven Rubin   ApprovedAYesOffice 81   ApprovedA
RhodesRandy Rhodes   ApprovedAYesOffice 140   ApprovedA
GoetzReva G. Goetz   ApprovedAYesOffice 17   ApprovedA
StoneRichard A. Stone   ApprovedAYesOffice 57   ApprovedA
RicoRichard Edward Rico   ApprovedAYesOffice 7   ApprovedA
WillettRobert E. Willett   ApprovedAYesOffice 145   ApprovedA
HigaRobert J. Higa   ApprovedAYesOffice 106   ApprovedA
SchuitRobert J. Schuit   ApprovedAYesOffice 98   ApprovedA
ItoRoger T. Ito   ApprovedAYesOffice 100   ApprovedA
CoenRonald S. Coen   ApprovedAYesOffice 142   ApprovedA
PaulRoy L. Paul   ApprovedAYesOffice 150   ApprovedA
DiazRudolph A. Diaz   ApprovedAYesOffice 87   ApprovedA
KussmanRussell S. Kussman   ApprovedAYesOffice 31   ApprovedA
KwanRuth Ann Kwan   ApprovedAYesOffice 41   ApprovedA
MelochSally L. Meloch   ApprovedAYesOffice 6   ApprovedA
SirnaSalvatore T. Sirna   ApprovedAYesOffice 28   ApprovedA
OhtaSam Ohta   ApprovedAYesOffice 8   ApprovedA
ThompsonSandra Ann Thompson   ApprovedAYesOffice 134   ApprovedA
GordonScott M. Gordon   ApprovedAYesOffice 23   ApprovedA
MillingtonScott T. Millington   ApprovedAYesOffice 30   ApprovedA
SamuelsShellie L. Samuels   ApprovedAYesOffice 96   ApprovedA
TorrealbaShelly Baron Torrealba   ApprovedAYesOffice 25   ApprovedA
BowickStephanie M. Bowick   ApprovedAYesOffice 86   ApprovedA
MarcusStephen A. Marcus   ApprovedAYesOffice 139   ApprovedA
Van SicklenSteven R. Van Sicklen   ApprovedAYesOffice 76   ApprovedA
Bryant-DeasonSusan Bryant-Deason   ApprovedAYesOffice 141   ApprovedA
Lopez-GissSusan Lopez-Giss   ApprovedAYesOffice 51   ApprovedA
HallTamara E. Hall   ApprovedAYesOffice 147   ApprovedA
SchwartzTeri Schwartz   ApprovedAYesOffice 34   ApprovedA
SmerlingTerry Lee Smerling   ApprovedAYesOffice 60   ApprovedA
SaitoTimothy R. Saito   ApprovedAYesOffice 138   ApprovedA
KalraUpinder S. Kalra   ApprovedAYesOffice 103   ApprovedA
MartinezVictor D. Martinez   ApprovedAYesOffice 13   ApprovedA
KohnWendy L. Kohn   ApprovedAYesOffice 123   ApprovedA
FaheyWilliam F. Fahey   ApprovedAYesOffice 83   ApprovedA
HighbergerWilliam F. Highberger   ApprovedAYesOffice 9   ApprovedA
WillettWilliam G. Willett   ApprovedAYesOffice 40   ApprovedA
OrozcoYolanda Orozco   ApprovedAYesOffice 130   ApprovedA
VerasteguiYvette Verastegui   ApprovedAYesOffice 82   ApprovedA