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Superior Court of Riverside County, California

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The Superior Court of Riverside County is one of 58 Superior Courts in California.



Judicial selection

The method of judicial selection for the California Superior Courts is officially non-partisan election of judges, though many judges join the court via gubernatorial appointment. Once judges are appointed, they compete in the next general election following appointment.

If an incumbent Superior Court judge files for re-election and draws no opponent, that race does not appear on the ballot. If the race is contested, the candidate who wins more than 50% of the vote is elected. If no candidate receives more than 50%, the top two compete in a runoff in the general election in November.[2]

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Office 3
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
CravensLeonard J. Cravens No   
CopeMark Ashton Cope Yes   
Office 18
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
HarringtonMichael J. Harrington No   
SykesSunshine S. Sykes Yes   
Office 21
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MarchettiAl Marchetti No   
LaffertySean Lafferty No   
PearcyBrian C. Pearcy No   
Not on ballot
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
WatersSharon J. Waters Yes   
VineyardJohn W. Vineyard Yes   
Sterling IIIOtis Sterling III Yes   
Stafford, Jr.Charles E. Stafford, Jr. Yes   
RushtonMichael J. Rushton Yes   
PrevostJeffrey Prevost Yes   
PerantoniMatthew C. Perantoni Yes   
O'RaneGail O'Rane Yes   
MolloyJohn D. Molloy Yes   
MarquezRaquel A. Marquez Yes   
MandioMark A. Mandio Yes   
LuebsRoger A. Luebs Yes   
HoppHarold W. Hopp Yes   
Hernandez IIHelios Joe Hernandez II Yes   
HawkinsJames S. Hawkins Yes   
FieldsRichard T. Fields Yes   
ClarkJudith C. Clark Yes   
ChapmanDavid M. Chapman Yes   


Races on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
RiemerCraig Riemer   ApprovedAYesOffice 951.26%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
TranbargerGary B. Tranbarger   ApprovedAYesOffice 1258.02%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
CoxJames A. Cox (California)   ApprovedAYesOffice 257.6%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
HenryJohn A. Henry    NoOffice 948.74%   DefeatedD
KennedyMichael J. Kennedy (California)    NoOffice 242.4% 
NixonRichard T. Nixon    NoOffice 1241.98% 
EckhardtThomas K. Eckhardt    NoOffice 136.64% 
CameronVictoria E. Cameron   ApprovedAYesOffice 163.36%ApprovedA   ApprovedA

Races not on ballot

CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
SchwartzBernard Schwartz   ApprovedAYesOffice 10   ApprovedA
ThierbachChristian F. Thierbach   ApprovedAYesOffice 11   ApprovedA
OttoliaDaniel A. Ottolia   ApprovedAYesOffice 8   ApprovedA
JohnsonElaine M. Johnson   ApprovedAYesOffice 7   ApprovedA
Dickerson IIIFrederick Paul Dickerson III   ApprovedAYesOffice 4   ApprovedA
JacksonJacqueline C. Jackson   ApprovedAYesOffice 6   ApprovedA
DavisJohn M. Davis   ApprovedAYesOffice 3   ApprovedA
EllsworthSherrill A. Ellsworth   ApprovedAYesOffice 5   ApprovedA