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Toledo Municipal Court, Ohio

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Term commencing 1/1/2014
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
LanzingerJoshua LanzingerApprovedAYes47.2%   ApprovedA
PhillipsKenneth Phillips No13.5%   DefeatedD
DeBackerGretchen DeBacker No39.2%   DefeatedD
Term commencing 1/2/2014
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BerlingAmy J. BerlingApprovedAYes100%   ApprovedA


The following is a list of candidates for the Toledo Municipal Court 2011 election:
CandidateIncumbencyPartyTermPrimary VoteElection Vote
DavisMark Davis (Ohio)    No27.9%   DefeatedD
ChristiansenRobert G. Christiansen   ApprovedAYesRepublicanTerm commencing 2/9/201358.2%   ApprovedA
ToskaDavid L. Toska    NoTerm commencing 1/4/201214.6%   DefeatedD
WagnerMichelle Wagner   ApprovedANoTerm commencing 1/4/201257.3%   ApprovedA
CobleJohn Coble    No41.8%   DefeatedD
KuhlmanTimothy C. Kuhlman   ApprovedAYes100%   ApprovedA
McConnellC. Allen McConnell   ApprovedANoHousing & Environmental Division63.9%   ApprovedA