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Japanese whalers bring the "Whale Wars" to land in a Seattle court

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February 17, 2012

The Judicial Update

Washington: U.S. District Judge Richard Jones has scheduled a hearing for a federal lawsuit filed by Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research against the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an anti-whaling activist group based out of Washington. On December 8th, the Institute accused Sea Shepherd activists of showing up at whale hunts in boats, attacking whaling ships, throwing ropes in the rudders and propellers, and launching smoke bombs and bottles of acid at their crews.

Paul Wilson, president of Sea Shepherd, said his activists have never injured any whalers. He alleged the whalers of “attacking activists with concussion grenades, long-range acoustical devices, bamboo spears, heavy nuts and bolts, water cannons and prop foulers.” For the past several years Sea Shepherd has sent boats to the waters off Antarctica during hunting season in an attempt to hinder the whalers Judge Jones scheduled a hearing on the lawsuit for Thursday, February 16, 2012. [1]

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