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Welcome to the new Collaboration of the Month Project page! (If you're looking for one of our previous projects, check out the archived projects page.)

Here at Judgepedia, we're a community of users who are constantly working to improve the site and build new content in several different project areas. There are teams working on Federal Courts, State Courts, Images and more. We rotate the topic of the monthly collaboration to highlight the work of these different projects.

In addition to giving you an idea of the kind of projects we're working on, we want you to have a jumping off point if you'd like to try out some editing but aren't sure where to start. Be sure to check out our quick guide to editing and our intro video for help, or feel free to email us. We'd love your feedback on the page and projects. If you have any suggestions for future topics, questions, or thoughts about Judgepedia in general, you can either leave us a message on the collaboration talk page or send us an email.



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District of Columbia judges

The Federal Courts Project on Judgepedia is responsible for maintaining and building pages on judges on the local D.C. courts. We have only have six D.C. judges that have no biographical information - can you help us complete all of our pages?

Below is the list of judges for whom we cannot find education, career or term info. If you know any of this information, please email it to Bonus points if you include a reference!

D.C. judge stubs pages:

Thank you for your help!



User experience survey

At Judgepedia, we are always striving to provide a better experience for our readers. This month we would like to hear from you!

Please fill out a short, three question survey about your time on Judgepedia today.

Did you find what you were looking for on our website today? If you did not find the desired information, what else could we have provided? Do you have any other feedback or comments?

You can access the survey at this link.

Thank you for helping to improve Judgepedia!


State Courts Scavenger Hunt

This month, the state courts project would like to invite you to join us in the very first State Courts Scavenger Hunt!

See how many of the following items you can gather and send in to Judgepedia. Help us add valuable information to our pages while participating in some friendly competition! We'll feature the person who submits the most items here when the month ends.

Submit the following to with the subject line: "Scavenger Hunt":

  • A photo of your local courthouse
  • A photo of one of your judges (you can get one from the official court website, but taking your own picture with your judge gets you bonus points!)
  • A link to a recent news story about one of your judges
  • A quick summary of a notable case from one of your courts (please include a link or citation as well)
  • A link to a Youtube video of one of your judges
  • Your own catchy slogan encouraging people in your state or city to vote!

Ready. Set. Go!

UPDATE: Thanks to Justin for submitting a photo of a judge!

What would you like to help with in 2014? Leave ideas on this article's talk page or email our editor.


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Calling all judicial candidates and their supporters!

January's Collaboration of the Month is focusing on judicial elections. The Judgepedia Image Project is looking forward to your photographic contributions of campaign signs and banners, as well as photos of judicial candidates. If you or someone you know is running for office, help Judgepedia and help the campaign by sending your submissions into

Our Image Coordinator will upload your submissions with your requested attribution. Happy Campaigning!

Collaboration of the Month-January-Campaign Images.png

What would you like to help with in 2014? Leave ideas on this article's talk page or email our editor.

What would you like to help with in 2014? Leave ideas on this article's talk page or email our editor.

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